Court clear the way for charter votes

Court clear the way for charter votes

Postby DSuthikant on Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:08 pm

It is becoming clear that what Thaksin wants he will get it. He wants massive loans for ordinary works such as infrastructure, construction, flood prevention programs, super highway that should be handle within the scope of the budget he has got it.

Thailand is getting to be like many families who could afford only vendors' curried rice feed themselves on Oishi's Japanese Buffet. No country on earth would get massive loan for constructing streets, dams, electric poles, etc and who cares for express trains to go to the country sides. Hey we are getting fanciful.

It is true that government has to change the constitution urgently because that what the boss want so he can get off scot-free on his criminal conducts. How much it is going to cost to the country in term of labors that go into adjusting the system to the new constitution, the rift among various fractions of Thai communities, the economic uncertainty and political upheaval.

Followings is the article I recently presented on my personal website. Please read it and comment, I will deeply appreciate.

19 constitutions in 75 years of Thailand's democracy

Constitution is not a play thing that if the government does not like it, it got to be changed. As we all are aware the government has not so hidden agendas that the government wants it changed to suit her for following reasons

1. The law will allow Thaksin to be free from any legal liabilities in the past and will be free from any liabilities from future lawsuits

2. The government to have the absolute power to carry out the financial matters, such as taking a massive loan as the 2 trillion baht loan for the super infrastructure that we don’t need (we need only the regular infrastructure that can be managed within the budget), change the structure of Bank of Thailand so she can invade the treasury as she wishes, and flood control scheme that is full of dams and other structures that Japanese irrigation expert said we do not need.

3. Give immunity leeway to the government as much as possible.

4. To maintain the power of Peau Thai Party so their Shinawatra can savor the dynasty forever.
If this is going be a change in the constitution it will be 19th in our 75 years of democracy. If the government does not like it, she changes it. That is why our constitution appears to be more like the play thing of politicians.But they are playing with our lives and our welfare. It has not been the constitutions that are bad; it is the politicians who are bad, selfish and self serving and pity on us for let them do it.

Just like what Thomas Jefferson said 325 years ago in response to critics of the US constitution that just had been drafted that there would be no perfect constitution and it could only be good when politicians used it honestly, but the ultimate responsibility laid on citizens whether they would elect good or bad representatives into the offices.

US constitution, humbly described by the founder, has withstood 325 years with no change and only amendments to stress human’s rights and liberty of all people and has become the model of other constitutions that follow.
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