Divorce in the uk

Divorce in the uk

Postby john on Sun Feb 19, 2006 3:02 am

like many youngsters, i worked in Bangkok as a tutor, met the dream girl of my life at work in one of the schools, being much in love, we got married and came to the uk not short after, we are both the same age 26, and both got set up in jobs in the uk

after sendin money back to thailand consdierable amounts, the realationship soured, she has now left the raelationship and walked out she still lives in my home town, but doesnt want to make contact, she hasnt been in the uk for more than 2 years she is still in the probationary period, and she doesnt want to divorce (infact she hasnt said anything) does anyone know can she stay in the uk without me, ie can she claim a work permit from her work, is it likely for the uk to kick her out?
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RE: Divorce in the uk

Postby pokercrazy on Tue Apr 17, 2007 5:31 pm

My understanding is that when the first 2 years settlement visa expires she has to apply for a new one or indefinite leave to remain. In order to get either of these she will require your sponsorship and considerable support. Therefore, if her visa expires she will not be alowed re-entry or if she is based in the UK will become illegal.
How you go about getting divorced without her co-operation is another issue. I think there is another thread which deal swith this
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