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Re: Beware of the police

Possibly another reason to beware of the police? A female friend of mine was late to meet me yesterday and explained that when leaving the Saphan Taksin BTS station she was approached on the street by a motorcycle policeman whom asked her for her papers. As she told her story, she wondered to me did...
by butterfly
on Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:28 am
Forum: Thai legal issues and laws
Topic: Beware of the police
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Re: What is the best way to search for lost sister?

If you can imagine a droplet falling into a bucket of water, you can appreciate the difficulty it would be to find that one droplet - your sister - after it is mixed in with the others. To begin with, I suggest you gather all of your facts , or anything that even might remotely lead to a hard fact ,...
by butterfly
on Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:59 am
Forum: Family, friends - searching for lost relatives and pals
Topic: What is the best way to search for lost sister?
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