Buying property in Thailand

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Postby Rooster on Sat Mar 04, 2006 11:57 pm

Well, Aussie Dave. You are luck to have land in good location. The majority of US government lands' Land Grant Program are locating in remote locations and mostly in rural areas and states. My formal 10 plus acres located 30 minutes to the closest rural town at highway speed and about 3 hours from my home in the major city. There was no public water near the property. I have to dig an half acre pond to collect rain water. The nearest utility pole was almost half a mile away. It is an open range land for cattles and for reasonal hunting. It would cost two to three times to build a home with self-sufficient energy and water sources than to build in a city. It is not a place for a family. I have to pay tax yearly on it also. The property value on the land did not increase fast enough to cover the expenditures and taxes yearly. I barely break even when I sold the property to another veteran. But it is a nice place for guys to have outdoor camp and mid-size game hunting. In comparison, Thailand has more productive land and very expensive even in the rural areas. A nice quarter of an acre or less is enough for a house and for garden with landscape or etc. in the suburb in Thailand. In my opinion, the retired couple only needs a condominium or a townhouse to avoid extra chores and all the extra-expenses.
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Postby Carlton on Tue Mar 07, 2006 3:15 pm

AussieD, feb 23
The case is different, the new world continents are common heritage to all . buying property in the americas or australia is a legitimate unspoken right to any who can pay . though the payment is done to the illigitimate owners.
those in the mericas and Australia (in africa too), had looted the land by force and intrigue, that, in no way, make them legitimate owners however you would justify it. let us look for a legal way to put things into lawful concept. how long can this bluff goes on .?!!!
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RE: RE: Buying property in Thailand

Postby Robin on Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:00 pm

I.m in full agreement with Carlton.
Buying property and the manipulation to make money out of it later, besides , land is very sensitive issue, it is not a share or a stock . Afterall, what a foreigner needs land for ?, better stay home and farm there, Thailand and any other homelands are not for sale.. That was a Western idea to justify more looting of foreign land, since they have looted most of the world's wealth just as they did with the new world continents.
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Postby Ian on Mon Mar 13, 2006 10:38 pm

It's easy buying Thailand - just ask Temesak.
You get the local guy to sell his 49.6%, via Virgin Islands - then you can buy the remaining 51.4% !
Seems I've been wrong all along about Thailand's anti-foreigner laws.
Far from preventing foreigners buying anything in the country - they're apparently designed to allow foreigners to buy the most crucial infrastructure.
Providing you are super-rich, of course.
What clever laws these are !!
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RE: RE: Buying property in Thailand

Postby Rooster on Wed Mar 15, 2006 11:11 pm

Well, Ian. I told you that many times, but I tried not to tell you how they did it. They, the ethnic Chineses, have been doing it for very long long time. There are no way to keep them, the foreigners, from corrupting and finding loopholes to steal and to do all type of subversive things in Thailand. Thai Constitutions are not worse anythings with so many changes and amendments by different political parties and politicians to serve whomever paid them off. The fake identity or identity theft has been utilized by foreigners and illegal aliens for very long time. The Chinese organizations have been doing it well before the arrival of Europeans and others.
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What Century are you in?

Postby Mike W on Thu Mar 23, 2006 7:20 am

Rooster, I read your comments and think you are FULL OF IT. Let’s get this started!!!
First: You are the keeper and not the true holder of this land? Whose name is on the DEED? You should know that I am a loan broker and I am a United States Citizen. If you own land here its yours. What happened in the past is over and DONE. It cannot be brought back.. Thailand has just as many skeletons in its closet as the US concerning this issue.
Second: If you or your parents bought a house or land that depreciated in value that was your fault! You should have done some research before you purchased. I own many houses in California, all with equities over 100k each. "That’s in the first year" Maybe next time your money will be better spent on a financial advisor. A House is the strongest asset you can possibly own in America.
I can go on if you would like?
Don’t comment about homes, land or the US if you don’t know what you’re talking about. I do agree with you about becoming a Thai Citizen "IF" you wish to live in Thailand. Same goes for America. You think you have a problem with farangs staying in Thailand… Try ILLEGALS staying in your country by the millions! These people DO NOT bring money to the country like Farangs do to Thailand (reference the illegal Hispanics). Foreign investment is a large asset to Thailand. Take away foreign investment and Tourism, Thailand’s economy will belly up!
Third: you make a comment "foreigners could ever fathom since they are reckless, dishonored, bad dharma, thieves and parasites” I have only one question for you... WHY did you become a US citizen? Someone in your family thought it was a good idea for you to live here. Bottom line Rooster... Wake up and move into the 21st century... Read all the history books you want, they will not change what has happened in the past. I leave you with one question.... How did you pay for that "real home" in Thailand that you own?
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Mike W

RE: What Century are you in?

Postby Aussie Dave on Sat Mar 25, 2006 7:28 pm

Mike march 23rd ..................Well done ! someone just had to say it. we also have problems with illegal entries, but not to the extent that you have in USA, .........thank goodness!
As you said, they do not bring money with them but are just a sap to your social welfare system when they can tap in . With farang in Thailand, its the exact opposite, we take the money into that country and generally are more in the giving mode than the taking mode. I am sure that thousands of Thais benifit from our input. Once again Mike well said, i only hope that ROOSTER thinks about what you have endeavoured to teach him !
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Aussie Dave

RE: What Century are you in?

Postby Rooster on Sun Mar 26, 2006 1:41 am

Mike. You are opening up a can of worm that you could not possibly could face. What percentage of people in USA are actually owning their own houses and or lands? I have never owned my houses and or lands. The mortgage companies and VA owned my houses and land. Since you are in this business, you would knew this. You are talking about made decisions in purchasing property; you knew very well that housing system in USA is segregated by different factors and could be viewed as underline racism. Why do you think HUD is spending tax payer money to house poor people in middle class housing neighborhood and paying developers to set aside their apartments/townhouses for people with low income? Why did we became US citizens? Do you do know why and since there are variety of laws installed against non-citizens and non-European descendents? Number one, we followed US laws. Number two, we served in the US arm forces. And if you have never been in the military, then you will know that only US citizen will receive full clearances and benefits. Let go back and talk about land title, all land tittles in USA could go back as far as since US government took them from whomever their previous owners were. That is clear and plain as A, B, C. It is like thieves leaving their finger prints. Yes, what were done were done and we could not go back. But everyone could not deny that those things are ok. The Jews were are doing their best to get payments for things that were took from them. Do you think they are wrong? Do you know why Al-Qaeda and other anti-American and anti-western organization are thinking? They are thinking like you. Yes, you done it and they could do it to. What would be the different if Al-Qaeda took over the US and sending all European extracts to concentration camps in the desert of the Middle-east?! Well, what done and what will be done, right.?
As for Thailand, Thais are very much bring threated as third class citizens of the world because we are docile and manageable by foreigners. And for the indigenous Thais, we are the second class citizens in our country. And my family immigrated to US because western economic powers help ruined our economy and we had assisted US government in certain matter during the Indochina conflict. Otherwise, non-white families would not be abled to immigrate to USA. There are only two categories of Thai immigrants in USA prior to the early 1980...1. farang wives 2. Thai students from rich families and or government sponsored students 3. very rich Thais like those blue blood and or corrupted/connected 4. the exceptional others like my family.
Do you know that government owned all the land in PRC? Why are there so many US companies doing business in PRC? It is not about names on the tittles. It is about making money and take advantage of the opportunities of making ugly amount of money in PRC. Nobody is nagging in PRC about not owning land for sure since their leaders would not mind to throw waves of human bodies at the problems. The past Siamese government was too weak and lack of will to make such deals like China about their territories like HK and Macau. Otherwise, Thailand would retain our territorial integrity and benefited from the natural resources and be independent from foreign influences and energy sources. Now, decedents of foreigners with Muslims and Chineses controlling these old territories for their distant masters. I would not be surprise if the next attacks on US soil and Europe by Al-Qaeda are being formulated in Asian countries like Malaysia and Pakistan. I guess that is why airport security in USA is profiling Asian men.?
Mike. My advise for you is to enjoy the gullible Thai girls and women, enjoy the foods and the beaches, and stay away from local politics. And maybe, you could investing in condo and small business for your retirement. People, who are getting into politics, do want to make changes and help develop Thailand - socially and economically.
Mike. If you are as wealthy as you stated and knowledgeable about realestate business, you could form partnership and making changes in building codes and city planning. Do you have a pioneering spirit?
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RE: What Century are you in?

Postby Rooster on Mon Mar 27, 2006 8:33 pm

To recap again, Mike and Aussie Dave. I have never stated that Thailand has problems with farangs living in Thailand since majority of them are visitors and or retirees beside businessperson. Thailand does have problems with illegal aliens too. The kind of illegal aliens that are not able to go to Australia and or USA. As a tourism dependent country, Thailand has opened door policy so we do attract all elements from developed countries. As Aussie Dave mentioned that Australia could easily controlling their island border. Thailand is surrounded by poor countries and rogue countries. US only have problem with their southern border with Mexico. Who do you think have more problems with illegal aliens and violated visa? Thais could not easily go to US and or other developed countries even to visit their family members there since they could keep us out...just because they could. But I think they are too selfish and too ignorant to leave Thailand since Thailand is the best liveable country in the world. It is like a indigenous Hawaiian used to tell me, "i have to leave paradise to find job on the mainland." As I mentioned before, Siam and Thailand had has been center of centuries of turmoils that are influenced and corrupted by international powers beside modern day corporate powers or those government owned corporate powers. So as I stated before, history tended to teach that humble and good guys always finished last. Iran, north Korea, PRC, and their axis surely understood it well. You and your like-mind do knew very well that Thailand and Thais are not your enemies...we are just easy to push around and third class citizens of the world.
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RE: RE: What Century are you in?

Postby Rooster on Sun Apr 09, 2006 11:48 pm

Bangkok Post Business, 08 April 2006

Tesco chief invests in Phuket

The chief executive of Tesco has invested millions of pounds in a planned luxury condominium village in Phuket, and which bills itself as environmentally friendly.
At the 100-rai West Sands development on Mai Khao beach in Phuket, the prices of luxury apartments start at around 6.5 million baht, and range up to the most luxurious home, which has a listed sales price of nearly 67 million baht.
The Telegraph newspaper of London said this morning that the chief investor is Tesco CEO Terry Leahy, who "has invested millions of pounds of his own money" in the resort.
"This is something I was keen to do. It is a private investment. I like Thailand, I like the people there, the economy is doing pretty well, and it is a popular destination," said Leahy, according to the newspaper.
West Sands is targetting foreigners to buy the apartments, and Mr Leahy singled out Scandinavians and Germans because they favour greenness.
Environmental features include a rainwater collection system, an organic garden, recycling facilities and solar panelling, said the newspaper.
Apartments in the 40-acre resort will be aimed at a "wide range" of buyers, from European expatriates to UK residents looking to retire in Thailand, Mr Leahy said.

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