Airport Link opens

Re: Airport Link opens

Postby bobbyd on Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:30 pm

Was reading a best and worst of 2010 stories. It mentioned seventy percent of international flights arrive between midnight and 3am.

As noted, Airport link closes at midnight and opens at 6am.


Also read, Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways International began operating check-in counters at the Makkasan downtown station on Monday.

Fares have risen: the Express Line fare will rise from 100 to 150 baht, while fares on the City Line are no longer offered at the flat 15-baht rate, but at a new progressive rate of 15-45 baht.

THAI's check-in services operate from 8am to 9pm. Passengers could check in and have their baggage loaded between three and 12 hours before their flights. The service is expected to appeal more to foreign backpackers.

Supposedly, a footbridge would be built to link Makkasan station and the MRT subway Phetchaburi station by May. Wanna wager on the date?

Ratchaprarop, Hua Mak and Phaya Skytrain stations on the Airport Rail Link will be equipped with escalators by the middle of the year. This year?

While I still like the airports trains I see comments such as this:

he seats in the City line are too short!
It is faster using a taxi from airport and using express ways than taking a taxi at Makasan which is surrounded by the most notorious traffic jams in Bangkok.
2 people up, its cheaper and FASTER to use a taxi as you need to take a taxi again anyway ones you arrive in the city by train!
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Re: Airport Link opens

Postby len on Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:32 am ... t-makkasan

This article states the Airport Link line downtown terminal is only attracting 800 folks per day, far below the desired 4000 / day. Lufthansa is scheduled to open a check-in counter. I’ve yet to try it. Does anyone have any feedback on the system?
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Intresting incident with a taxi

Postby cnx_colin on Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:01 pm

Last trip

had plenty of time to get use rail link as my flight was late afternoon

had what can be descrided as a bir of a confrontation with the taxi driver

gets in tells him new rail terminal at Makkasan

pefect english reply why go there i take you airport on the meter

No i say i want to try the new rail link

the taxi driver spends all the journey trying to convince me that he can get me to the aiport faster becasue

1) the red shirts are at the station protesting
2) there a traffice jam
3) the trains broke and there are delays

after much discussions he relutamtly drops me at another station a few stops before Makkasan

which turned out great as i went on the slow train to the airport instead of the express for 45 bhat

talking to other people who done the downtown to airport run taxi drivers are now more readily doing it on the meter rather than you have to negociate a seperate rate !!!!!
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Re: Airport Link opens

Postby len on Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:18 pm

Mate of mine (speaks very good Thai language) said he was informed by the main downtown terminal station staff that trains run every 40mins at night, not every 10mins!! What wonderful news!!

Can anyone else confirm this?
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Re: Airport Link opens

Postby drake on Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:34 am

len wrote:Mate of mine (speaks very good Thai language) said he was informed by the main downtown terminal station staff that trains run every 40mins at night, not every 10mins!! What wonderful news!!

Can anyone else confirm this?

Airport Link does NOT run every 10 minutes.
More like an interleave of 40/30 minutes between the Express and 20-ish of the City Line.
5-8 minutes when you count the randomly inserted Huamak-PhayaThai morning supplemental.
They've posted THIRTEEN separate time tables now....

There is a new PhayaThai Express service between Airport and PhayaThai station, finally.
90bht/ride introductory price till end of year. ... il/26.html

There is still no sign of a walkway linking Makkasan station to the Subway
which was supposed to be built 'middle of the year'.
The pavestone sidewalk outside the station is buckling, watch your step....

Taxi/minibus/mosai services at other stations are much better organized now.
I can actually grab a cab most of the time at my stop.

They had (finally) built (asphalt) parking lot(s) at different stops back in Feb/Mar
Some of the lots are now severely potholed....already ?

The time table links on the Airport Rail Link English page are still forked. :roll:

So, here's the time tables from their Thai page.
Incidentally, the tables are in English.... :lol:

Weekday, City Line, inbound. ... ity_1.html
Weekday, City Line, inbound morning supplemental. ... ity_7.html
Weekday, City Line, outbound. ... ity_2.html

Weekend, City Line, inbound. ... ity_1.html
Weekend, City Line, outbound. ... ity_2.html

Weekday, Makkasan Express, inbound. ... ess_4.html
Weekday, Makkasan Express, outbound. ... ess_3.html

Weekend, Makkasan Express, inbound. ... ess_4.html
Weekend, Makkasan Express, outbound. ... ess_3.html

Weekday, PhayaThai Express, inbound. ... ess_6.html
Weekday, PhayaThai Express, outbound. ... ess_5.html

Weekend, PhayaThai Express, inbound. ... ess_6.html
Weekend, PhayaThai Express, outbound. ... ess_5.html

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