One-Two-Go nowhere Airlines (Unseen Thailand)

One-Two-Go nowhere Airlines (Unseen Thailand)

Postby letsflykites on Wed May 13, 2009 9:40 pm

Unseen Thailand delivered by 0ne-Two-Go Airlines

It seems that in a time of such economic and political troubles taking a toll on tourism in Thailand that any enterprise planning to remain in business would strive to satisfy its customers. One-Two-Go Airlines has demonstrated to me these are not its goals.
I am a working high school teacher in Chiang Mai who is allotted just 12 days of vacation between summer classes and the beginning of the new term. My vacation days are precious and require careful planning to maximize the little respite I'm given. Flight tickets were purchased nearly a month in advance, and friends notified of my arrival dates . A round trip ticket purchased from Chiang Mai to Bangkok via One-Two-Go, then a Nok Air round trip ticket purchased from Bangkok to Udon Thani.
All was well until the last day of the trip (May 8th) I had just completed a 5 hour bus trip arriving in Udon Thani, found and payed for a hotel room, took a shower to get cleaned up for lunch and my adventure in Udon Thai when my phone rang at nearly 1:00pm to find a representative of One-Two-Go was calling to inform me that My flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai at 1:30pm on May 9th was cancelled for the reason One-Two-Go was making new flight schedules.
After the initial shock and anger I explained to the representative at least 5 times that I was in Udon Thani and the flight with Nok Air from Udon Thani to Bangkok May 9th was scheduled at 7:35am and I needed to be back to work on time
(6:00 pm). Her response was I could fly on another day (Oh what was I thinking, I should of thought of that) what an absolutely absurd statement to make. After nearly 15-20 minutes of our enlightening conversation she told me that she would call me back with a solution to the problem. After 9 years of living in Thailand I have very good idea of what this means.
I dialed Nok Air and One-Two-Go and finally decided to go to the Udon airport to speak with the 3 carriers from Udon to Bangkok directly (bearing in mind still no return call from One-To-Go)
After spending time at the Air Asia counter which flies into Suvarnabumi Airport, Nok Air flying into Don Muang (with only 2 hour flight difference) and One-Two-Go without customer care was left with only one option, Thai Airways to Suvarnabumi with a connecting flight to Chiang Mai.
While at the Thai Airways counter (2:15 pm) with a flight departing in one hour (3:15 pm flight #TG0011) and only one seat available the representative called me to ask me if I wanted to transfer flights. Firstly you called me with 24 hours to inform me of new flight schedules and secondly I did not request a transfer.
I explained my situation clearly about the different flights with different airlines and the connecting problems. I informed her I could not wait any longer and I was forced to buy the tickets with Thai airways in order to be back in Chiang Mai for work on time.
The cost of the tickets was 4675 baht for both flights, subsequently I lost the money for the flight on Nok Air and the hotel room not to mention the stress and shortened holiday time because One-Two-Go can't commit its pre-sold flight schedule.
I expected full compensation from the Airline for the inconvenience they caused not only me, but my friend who traveled that 5 hours on the bus who then turned around and went back home on another bus.
The 1350 baht flight was refunded but certainly not considered fair compensation as One-Two-Go left a customer stranded with insufficient time to make arrangements. I was later told upon arrival in bangkok that a representative would contact me on the 9th which of did not happen till the 13th with a follow-up email stating I needed to give them 24 hours to resolve the problem. Fantastic customer care I won't endure again
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Re: One-Two-Go nowhere Airlines (Unseen Thailand)

Postby stilljustbrowsing on Wed May 13, 2009 11:07 pm

I think it speaks volumes that said airline cannot even count to three.
Alternatively, it is "want to go", not "have to go". Sorry for the cheap puns, but that is what one gets with a cheap airline.
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Re: One-Two-Go nowhere Airlines (Unseen Thailand)

Postby Sean Moran on Thu May 14, 2009 12:50 pm

Very complex and interesting story. It has had me perplexed all morning! Enough to make anybody's beer go warm in the stubbie-holder just thinking about it all! :cheers:

Now, there are obviously many questions begged, but for the moment, the main things come down to what time on the Friday afternoon you were at the Thai counter at Udon when the telephone rang, what time was the "same-day" flight transfer scheduled to leave Bangkok on the Saturday, were you rostered for work on Sunday morning, and what subject was timetabled?

Next to the PM poll thing today, this has definitely been the most exciting story I've read in the last few hours. Oh, also before 13:00 on a Friday is MORE than 24 hours from 13:30 on a Saturday, but it's not important. :cheers:

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