Can't take it anymore

Re: Can't take it anymore

Postby overhaul38 on Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:15 am

trojan wrote:I'm curious to know if anyone feels they can't take anymore of the lack of freedom of speech and corruption in Thailand.
Maybe you've already packed up and moved on or are seriously contemplating it because of the above reasons or even know people that have left for similar reasons.
Personally I've seriously considered it because I feel like I should take a stand in some way and I'm also concerned about raising my child in this kind of enviroment. The thing that stops me is that I love Thailand far more than my native England.
Just curious if its just me or not and if I'm concerning myself too much with something that isn't really my business.
I'd especially like to hear the views of genuine long term expats. Thanks.

Living in Thailand requires some major adjustments.
The first rule is to remember that you are and will always be a farang. You are tolerated but not really accepted.
The second rule to remember is that you have no rights. In any dispute the Thai will win 99.99% of the time.
The third rule to remember is that you should enjoy those things you like, avoid conflicts and those area that make you uncomfortable and visit your home country from time to time. You can enjoy Thailand but it is not England.
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Re: Can't take it anymore

Postby Ian Wensor on Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:47 pm

trojan ...I see where your coming from and sympathise with your thinking however, there are other compounding issues that, in cases like mine, are worrying the living bejesus out of me. :shock: :shock: :shock:

I'm 78 years old, married to a Thai lady and while living here, I've tried the best I can to become part of the community...

I teach English at the local school on a voluntary basis, provide for quite a few of our village needs and fit in quite well yet after nine years, I have no security of tenure here - nor do I look like getting any. :( :( :(

I confided in a close well educated Thai friend and asked him why such a situation was allowed to continue and was shocked when he replied:

"Ian, Thais love money farangs spend and the expertise they bring but resent them living living permanently here. They'd rather they go home however, as far as a lot of Thais are concerned, they're seen as necessary evils". shock: :shock:

I can imagine the outcry if such an attitude was shown to Thais who've married Australians and relocated to my country :shock: :o :shock:

Furthermore after two years, Thai spouses are granted full Australian citizenship and God knows, the social benefits they receive there far exceeds anything they'd get in Thailand. :roll: :roll: :roll:
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Re: Can't take it anymore

Postby needchange on Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:59 pm

I agree with the OP. It's harder to live here. Foreigners are always foreigners even if they were to get citizenship. Corruption is horrible and at this point I tend to just encourage other foreigners to take part in it as the powers that be here seem to love it. Everything bad can happen here as you see with the child porn on the streets. The police like it because it makes them money I guess. If not they are just lazy worthless bums that do not do their jobs. Both are probably true. No doubt there are some good people here in Thailand including in the police force but they are too weak/cowardly to speak out. Thailand really hasn't changed for the better in moral way since I got hear back in the 90s. To be honest, I've lost respect for most better-off educated Thais. There are very few real Buddhists here too. At first I went along with the glowing lie as if there were something higher here and something more peaceful but over time I've come to realise that Thailand has little over other countries. It's people including most of the poor deserve the country as it is. Foreigners should spend their money to help Thais when there are plenty of billionaires right here in Thailand who cold easily pay more and do to help the countries people and poor. The beauty of the Thai isn't the same. Thailand is what it is. All the bad things that go on in Thailand are wanted by the people no matter what the rest of the world thinks. As it is, Thailand is a great place for corrupt-minded people like the people here. Don't be the knight in shining armor because there's no one to save here. If you like crime and exploitation, stay here and laugh with the powerful people. If not, go to a place that wants better.
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Re: Can't take it anymore

Postby nullx8 on Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:36 am

trojan wrote:I'm curious to know if anyone feels they can't take anymore of the lack of freedom of speech and corruption in Thailand.

this are accepted facts by the mass!
to be honest, it slows down economy and the construction of the future dramatically, and iam VERY suprised that none seems to have a sight for what is after the period they "rule" ...

most peoples arround here have a very strong "mai pen rai" attitude it will take at least 2 Generations to change this, and i dont think anyone even plan to do anything about it.

i dont see any disantvatage to raise childrens here, since thailand is a very family based country,
with teachings of local sourroundings added with common sense and awareness of what is happen children raised here will have the benefit of knowing both sides of how things are and can be. in the future this can be a benefit for childrens since they can handle the things happens here and also be smart enough to do it better or simply take the good choices.
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