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Postby triptrip on Sun Jun 24, 2007 8:07 pm

yes, the thais are xenophobic. it's tough if u look like a causasian. it works against you and you stand out like a sore thumb in the asian crowd. same thing happens to me when i was studying in england. this yellow boy or bruce/jet li / jacky chan as most english calls me stands out like a sore thumb..

the tables are turned now :) anyway, that being said, it's not difficult for an asian to get thai citizenship since the skin colour takes care of things. just dont open the mouth. thai id can be bought easily if you know the ppl, way and drop your western mentality of doing everything by the books. the book is flawed and that's why the Sino Thai is so successful!!! they dont make it big without bending a few rules.
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RE: RE: Thai Marriage Laws

Postby Aussie John on Mon Jun 25, 2007 11:15 am

You've said it in a nutshell. Where can I get an Asian face-transplant?
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Aussie John

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Postby colin howard on Mon Jun 25, 2007 1:55 pm

triptrip ,i don,t think you are aware of the UK,s social security system ,there are tens of thousands of asian familys liveing in the UK who haven,t done a days work in years ,and yet they receive 70,000 baht a month OF taxpayers money , FREE houseing ,FREE medical aid , FREE dentistry, there children get FREE school meals,FREE public transport to school , we farangs who come to live here put 100s of millions into the thai economy ,so there is a slight difference , maybe other readers of this forum can varify what i have just written otherwise triptrip will think i,m off with the fairys , regards ,colin .
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colin howard

RE: RE: Thai Marriage Laws

Postby Aussie John on Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:45 am

Hi Colin.
Many Thai view our social security systems as 'crazy' I've even heard them say 'dumb'. Yet that does'nt stop Asians in the west taking full advantage of this system.
A system they do'nt have in Thailand because there is'nt enough taxes paid to provide the social benifits.
Asian immigrants here in Australia soon learn it's a fairer system but many still think westerners are stupid for paying so much tax that helps not only the poor but all people across the social spectrum. Many view tax as something that is to be avoided as they have learnt in their home countries.
In Sydney we've got great raods, footpaths and publc services because people pay rates together with state taxes that are allocated to up keep the community, city and suburbs.
Bangkok's pavements are shocking, for such a wealthy city to have such poor roads and pavements is an indicment on how Thais trully view their environment and community.
Greed comes before everything else and if you have a high enough wall around your house all that's undesirable stays out.
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Aussie John

RE: RE: Thai Marriage Laws

Postby Aussie john on Fri Jul 13, 2007 3:37 am

I would really like to know which Asian country allows westerners to attain full rights under PR.?
Why is it that Asia is a restricted area to many Westerners. ? It can't be just cultural differences as asians ajust in Western societies quiet easily around the world and in many respects are welcome immigrants as they are industrious and hard working.
Why can't this be reciprocal.?
Western spheres of influence exist in Asia wether in IT, education, fashion and of course business. But what is missing is the human element. Asian races in Asia easily take on the surface appearance of western identity but rarely understand it.
Second generation Asian children in Australia are both Asian and Australian they are loyal not only to their parents' culture and heritage but also their Australian culture which encourages strong communal bonds from outside and within different ethnic communities. It is a healthy system that not entirely perfect allows for prosperity.
Why is the westerner married to a Thai national living in the kingdom viewed with suspicion.?
It seems it's just propaganda to retain an Asian sphere of influence that proclaims to be non-imperialistic as many Asians proclaim westerners to be.
It's an untruth, as many Asian nations have graft and corruption entrenched in their nations. I think it is an 'false latent' loss of control that Asian nations feel. Not the loss of land control but that of the mind and been able to learn how to 'critically think' as is a common trait in Western cultures. This is where I fear the the paranoia arises.
The present 'patronised' system in Asia is one of control not only at a economical level but also a cultural and social level.
If Thai restaraunts in Asutralia were controlled by Australians the food would ultimately loose it's authenticity.
Australian Thais are free to express there Thainess as well as be part of the nation, Why can't the average, honest westerner be given the opportuntiy to do and experience the same right in Thailand?.
Thais consume the surface of what is Western but fear the very face that created it.
Without understanding there will never be acceptance.
Hopefully Asian nations in the future will see through their extreme nationalism and come to accept that the world has accepted them into their nations to prosper but yet the door in many cases is closed to the not so wealthy foreigner who wishes to call Asia home.
Chai mai!!!!!!
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Aussie john

RE: RE: Thai Marriage Laws

Postby Thai100% on Fri Jul 13, 2007 5:12 pm

Folks, I do sympathize with you all who want to settle down in Thailand and married Thais. I myself am a Thai married a Farang and do not live in Thailand. My husband does not mind living in Thailand but I do. I do not want to contact the Immigration office 6 times a year. (That´s crazy or moronic!) -2 times just to get a one year visa extension. The other 4 is for reporting his whereabouts, once every 3 months. Such fishing manner of Thai law is ginormously unacceptable for me. I do not want to pay any single Satang (100 Satangs=1 Baht) to Thai Govt. to support stupidity and discrimination practice. I prefer to pay tax in the Western country where money can help needy folks, not corrupt folks. I also agree that the Western should treat Thais on the same basis as the Thai law does to the farangs for fairness´s sake.
I hope you all have good lives in Thailand , if you choose to live there. By the way, be aware that most vegy in Thailand are GM , over-sprayed with insecticide. Criminals lurk around in every corner. Farangs are targetted by corrupted officials as money-bags. One of good days, you may get unwelcome visit by them. Whether you are rich or not, be prepared.
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RE: RE: Thai Marriage Laws

Postby Ian on Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:26 pm

Triptrip - you're wrong on a few facts :
1) Australia's current population is 21 million - not "16-17" as you write. It is also one of the fastest growing populations of any Western-style country, largely through immigration.
2) two-thirds of this "big continent" is desert or semi-desert : Australia suffers acute water shortages - or else sudden floods. It probably can not support a population much more than double
the 21 million it has now, to which it is fast growing : but there's simply not enough water.
3) Thailand has far more water than Australia, and a population of about 63 million : but this is not growing much, in contrast to what you write.
Thailand already has many farang living there - but who go out of the country every three months : many of these contribute a lot to Thailand. Speaking personally I do not mind having to exit Thailand every three months - much as I like Thailand, I'm refreshed by a change of culture.
The number one objection I have to Thailand's anti-foreigner laws is the lack of security they give me for any money I invest in Thailand. Ultimately and collectively, this also hurts Thai people - it keeps them poorer than they would otherwise be. Australia does n't have such anti-foreinger laws - and is consequently richer, both financially and culturally.
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RE: RE: Thai Marriage Laws

Postby colin howard on Tue Jul 17, 2007 4:28 am

hi john ,another well written and thought out posting , i,m well aware about the laws of the land here in thailand ,but as far as owning land go,s i think you can get over it if you have good enough judgement to pick the "right lady" ,i trust mine with my life ,and since i,ve been with her since nov 03 my trust in her has been proved to be correct over and over again ,in my opinion its just the fools who rush headlong into the unknown that suffer ,its no good buying some land for your wife then haveing a house built and finish up getting burned ,you know the rules and the pitfalls of liveing here in thailand so if it all ends in tears its all down to your bad judgement pure and simple , i,ve known guys who have only known there ladys a few weeks and walk round with the plans for there new house under there arms ,WHATS THE RUSH, don,t be pressured by no one just take your time weigh up the pro,s and cons and you won,t go far wrong in my view ,regards ,colin .
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colin howard

RE: RE: Thai Marriage Laws

Postby colin howard on Tue Jul 17, 2007 8:40 am

hi john ,as an added footnote ,the "right lady" test is quite easy ,when it comes to getting married just say no dowery for your parents for giveing you a lifestyle you could only dream of before you met me , if she sides with her parents instead of you then get rid of her , cos you are on a hideing to nothing in my view , that way you will never finish up a human doormat to her ,her family , and the usual hangers on who raid your fridge for free beer and come to borrow money , in other words you pay the piper you call the tune ,regards ,colin .
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RE: RE: Thai Marriage Laws

Postby SARDINES on Wed Jul 18, 2007 4:01 pm


great advice. common sense wlll keep you out of trouble most of the times and you always give straight forward common sense opinions.

without it, it would be difficult to find joy wherever you live.

rgds / sardines
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