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Postby Dominic990 on Thu Dec 19, 2013 5:29 pm

ed browning wrote:It appears that scalable solar panel may be here already. Nanosolar in San Jose California is claiming their thinfilm printed solar sheets can be purchased ata cost of 99 cents- US per watt. If this is the case you have the beginnings of the great energy revolution. With that kind of cost it would be ideal for homeowner to power both his home and his vehicle with solar electricity. Utilities could even provide hydrogen as fuel at reasonable prices by splitting it from seawater. The US in particular is sick of dealing with OPEC. It costs us over a billion dollars a day to try to maintain the continuance of that supply and what do we get-higher and higher prices from countries that continue to oppress their own people. Yep- scalable solar is coming.

Practically I am not huge fan of solar power.. It is very expensive with little efficiency..
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Re: Solar Power

Postby thenden on Wed Jul 09, 2014 11:28 pm

To save power, insulate your house with 10-15 cm stone or glass wool in the walls like we do in Scandinavia to keep the heat inside!

Yes, it is not crazy, because keeping the heat outside, is as logical as keeping the heat inside, then you will need much less AC power to keep the house cool.

Why is this relevant to solar power? Because at the time, solutions to store solar energy are not developed so well yet,
and due to the hot humid nights, a lot of people in Thailand use electric power for the ACs to be able to sleep well in the night, when there is no sun and this is the main energy problem, I believe.

Don't forget that the solar heater tank for hot water save some, too, thus the shower will be 100% safe from any
grounding faults, too!

Even some washing machines have separate supply for hot water, meaning you will not need the
washing machine using electricity to heat the water for washing underwear and bed sheets if you can supply it with
hot water from your roof.

Using big UPSes and connecting the battery in them to solar panels, should work to let the sun supply power, when it is available, though there would be some electric losses.

The huge power saver, would all in all, be to insulate the house, so the ACs will not consume so much electricity to keep everything cool. The simplest solution to solve the energy problem for now, would be to insulate houses so they need less AC, less expensive than solar panels, but still expencive for most people, I know, but somewhere we need to start...
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Re: Solar Power

Postby BKK-boy on Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:18 pm

Reply to thenden 09JUL2014.

You are very right about what you wrote about insulating a house, or buildings in general. I would like to add the following.
If you build a good insulated house as you discribed it, with a real heavy inside brick or concrete wall, you can run your ac on solar power during daytime, and switch it off during night time. The inside walls accumulated enough (cool) energy to guarantee a nice and cool atmosphere until the next day.
P.S. A new generation of solar cells is to come in about 3-5 years. They will cost only 20% of the actual used ones, and that for the same output/m².
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