Corruption and politics

Corruption and politics

Postby Ian on Sun May 26, 2013 2:23 pm

Whilst the UDD have many genuine grievances, there are many who are just along for the ride. Why is this?
Well corruption at the local level, say 200 Baht to a traffic policeman, would seem to be perfectly acceptable to most Thais, but what about the major corruptions by governments running into billions and trillions of Bahts?
I think the Thai apathy towards this is simple, back in England, in common with most people I pay income tax, a significant percentage of my income. Naturally I want to know how this money is spent, if I am not happy I show it with my vote.
Now in Thailand only 20% of the population pay income tax, so 80% of Thais are not that bothered how government money is spent, in fact if some of it comes their way as handouts or popular spending sprees they are delighted.
As the taxpayers are mostly Dems and the non taxpayers PT voters, it is clear that the PT will always win elections.
I think this is a great shame because although I support many of the grass roots red ideals, yet they will never see fruition because the PT with their guaranteed electability will never see the need to address these ideals.
Like many farangs I used to think the basic problem was lack of education, lack of informed knowledge, this is indeed a contributing factor, but the real cause of the social divide in Thailand is the lack of a universal system of income tax. 80% of the population are uninvolved, just there for the perks.
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Re: Corruption and politics

Postby chopinfan on Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:03 am

I think rural people do more than that as they are feeding the whole country via agriculture and provide other services. They also paying indirect tax via VAT and what not. Surely we need better and fairer tax collection system but we also need to deal with poverty and equal resource distribution. Poor can not pay as much tax as the middle class or upper classes. Also there are so many tax fraud or loophole that big corporation and smart wealthy people can avoid paying their fair share again via corruption I suppose. With better tax system and transparency, we can have better social services to lift up people out of poverty level.

On the corruption aspect, Government, state officials, and politicians are the most important root causes of corruption. Ideally and in theory if we can get rid of incentives and opportunities to corrupt, corruption will go away. Perhaps we don't need politicians after all . A government will simply consisted of elected individual/representative directly from people across Thailand. However major decisions will be separated and (on-line) voted directly from people; as this will impact people base on their decision. A government is simply there to serve and manage basic needs like safety, infrastructure, transportation, healthcare, emergencies, defense, tax, education, social services, social welfare, justice, etc. I know there are a lot of overlapping. Ideally decision makings will be giving to people via direct voting only not the government.

Please see very interesting link below. ... toppi.html
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