Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Re: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby dilpickles on Fri Aug 16, 2013 10:00 am

My bro & sister-n-law own 3 houseboats in Kanchanburi, they are fish framers, once a yr. the whole family goes there for a 3-5 day vacation. My bro-in-law is also the head of river management & enforces the laws of the river. They have been there for many yrs.. My wife said she thinks they pay about 2,000 THB a mo. for the use of the land where they are anchored to the shore. They have every modern convenience, solar cells on the roof,& pwr. lines running from the shore, catch basin & purifying sys. for rain water, satellite dish for TV, & ADSL.

I have seen basic floor plans, or you could work with the builder & design your own. Depending on size they start at about $10,000 USD. I have seen houseboats that look as though they are farang owned or at-least farang designed. The in-laws are located around the river bend from the Phornphailan Riverside Resort, the house boats are even visible with Google earth. We normally stay at the resort as when the family is all there space is limited & being retired, & a city man, I love my creature comforts. We are either picked up from the shore by one of 4 long tails, or a 10 min walk.

Houseboats rented by tourist, are towed to different tourist sites by long-tail, staying a day or 2 at a time. These seem to be pretty comfortable, with battery pwr. A/C, & a nice deck for hanging out outside There are no hi-powered boats, or even jet-ski's allowed. I have watched basic houseboat construction of bamboo for Thais with no amenities except those required by law, which besides a septic tank I don't know of. Most use solar pwr. LED lights at night, or have battery rigs.

The question for me is could I live there. Have only seen Japanese tourist & only once 2 female farang missionaries in this area. In the next 2 yrs.We will have to make the decision of buying a house & where, but houseboat is & option, one much cheaper than house. Next time up there will get more info, & report back if this thread is still alive.
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Re: Freedom of Ownership by Owning houseboat

Postby Luvtat on Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:21 pm

What is a boat house? I heard of house boats. Those are great except here in Thailand I don't think you can get septic tank drained. Just anchor off shore have small boat to get to shore. :cheers:
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Re: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby cmangrid on Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:37 am

Good Idea.Thailand is a crazy place but like many foreigners I own a lease a condo(allowed) but although In bought my house I have to have a lease=the boathouse idea sadly is not pracyical for me
Ron ;)
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