How secure are banks in Thailand

How secure are banks in Thailand

Postby med142 on Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:30 am

Well they are not secure at all. I can not belive how lax they are in security, its totally ludicrous and a joke.
A well planned robbery would demonstrate this. It could net many millions in one day maybe even billions.
I have been in the banks here, many times i see many thousands of thai baht maybe even millions also on display
just behind the cashiers. People even walk in to the banks with a million or so thai baht. What does the bank do?
They count it all in a public place. Have people not heard of bank transfers? They even leave security doors open after them for more than 1 minute. But then the security doors are useless as there is none between cashiers and and the area where its all stored and counted. There is no security between the cashiers and the public. or the people behind them counting and checking the money.
What is needid is better security. Protective glass between cashiers and public. If a person walks in with a large amount of cash, the bank should take that person into a secure room. Also the bank should ask themselves why they not do a money transfer with such a large amount of money.Also the people should ask the bank can we count this money in a secure place.
In bangkok it will be so easy to releave a bank of its money. in one day a well organised gang could net billions.
and get away with it. The roads are very congested.Motorbike gangs will easily get away with it. Change of clothes change of vehicle. I am so sure that others have thought the same.
Who ever is in charge of security of the banks should be sacked, the bosses also. People should be asking how much of the money that i have in your bank is insured. If the bank failed how much would i have etc? say you have 5 million baht in the bank and a few branches were robbed or the bank failed, how much of your money is acutually safe and insured.
In the western world these banks would have no insurance untill the security was changed.
Next time you walk into a bank here in thailand, look around you and you will see how ludricous the security is. The banks are just asking to be robbed. Its an open invitation to a well organised gang.
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Postby tomb on Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:31 am

You claim banks are very casual when it comes to handling money, and I partly agree with that. However, there are hardly any bank robberies in Thailand and certainly very few compared to western countries when robbing a bank or sticking up a gas station is common practice. So why change?

What concerns me more is to know how safe my money is when I put it in a Thai bank. Will I ever see it back? Is there a chance the bank will go bankrupt? How good is the oversight on banks? These are more important questions.

Although lack of security and bank robberies may incite criminals to rob, it'll always be the bank (or insurance) who picks up the tab. It's not if is the robbers will be stealing YOUR money. I think it's more important to question the bank commission and find out if they are protecting Thai and foreign account holders, and check if the government would be able to refund savers in case of a bankruptcy (deposit insurance of up to 1 million bank per customer per bank).
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Re: How secure are banks in Thailand

Postby skyavenuer on Tue May 01, 2012 1:31 pm

Well, On the security point of view I am agree with you. Although police is doing a fine work but still bank is not secure in Thailand. Recently in a survey it has been declared that bank robbery is one of the common crimes in Thailand.
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Re: How secure are banks in Thailand

Postby Asian Hand on Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:56 pm

The risk of a bank failure in Thailand is less than in EU or the US.
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