Thai Divorce law

Thai Divorce law

Postby Ian Beale on Thu Dec 02, 2004 12:59 pm

I heard from a farang that under Thai law men can divorce women in two days. But for a woman, it takes two years.
The reasoning being that women are
thought of as temperamental creatures, prone to wild mood swings, who need plenty of time to calm down and consult with their families.
The farang who told me amicably divorced his first Thai wife ( who got 60% of his property in Thailand), so that he could happily marry another.
Does anyone know if this discrepancy is true ?
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Ian Beale

RE: Thai Divorce law

Postby Seri Thai on Mon Dec 06, 2004 11:21 am

Come on....let's be fair to Thai women in general. It is natural for any female., American, English, French, Black or any Asian girls to be tempermental when her husband goes out on her. The timeing of taking two years and the compensation he claimed to ease her down for a divorce is not always true. I am pretty sure that your friend must have run into another funky chick who teased him a temporary different sexual enjoyment that stupidly caused him to divorce his good one at home. Well, he was lucky that she only settled 60% because the new one he has might just \\ //// all. Waint and see.
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Seri Thai

RE: Thai Divorce law

Postby Zemran on Tue Dec 07, 2004 2:27 pm

I am a little confused as to how he got 40% of the property in Thailand as he is not entitled to any. I think she must have been an extremely fair and reasonable woman that raised what she could and gave him 40%. It could not have been 'his' and must have been hers. I know that the property I have here that obviously has to be in my wife's name as it is illegal for me to own property is going to be left behind if the worst happens. Personally I do not think that I will suffer worse than I did when I divorced in England and lost everything.
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RE: RE: Thai Divorce law

Postby Ian Beale on Tue Dec 07, 2004 5:56 pm

This man was a friend - merely an acquaintance I met a couple of times.
I don't see how you can know the rest of what you say, without having ever met any of the parties involved.
My question was : does anyone out there know if this discrepancy really exists in Thai law ?
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Ian Beale

Left With A Guernsey

Postby Ian Beale on Wed Dec 08, 2004 8:35 pm

By the way, my above post should read :
"this farang was not a friend, merely an acquaintance". Sorry for this typing mistake.
Farangs can now own some property. Cars and motorbikes can now be owned by farangs.
But my conversation with this farang was a couple of years ago.
I understood what he meant was :
he took the cheap cassette player, and she took the condo - which (if he had any sense) was merely rented.
I.e. she was left with a guernsey.
That's the silliness of these laws : nobody, in their right mind, makes the substantial investment in Thailand which could vastly enrich the majority of people.
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Ian Beale

RE: Left With A Guernsey

Postby Zemran on Thu Dec 09, 2004 8:35 pm

A condo can be owned by farang and I appologise for that. It is now supposed to be the case that farang can own a house in certain areas but the hoops you have to jump through make it more sensible to go the old route, i.e. set up a company. The whole thing is a minefield so it is just the same as the west in the end where women screw the bejesus out of you when you split up and the next thing you know they are into someone else. My greatest laugh recently - when my UK marriage broke down I spent some time crying into my beer at a friends house and year later she was married to him. Now she has dicorced him as well and has most of his assets to her name as well :) and I cannot help but think "TOLD YOU SO :)". As a man I cannot help but wonder why we are so stupid :)
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Self-defeating Laws

Postby Ian Beale on Mon Dec 13, 2004 5:24 pm

Farang can only own an apartment in a condo complex if 51% of the condo is Thai-owned, ie. they have control of the body corporate.
Women like the English one you describe are found in all nationalities, of course. Many are very clever at making suckers of the men, and legal loopholes, they exploit. Thai women of this kind have a particular advantage re. farang men in this respect, because of Thailand's thoroughly unjust ownership laws. These not only bar foreigners from owning in Thailand, while Thais can own anything in farang countries, they also impoverish ordinary Thais by pushing down the price of land, etc.
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Ian Beale

RE: Self-defeating Laws

Postby Adam on Thu Dec 16, 2004 5:53 am

Ian Beale, I am mostly in agreement with you. Right now in the US, the dollar is low. Now in the US, mostly Manhattan, the Europeans are buying every thing they can. I saw an interview with a Dutch woman. She had just bought two, 1 million dollar apartments. She paid 25% more than the asking price 2 months ago. She also stated she wants to buy as many as she can. With them buying up land, the price has gone up. The good part is she can not take them back to The Netherlands, so all the money spent on upkeep and supplies will be spent right here. The State of New York will collect big taxes as will the US Gov. By them buying up the available real estate, more will have to be built, creating more and more jobs.
It also helps build allies in overseas countries. If they stand to lose money if we become enemies, they will try to stay friends.
With all the strained relations with France and Germany now, you would think their would not be any investors from those countries, but thei is plenty. Some in this forum pray for the collapse of the American economy. They think Europe would be better off. Take the Airbus for example, if the US airlines go belly up, Airbus would not be far behind. The Europeans would suffer just as much. Thailand does not take advantage of the money that would be available if they allowed outsiders to own land.
If I could I would build a very nice house between Pathum Thani and Ayudiya. I would let my family stay and take care of it. But it would have to belong to me. I can not take it anywhere. Iwould pay Thais for the material and labor to build it. It would be a win, win situation for Thailand and my family.
Why must I own it you ask. As with all families, some times they feud and fight. I would make sure nobody can control the other because of who owns the house.
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RE: Thai Divorce law

Postby my_thai on Mon Dec 27, 2004 6:39 pm


Reading this topic with much interest.

So if a man initiates divorce in Thailand, does it only take two days?

What if the wife disagrees?

And can it be a no-fault divorce?

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RE: RE: Self-defeating Laws

Postby Rooster on Fri Dec 31, 2004 4:27 am

Adam, you can simply put your wife and or your daughter names on the title deed. If you marriage have foundation, why should you worry about they taking you to the cleaner. Oh, your daughter and children have 100% rights to citizenship. I knew many farangs who built houses in Thailand in the names of their wives and children when they are retired in Thailand. If you are foreigners who are marrying Thai girls that are 20, 30, or more years younger than you, then you should be worried about her taking you to the cleaner.
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