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New shopping channel

New shopping channel

The Japanese Sumitomo Corporation has joined Central Department Store Co and ICC International Plc to air the 24-hour Shop Channel in Thailand.

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  • Rehn: Worst over for euro crisis

    15/10/2012 : BANGKOK - The worst is over for the euro debt crisis, the Vice President of the European Commission, Olli Rehn, said on Monday.

  • Asia-Europe meeting 'will be fruitful'

    15/10/2012 : The 10th Asia-Europe Finance Ministers’ Meeting in Bangkok today is a good opportunity to explore areas of cooperation to enhance economic and cultural linkages and also create investment and employment opportunities, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong said on Monday morning.


    Asia meets Europe to talk business

    15/10/2012 : Finance ministers from Asia and Europe will explore ways of boosting trade and investment between the two regions when they meet at the 10th Asia-Europe Finance Ministers' Meeting today in Bangkok.


    Spillover risk from crisis downplayed

    15/10/2012 : While Europe is likely to still slip into recession, various measures taken by eurozone leaders to address the debt crisis has reduced spillover risks, says Jens Sondergaard, an economist based in London.

  • Yuan unlikely to rule in short term

    15/10/2012 : While some observers argue the Chinese renminbi could emerge as the potential rival to the US dollar and dominate Asia's currency market, the chance is likely to be remote for at least the next two decades, according to experts.

  • Finance ministers to consider regional currencies

    14/10/2012 : The recommendations from the 6th Asia-Europe Editors' Roundtable, "Multiple Currencies for a Multi-polar World", will be shared with ASEM Senior Finance Ministry Officials who will be participating at the 10th ASEM Finance Ministers' Meeting (ASEM FinMM 10) in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Yuan alternative backed

    14/10/2012 : The rising role of Asia in the world economy and the failure of the existing international monetary system to set proper values for currencies has underlined the importance of a new international currency.

  • Asia-Europe Editors’ Roundtable begins

    13/10/2012 : The 6th Asia-Europe Editors’ Roundtable, “Multiple Currencies for a Multi-polar World”, is being held in Bangkok, Thailand on Oct 12 and 13, 2012.

  • New monetary system on horizon

    13/10/2012 : The end of the US dollar's dominance is inevitable and the new international monetary order will be based on more than one key reserve currency, experts say.

  • Will multiple currencies help?

    11/10/2012 : The global financial crisis remains front and centre in the minds of many investors, as European nations continue to struggle with the problems of high public debt, weak bank balance sheets and fundamental structural problems among a number of members of the euro zone.

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