Are the foreigners finding a sense of peace in Issarn?

Re: Are the foreigners finding a sense of peace in Issarn?

Postby DocN on Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:02 pm

Since my earlier message was deleted for the one time only use of the word biatch in its pure form...

I really do't t get the Herbertstrassen-comparrisson.
Not every woman on Patpong is a prostitute (my GF was not, she was working BEHIND the bar...not ON the bar!) and so is not every woman in the Herbertstar. or any other red light district .
And by the way: not every prostitute is a bad person per definition.

I had another thai-girlfriend before: sales manager at a 5 star hotel, perfect english, good education.
After 1,5 year she dumped me and 3 months later was married to another farang.
Having an education does not make you a better person!
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Re: Are the foreigners finding a sense of peace in Issarn?

Postby stilljustbrowsing on Thu May 14, 2009 2:03 am

Hi DocN, sounds to me like you are getting ripped off. My Thai wife comes from Prahrr. Similarly she left school at the age of 11, worked on farms for several years, got married, got pregnant and Thai hubby went astray. (Sound familiar?)
She gravitated to Patpong where I met her. She told me about her daughter, who incidently is being taken care of by my wifes' mother (in Prahrr), for obvious reasons.
So, to cut a long story short, we fell in love, got married and live together in Bangkok. My daughter still lives with her grandmother as we thought it unfair to bring the daughter to BKK and take her away from her family and friends in Prahrr. (she is 14 now)
She comes and stays with us during the school holidays and my wife visits her in Prahrr regularly.
We send some money to the mother-in-law each month to ensure our daughter completes her schooling, unlike what happened to my wife. (my wife's mother's husband left her as well, seems to be a Thai tradition hey?)
The bottom line is this, we have been together now for more than six years, my wife lives with me. My wife tells her mother what to do as we send the money to them.
Something within your relationship sounds not quite right, please excuse me if I am speaking out of line, just my oppinion. :cheers:
Regarding the rest of the family, they all quede up to visit us until they reallised there was no "gravy train", after which most I have not seen again, and the ones I do see are really great.
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