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Postby noimai on Wed Aug 30, 2006 4:37 pm


What if my spouse does not consent to a divorce?

The family law of Thailand requires that you must establish grounds in order to be granted a divorce from a Thai court. According to Thai law grounds for divorce include:

a 3 year period of separation

one spouse has deserted the other for over one year

the husband has taken another woman as his wife

the wife has committed adultery

one spouse is guilty of misconduct (criminal or otherwise)

one spouse has been imprisoned for more than one year

one spouse has physically or mentally harmed the other

lack of marital support

one spouse has had incurable insanity for at least 3 years

one spouse has broken the bond of good behavior

one spouse has an incurable communicable disease

one spouse has a physical disadvantage so as to be unable to cohabit as husband and wife.
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Choosing a right Divorce lawyer

Postby Ravi kiran on Thu Mar 29, 2007 1:02 am

you want to come out of a divorce with something more than the shirt on your back and ideally, with something closer to an equitable distribution of property, and other real assets are nice, too. http://www.divorces.com/divorce_articles/divorce_article_7.htm
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Ravi kiran

The right divorce lawyer

Postby william fiege on Fri Apr 20, 2007 1:09 am

divorce must be noted that even in cases of annulment child support, alimony and property distribution laws may still apply. Merriam-Webster OnLine defines divorce as "the action or instance of legally dissolving a marriage.

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