Thai For Thais!

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Postby Hans Marheim on Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:45 pm

Good one Robin!

Who says you can not learn anyting in the BKK forum? I learn something every day?
Thanks again.

Best regards, Hans
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Hans Marheim

RE: RE: Thank`s for nothing....

Postby alddel on Fri May 25, 2007 9:53 pm

Aussie john, 35,000,000 + people in the USA alone live below the poverty line. Probably well under 10% of the population in the US of A control the wealth. And foreigners, part from a successful few have gone through hell and high water to obtain superficial respectability. Not long ago negroes were living under a sort of apartheid and still being lynched from trees and today, Indians still live in geographical ghettos. Two political parties exchange power every 8 or so tears and no real changes ever occur because both parties are fully under the control of the wealthy few.

I sympathize with those farangs hoping to establish themselves here, make a living with their families and unfortunately run up against a number of obstacles that are, yes sometimes unfair. I don't sympathize with those that come here looking only to satisfy their egos and hunger for exploitation of people in need of a few bucks or euros. The latter are more responsible for the decent farang sometimes getting a raw deal tha the Thais themselves are.

Maybe the thais have more than sufficient reason in wanting to keep their culture relatively free from our (farang) delusions about democracy and what it means to be "free".

Thais do appear to seek a better financial life abroad but, more often than not their intention is to better not only their individual lives but the lives of their families also. Can we say the same about ourselves being here? Are we here to better not only our own personal lives but to better the lives of our families back home also? The ones we all too often forget and that end up stuck and forgotten in old people's homes after being passed around from one begrudging family member to another?

I think we should stop burrying our heads in the sand about ourselves and all we think we have to offer the rest of the world and maybe then, we would be more welcome!
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Re: Thai For Thais!

Postby OzGeoff on Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:49 am

" by Aussie John on Fri Mar 09, 2007 11:52 am
One day Thailands' laws will change as they can't close their doors forever and live in a vaccum (sic)."

Here we are some 7 years later and has anything changed?

I would like to retire there also with Thai wife but the Thai authorities practice discrimination. It is ok for wealthy Thai to own property in many farang countries but they will not allow farang to own property in their country! Do they think that if farang leave Thailand they are going to take their house and land with them?

And still, Thailand cannot handle democracy after 82 years of much abuse of the poor and the uneducated by those in power. Such a shame for the majority of decent Thai people.
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Re: Thai For Thais!

Postby frenchy on Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:03 pm

Good comments Hans, I am French, married to a Thai lady for 9 years, we have a beautiful house and a small farm in a Thai village. The house belong to my wife but thanks to mutual trust my name is included in the family book.
My wife and I are enjoying a good life here and she has no intention to go to foreign countries where she would have to learn an other language, put- up with nasty remarks and rules and regulations. I love this country, speaks 50% Thai and I have many Thai friends.
unfortunately there are Thais that are obsess with copying farang culture, including rock bands, clothing, food, ect., even people who spend money through surgery to look farang, (bigger eyes, pointy nose, white skin.)
If they could know they look so much better in a Thai skin. Their music is soothing, the food is....bitting taste great.

If one wants to own a house in Thailand build or buy a Houseboat and put it on any waterways, it's FREE! :cheers:

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Re: Thai For Thais!

Postby Mingnai on Sun Sep 28, 2014 4:42 am

It is time Thailand joined the real world. Why do they expect people to live and invest money in Thailand when they can NEVER own the land their house stands on??? Farangs fall prey to corruption whether it be their Thai wives or business associates. People of all nationalities come over to the UK for example and can buy land and be treated as equals. Whereas in Thailand farangs are expected to smile and be walked over. It is time for reform.
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