divorce between Filipino and thai

divorce between Filipino and thai

Postby kate on Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:05 pm

hello! i would like to know th ff things:
first, what is/are the form of divorce in thailand that would capacitate a filipina to remarry in the Phil (no divorce in Phil)?

second: what will be issued if the divorce is granted when the parties mutually consented ? is there a difference between a
divorce decree and divorce registration? if what one has is a divorce registration can she get a dicovrce decree later on, based on that registration?

third, after the mutual divorce, is such sufficient for the thai husband to validly remarry?

i hope somebody can give me an answer on my queries. thanks!
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divorce bet a filipina and a thai

Postby kaye on Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:16 pm

hi! i have a few questions regarding the consequences of a divorce between a filipina and a thai. my questions are the ff:

first, what are the form/manner of divorce that can be obtain bet. the filipina and thai spouse that will capacitate the filipina to marry again lawfully and have her divorce recognized in the Phil (no divorce in the Phil)

second, what is the effect if the divorce obtained by the spouses is mutually consented to? will it automatically allow the thai husband to remarry?

third, if the divorce is mutually consented, does it mean that both secured the divorce o is there a possibility that one of them inititated it and the other just concurred.

i am hoping to be enlighted on my my queries. thanks in advance to those who can give me a reply.
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