Electrical safety in Thailand

Re: Electrical safety in Thailand

Postby 7baht on Sun Jun 21, 2009 7:16 pm

nice topic but Im an EE safety engineer with 20 years in medical equipment safety,primarly OHSUs, thats Open Heart Surgery Units.
One of least used electrical safety devices in LOS is the common old GFI. This country is wet and every wire on the grid looks like death waiting.

Yeah i got the old 2 wire no shoes no ground shock from my new microwave. hahahahahahahahh. I didnt have to do an inspection of the wires in the attic to know. So I pounded an 8 foot rod in the dirt, ran a ought 2 cable and tied the floating ground bus bar in the panel to it. looks like a green vine growing on the side of the house. Funny how all the outlets are for 3 wire hahahahahahahah. Doesnt mean they are tied to ground.
If a person were to place them selves between 2 house hold electirical items, such as leaning between a washing machine and a refigerator. Im sure u will either be dead or cussing from the pain.

Also for u guys married to those bad girls. A GFI will help u stay alive longer in the shower. Also use a GFI for outside electrical feeds and remember those extention cords with 3 wire plugs made in china, make sure u test those chinese fake cords. 3 wire connection on the box means nothing to the chinese. They seldom use the ground wire on 95 baht extention.

Now! if u want the latess protection in Evironmental Natural ESI, EMF , Be it Marine, Petro Chemical, Military or Commerical Storage then Im your man.
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Re: Electrical safety in Thailand

Postby drake on Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:56 pm

ELCB/RCCB/screwits Huh ? What the heck is he talking about ?
I see, that's GFI and WIRE NUTS in Americanese.
In the US, GFIs are normally set to trip at 5ma imbalance because 30 mils across the heart is more than enough to kill.
And, BTW, ceramic wirenuts had been obsoleted for over 30 years.

Household wiring in Thailand is crapshoot at best.
Up through the early 60s it was all 110V 1ph here and for what insane reason I never did find out they decided to switch the entire country to 220V and we ended up with step down transformers hanging off of everything except the lights.
All of the older houses were wired for 110 and never rewired. To boot, there is no phasing on the lights or outlets,
either hole can be hot.
And it's not just the wiring.
I've crossed path with too many 'professionals' here who can't find their way out of a paperbag after given written instruction, map, a bright torch, and a demo.
Electricians, mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, masons, etc., are still operating the old fashioned way - RWAG.
Most of them can't diagnose a simple issue properly and much less getting anything fixed even if it's the dealers.
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Re: Electrical safety in Thailand

Postby jphoto_guy on Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:15 pm

....ummm... What electrical safety?
I know too well the dangers of high voltage electricity - and I've seen many accidents that illustrate for Thailand's complete lack of electrical know-how. Any fool willing to climb barehanded into wires that feed a 24,000 volt pad mounted distribution unit to check the wires is a complete nut case - or a very very uneducated person.
I've seen 2 deaths. ----
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Re: Electrical safety in Thailand

Postby aussiedoug on Mon May 12, 2014 12:38 pm

A Thai Chinese electrical shop owner once siad to me "but is there an earth going to anywhere near earth". In short whilst you may have a green wire going somewhere if it does not get to earth because some plumber replaced a bit of water pipe with PVC pipe, you are on your own. Also there does not seem to be an MEN system in use in Thailand either. It's a crap shoot.
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