good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

Postby emily on Sun Jan 22, 2006 12:58 pm

excuse me if i missed a previous post but it was killing me reading the tales of people here.

I am assuredly marrying the one person I ever will, who is from Issan, in about 3.5 months.

I am female, farang, he is of Thai nationality.

What I would like to know is where I get advice on how my rights change, in regard to English gov and Thai.

We are trying to receive advice from the amphur office and myself from the embassy but very little is available.

I am currently missing england, do not know whether it is better we properly register our marriage here and then how that effects my work permit requirements, tax payments and the ability to set up a company here, and then in turn the domino effect that has on my rights as a british citizen and his ease and payments of making visas for there.

I know that as a thai boy and english girl we are i believe to be in a better situation,as I am seen obviously by law as not equal to him but from the uk I am, so here I believe that he is legally bound after marriage to take care of me but the english gov when I have a baby for example will recognise the baby as of the nationality of the mother as I am equal to a boy and possible positively discriminted, ie it is not immediately available for an english boy to have his child named as uk citizen just like that, and that the same is doen for him by thai law being a boy. so for example i believe that when we have children they should be able to get dual nationality.

Without paying a lawyer to tell me all this info I am unsure of where to try and get correct full info and predominantly all I find is information in regard to farang boys and thai girls and not the other way round.

Please if anyone can assist, offer info, point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. We are both looking to do things properly and the best way round for us assisting ourselves and our family in the future, in terms of work, visas, nationality, etc.

It's not that we want to give governments the run around but there is always a way to play these things and up until now we have only determined our want and intent to marry as any two people wanting to be with eachother 'talord chewit' would.
Thank you.
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RE: good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

Postby Ian on Mon Jan 23, 2006 11:44 pm

Emily - there is NOT a way to play around the Thai government. Thailand
bans foreigners from owning land - and a lot else. There's simply no real way around this. Thais have the advantage everytime.
You'll get a lot of people telling you otherwise - but believe me, I know - I'm married to a Thai.
People who tell you otherwise are simply saying that for money.
As for your Isarn boyfriend - he's most likely taking you for a ride. In every sense. Until the anti-foreigner laws change in Thailand - you are going to be ripped-off.
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good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

Postby Emily on Tue Jan 24, 2006 10:25 am


Thank you for your advice or not so much but your determination that every relationship within mixed cultural contexts of thai and english are just a load of bollocks, I don't mean to me rude, but when I said nit was killing me reading the posts here I meant it.

I am looking for actual advice not a diatribe on how these things could and will never be actually real. If I am wrong in future years to come then fair enough but as far as I am concerned in thai culture the boy is requyired to be able to and to look after the girl, thats at least where part of your responsibility comes in marrying into this culture.

That as well is where I believe that some of laws may change because I am a girl and seen by law and culture to be the one required to be taken care of, which is an option to me, but as I see it currently if I sort my life out with permament work I am the breadwionner in so much as I can demand a higher income.

Specifcally I am looking at just this, being the farang but also the female marrying into thai culture, and then the offset of this to employment visa laws and opening a family business, as pressumably I could once married I have taken my husbands name and therefore considered as being looked after by him and maybe don't need to pay visas and permits and farang based level of tax to government.

in terms of houses and such, I'm allowed to part own property and land, and my child could fully owen property I believe.

I know things are not the same for farang boys.

Please, I am not here for people to tell me my marriage and the love of my boyfriend for me is a sham, I don't receive that from people who know us well so do not require it from people who are unaware of my situation and basing it on their own experience.

I even love his family!?!? Maybe I am so wrong but that is my decision to make, anyone who would or could provide useful info, even if it is to say make sure you get a prenup thats all useful.....I'm just not looking for personaL OPINIONS.

Just facts and stuff like that. Cheers. and Ian thank you for your contribution, it is as yet the only one!

PS Good luck.
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RE: good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

Postby Ian on Wed Jan 25, 2006 8:11 pm

Emily - sorry my "diatribe" was short. Yours is long. Go ahead, my dear. As I said - I'm married to a Thai. The laws - Thai and farang - are always against you.
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RE: good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

Postby Aussie Dave on Fri Jan 27, 2006 7:53 pm

Emily ..............ref Ian jan 25th , he is right you know! and if anything goes wrong, you will be left with nothing, so be wary. Having said that i wish you all the best of luck and good fortune. One of my students, a Thai man in his late 20's is married to an aussie girl and they are very happy, but she worked and lived in Thailand for several years and can read and write the language as well as many Thais.
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Aussie Dave

RE: good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

Postby Ian on Sun Jan 29, 2006 5:38 am

Emily - where do you get this idea you can "part own property and land".
You certainly can not. Farang - without exception - can not own land in Thailand. Best you can do is take out a thirty year lease - renewable up to 90 years.
But - as an American who lived in Thailand said to me : that paper lease does n't mean anything if your Thai spouse or family send around a gunman to get you out. It is extremely cheap to get someone killed in Thailand - and it happens all the time : often by off-duty, under-paid, corrupt police.
Ditto "part own property". Only take to Thailand what you're willing to lose.
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RE: good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

Postby juta on Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:12 pm

Emily, enough for those who do not have respoect in Thai laws but still want to marry Thais and stay in Thailand (I don't know why)

This are the facts for foreigners marry to Thai nationals.

Foreign women who marry to Thai men can opt to use their surnames or change to their husband names. However, children will be required to use their fathers' names.
Women can expect to be supported (morally and financially) from their husbands, or they can file for a divorce based on this ground.
Foreigners, male or female, or married to Thai nationals may not own lands in Thailand more than what allowed by law. However, children will have the full right in this regard provided they are registered their birth certificates under Thai law.

I have posted some web sites re foreigners marrying Thais on this forum. Have a good look and make informed dicison. Don't listen too much to those crocs.
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RE: RE: good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

Postby kris on Wed Feb 01, 2006 12:21 am

Ian what are you saying that the Thailand police kill foreigners if they get paid for it? If what you are saying is correct thailand needs its countries government to step in and clean it up. Because if the reports were reported accurately Thaksin has been quoted as saying the 2 thai men in the new year murder had to be quickly punished as it gave his country a bad name well if it gets reported that thailand police will kill foreigners for money that will really give Thailand a bad name around the world dont you think? As who would want to vacation in a country where your life will not even be protected by its police services.
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RE: RE: good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

Postby ^_^ on Wed Feb 01, 2006 3:49 pm

kris , i agree with you ^_^
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RE: RE: good english girl needs advice on marrying good thai boy!

Postby CHS on Wed Feb 01, 2006 8:04 pm

There is good and bad people every where in the world ...
One advice to marry a Thai man you must speak and understand the Language and the Thai traditions...
Are you financially suporting your partner or is he supporting you...Are you ready to accept that he go with other women because that also is part of the way of life of men inThailand...
Make sure that you don't put all eggs in the same basket...
If you got a child and he is a boy nothing can be do for you unless you declare him to the English Embassy...You will never be owner of a business or a house ...But your son will be..If he is Thai...
What you have to remember is love is very very nice but make sure to know all the laws of Thailand and mainly learn and speak the language if not you will be a poor woman...
It is very hard to be the subject of talk and don't understand what people say about you and remember one thing...and it is true his family will always pass before never will be number one but a lowest number...
After that there is genuine people in Thailand good luck but make sure that you learn about laws and Thai culture and life ...
Remeber his family will always pass in front of you...if you accept it that is very good
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