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Re: Do you speak English Khun Noy?

I too encourage Miss Pampan to investigate how "fair" foreign men are treated by Thailand when they marry a Thai lady. You will then understand what unfair really is.

by eff_ewe
on Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:19 pm
Forum: Thai news stories
Topic: Do you speak English Khun Noy?
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Re: Maid in Bangkok

"3. country girl are easily attracted to westerner as a result of quick cash and easy life (they fear their maid will leave them)"

Rest assured, this is what is going on. The person reporting you to the manager is thinking only of themselves in this context.
by eff_ewe
on Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:59 am
Forum: Domestic / cross cultural issues - Thai / Foreigner concerns
Topic: Maid in Bangkok
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Re: reciprocal agreements

Thailand is and always will be a laggard country. The elected officials speak of progress and prosperity but are thinking of only themselves in these regards. Thailand is Thailand and it ain't gonna change. Tolerate it or go to Laos or Cambodia. Perhaps when Thailand figures out why everyone is avoi...
by eff_ewe
on Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:46 am
Forum: Setting up a company in Thailand - what's required
Topic: reciprocal agreements
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