How To Approach Immigration to Highlight Problems?

How To Approach Immigration to Highlight Problems?

Postby marshbags on Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:52 am

Taking the fact that there is supposed to be a new friendlier approach in place for visitors and visa applicants.

Many of us have and are still getting unfriendly officers who in some cases are blatantly hostile towards applicants.

With no apparent come back, even after repetative reporting via email and attempted phone calls to the relevant area offices have been made.

In the last 3 days to my knowledge there has been 3 cases, including one relating to myself were this is still occuring.

At my local office as one example ( Nong Khai )

One senior officer seems intent on being very hostile and unhelpful indeed and rather than try to assist she goes out of her way to be very nasty and officious to everyone, more importantly she is not, I feel sure following the head of their centres expectant behaviour of an officer in charge of overseeing this section.

She also appears to be the authorising officer for the signifying of stamps, a function that in the past was done upstairs, leaving the vetting stafff to do the job of checking documentation and if things are as per Immigration rules and requirements

There are * several friendly offices, who are, in my opinion being constantly undermined by her attitude and obvious resentment towards all who are interviewed by her is blatantly clear for all to witness.

( * 5 hard working, friendly staff you would enjoy being interviewed by, i feel sure. )

Asking for ridiculous information and documentation that is not normally required ect. ect. along with ignoring questions that are related to what type of visa ect. one is applying for.

Having used the office for several years, I have always been pleased and appreciative of the splendid job they do there.

In spite of foreigners who also do a bad dis-service to us all with equally obnoxious and aggressive behaviour and attitude.

I will admit that were of course some not so friendly occasions of times before the new incentives were introduced in recent times.

If this can be posted on the forum and debated, we would all appreciate it very much indeed.

Isolated complaints do not seem to be effective, going on past examples so perhaps highlighting may make a difference.

Now this newly installed superior seems intent on upseting all the vetting staff along with us the applicants.

Seems we are going back to out of date hostility, i,m, sad to say, at my local office via this one individual unless she can be taught the importance of customer friendly service.

Civility means so much and costs nothing to put into practice, I have always found.
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Re: How To Approach Immigration to Highlight Problems?

Postby pachangamac042 on Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:45 pm

Hy marshbags, welcome to the forum.

Well, there has been a lot of talking going on in this forum, regarding immigration officers. Following some lines a friend from Udon wrote to me yesterday:

“I renewed my 1 year visa last week. Luckily no one was there. I was in & out in less than 20 minutes, smiles all around. After 15 years, I would hope so...just need $$ in the bank and Immigration is happy. they like cash much more than pensions.”

My personal experiences with immigration officers were rather pleasant ones as well, but I understand that not everybody gets the same treatment.
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Re: How To Approach Immigration to Highlight Problems?

Postby Eph Gutz on Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:22 am

In the "Land of Smiles"?
I know there are different experiences facing immigration officers for every traveler coming into Thailand, but mine was one where I felt unwelcome, either getting in or getting out of the country.
I am aware that immigration officers around the globe are not the kindest people (and I have traveled eastbound and westbound twice around the world), but sincerely Thai officials were the most impolite and rude of their kind.
Is Thai government conscious of the Dollars "farangs" bring to the economy or do they really care?
I was "forced" to spend several hundred Dollars outside Thailand to apply for a new visa, and I feel this money could stay in the country only if Thai immigration officers were more welcoming with tourists and they granted a 90 day visa entry upon arrival, and without restrictions as in the case of Malaysia where contrary to their neighbors, immigration officers were smiling and kind.
Although this was a personal frustrating experience with Thai immigration and some other public servers, this situation doesn't apply to Thai people, which are really kind and smiling in general.
I wish the smiling Thais were in charge if delivering visas and handling passports at the airports to really believe that Thailand is still the "Land of Smiles".
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Eph Gutz
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Re: How To Approach Immigration to Highlight Problems?

Postby VitaminC on Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:33 pm

Thailand is the Land of Smile, not the Land of SmileS
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Re: How To Approach Immigration to Highlight Problems?

Postby johnsmith on Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:15 am

The Staff in the Immigration Department may be aggressive and rude
. In the IDC Unit Suan Plu horrific crimes have been committed.
I have just spoken on the telephone with John Player a British Citizen from Edinburgh who was detained in the IDC Suan Plu Bangkok for six weeks whilst he waited for The British Embassy Bangkok to arrange a new passport and his flight back to the UK.
He has told me about the horrific outcome of another British Citizen, Chris Henderson, who was detained at the time we were in the IDC.
He had developed a foot infection and the IDC failed to give him proper medical assistance. We complained to staff from The British Embassy about this. Nothing was done at the time to provide Mr Henderson with adequate basic medical assistance. Asa result he has had one of his feet amputated and all the toes on his other foot amputated.
Both I and John Player are prepared to be witness to the events and lack of care that led to Mr Henderon's amputations. I imagine he is a very depressed man losing his feet for simply losing his passport.
In addition to this there was a man from Switzerland imprisoned for losing his passport. I met him the day he arrived at the IDC unit and gave him some money for food and some cigarettes.
I learned from John Player that shortly after I left the IDC unit the Swiss man was badly beaten up in his cell by ten members of The Royal Thai Police. This would have been about end of January/early February 2010. The Siwss man may still be imprisoned in the IDC unit Suan Plu Bangkok.
Further a pregant lady who was brought into the IDC while I was there, heavily pregnant at the time, was forced to give birth to a child in a crowded cell of the IDC unit because the Royal Thai Police would not transfer her to a hosiptal and did not provide a qualified mid-wife. This was around end of January 2010/early February 2010.
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Re: How To Approach Immigration to Highlight Problems?

Postby Fliplopez on Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:38 am

Thai immigration and some other public servers, this situation doesn't apply to Thai people, which are really kind and smiling in general.I wish the smiling Thais were in charge if delivering visas....
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