Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

RE: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby Hans Marheim on Fri Mar 09, 2007 8:51 pm

Greate idea Rooster!

I think the current foreigner-hostile Danish government will adopt your idea and force thousands of thais in Denmark to sell their houses and settle in boat-houses.

Soon this greate idea can spred to the rest of Europe.

Best regards Hans
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Hans Marheim

RE: Beware of Foreign Settlements on Thailand

Postby on Fri Mar 09, 2007 9:10 pm


Are you aware of the "thai-settlements" in Europe?

Are you aware of the fact that a thai lady gets a farang man and moves with him to Europe, then bings her thaichildren and then work like a hero to recruit more farangs in the country to marry her sweet sister or brother (who brings his/her thaichildren...endlessly)

Do you know what? Its ok with us as long as they are behaving good. We dont even want to force them to live in boats. They can buy land. They can do business! They can become citizens. Jippi!

They enrich Europe and our greate culture an makes Europe go faster and better. Like America. Oposite to more closed countries than your own.

Best regards Hans
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RE: RE: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby Jimi on Sun Mar 25, 2007 6:08 pm

OK - got the boat house idea and received it well.

As for the rest of the flip flop on the major differences with what other countries have to offer and what Thailand is offering - WELL - what can you say about Thailand.

Beautiful place, beautiful people, mis-guided government, corruption, narrow minded people in places of power whether limited power or not.

Sounds like a lot of other countries but maybe better than most ??

I myself am disappointed the USA - my mother country - adopts policy for a country that does not exchange the same courtesies as we do.

In America a Thai national can own ANY business, ANY property, ANY basic rights under the constitution (not all - but most of them) and get treated with as much respect as ANY other person born in the country or not.

Flip the coin over in Thailand and we get a shakedown for money at every corner of the road we travel. We get restrictions that do not allow us the same rights as their country men. We get restrictions on the business' we can own. We get hit with enormous amounts of money needed to operate a business when the locals do not need a single Baht to get a business started.

They restrict our time in the country without any due course for us to stay and apply for longer term visa's or even citizenship. And as for marriage to Thai - Western standards it all leans towards the money - if you have it you get by - if you don't have it get out - we don't want you here if you don't have a bank full of money.

Do I need to continue ?

If more people were to withdrawal their dollars from spending - something as simple as limiting what they spend - it would put Thailand into a financial nose dive of major proportions.

We have the ability to shut down their business' - TOURISM - and lower their GDP - of which tourism is a major part.

I like Thailand very much - why else would I live here.

I just don't like the political and corruption guided government with their eye on what matters them most - taking the money out of someone else's pocket to put in their own pocket.

There are ways for foreigners to get things changed - look at the UK and USA and the way immigration laws and restrictions have changed through pressure from other governments - top leaders asking to make a change for the ex-patriots that are living in these foreign countries.

In Thailand the DOLLAR speaks very loudly - and if we control it we should use it to our benefit.

More should be discussed between foreigners living here in Thailand about just what can be done to twist the arms behind the backs of the money greedy government officials.

To get what WE want instead of paying them to get - ? WHAT ? - more restrictions and more corrupt hands facing palm up waiting to be paid.
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RE: RE: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby Ian on Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:45 pm

Jimi and Hans - you're both right : sooner or later Western countries will enact Reciprocal Laws banning Thais from owning in our countries whatever we can not own in theirs. Already we're moving towards this with ever-tighter visa requirements.
It's a silly zero sum game, where Thailand replies in kind : but there you are - these silly Thai laws are a left-over from this country's military-ruled, Cold War era. I'm surprised how many Thais don't realise the world has moved on.
As for your remarks about financial boycott etc. Jimi, it's obvious the baht is currently considerably over-valued. Expect a crash like '97, when the correction inevitably hits. They don't want to learn anything from '97 - there's too much money to be made ignoring it !
Unlike Vietnam, China, etc., which have moved on - Thailand is dragging itself back into the Third World.
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RE: RE: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby Aussie John on Tue Mar 27, 2007 10:33 am

Why does Thailand fear multi-cultural diversity in the kingdom.? Why is it only the 'face' of english they accept and understand.?
It's hugely ironic as Thais in their thousands can gain unfetted permanent residency in the West based on skills and knowledge, as well as marriage to a Western national.
Why do'nt Western Foreign Consulates make a stand on reciprical laws of immigration.? Are these consulates complicit with those very elites in the kingdom who have created these very laws, backed by their wealthy foreign counterparts so as to continue the rorting of their own people.
Western consulates do'nt make a noise as they know MONEY is to be made the way it is.
Thailand could surely gain if aspiring Westerner immigrants who wished to contribute to the Thai nation were given the freedom to actually work in their respective fields of expertise, as oppsed to the hugely restricted areas that exist in the kingdom at present.
How many Westerners do Thailand think would move to the kingdom if they relaxed their laws.? I suspect it would'nt be a flood as the culture is so vastly different.
It trully takes a strong patient Westerner to be able to stay and adopt such a foriegn culture.
Why is'nt this kind of immigrant given the opportunity to actually want to be Thai and why must he or she be excessively wealthy to stay in a country that trully could benefit from the knowledge and skills brought into the kingdom by not so wealthy westerners but honest individuals who are trully hard working. They would be there helping their families as well as putting valuable knowledge and skills into the communities they only wish to live in freely.
The more the world opens up with technology bringing cultures together a stronger pressure will be put on Thailand to readress it's unfair visa laws which seem at present are only enforced to keep the present status quo of complicit corruption amongst those few who assume what is good for the growth of the kingdom.
'Long live the Poor'
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Aussie John

RE: RE: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby Royden on Tue Apr 17, 2007 3:57 am

I like the idea of a house boat but for those of us that are land lovers (suffer from motion sickness) a house and land package is a better option. Especially in our twilight years :-) Well that is how it is for me personally.
I lived and worked in Phuket a couple of years ago and loved the place and the lsland lifestyle.
I have investigated options of long-term residence (visas) and home ownership there and have come to the conclusion - too much red tape, too much money, too much hassle, unclear laws.
I still intend to retire there though. But my plan is simple - keep and rent out my residence(s) in my home country (NZ, which incidentally welcomes Thais to stay, work and own whatever they please) and rent/lease a home in Thailand. That way there is no red tape, no hidden govt. fees and taxes and I can return home, if made to feel unwelcome.
But for now, my Thai partner and our kids are very happy with our NZ lifestyle.
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RE: RE: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby Ian Beale on Sun Apr 29, 2007 9:05 pm

Royden - my plan is to buy a yacht, live on that, and come into Thailand when wanted.
But yes - I think you've got the right idea : as long as Thailand as these self-defeating anti-foreigner laws, only put into the country what you are prepared to lose.
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Ian Beale

RE: RE: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby harry on Mon Apr 30, 2007 5:20 pm

Ian, I advise you to be careful with pirats.
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RE: RE: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby Ian on Fri May 04, 2007 8:58 pm

Harry - do you mean "pirates" on land, or off-shore ?
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RE: RE: Freedom of Ownership by Owning Boathouse

Postby harry on Sat May 05, 2007 2:41 pm

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