New Skytrain Link Ready August 09?

Re: New Skytrain Link Ready August 09?

Postby puzzled on Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:46 am

I guess we can discuss the Sky Train a little since the original topic really needed only the answer "No, it will open in December." So, SJB, I look at those monuments, too, and remember how some former government canceled the contract because they were behind schedule. Every project they have done since has been behind schedule but allowed to continue.

I watched those monuments being built as I had to ride the regular train to and from work every day for over two years. Most of that area used for the train route was a swamp/drainage area. Fill dirt was hauled in for months and in addition to that it was one of the rainiest years we have ever had here. The work was being done in rain, in mud, and usually on top of huge, flat steel sheets so that the cranes could move around. There was so much rain that for months the kids were swimming in the holes dug for the support columns. Then it just got canceled because they were too slow. I thought they did a great job in the middle of the swamp during the rain. I hope they can wake up and finish this line and keep using Don Muang Airport, too. They are going to need it when the new one falls apart. (In reality, I think it got canceled because they were also going to build an expressway on top of the trains, and this idea interfered with somebody else's idea of the current expressway on WipaWadee which was built after the cancellation).
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Re: New Skytrain Link Ready August 09?

Postby stilljustbrowsing on Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:32 pm

Thanks puzzled, I was wondering what happened.
As I look at the structures now, many would have to be torn down and rebuilt as the steel rods have been open to atmosphere too long already and have too much rust in them. I still think it should be pursued, looking at the volume of traffic (local) that uses all available roads allong that route each working day. Even if it terminated at Rangsit (future park) they would make a profit eventually if it ran as frequently as the current BTS or MRT.
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