Thai For Thais!

Thai For Thais!

Postby Hans Marheim on Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:15 am

Hi Guys!
If something at all you are talking about really is true I will never bother to go back to TL. So: after having been reading about this topic many, many times I have decided it is appearently to difficult to live and work in Thailand for a farang. Thai for Thais! Keep Thailand clean. This is so even for a guy with a thaiwife. A guy who read/write thai. Egalité, liberté, fraterné. Do thais understand theese 3 simple words? Nope. I don´t think so. They should try to go to school. There are many warm countries in the world I´ll rather spend my tourist-money in, in the future. And my businesses? I´ll radher go to Vietnam. Thai for Thais!
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Hans Marheim

Thank`s for nothing....

Postby Hans Marheim on Wed Feb 28, 2007 12:33 pm

So guys, my point here is:

If everything in Thailand is so bad, if the thaimen are so lazy, if the ladies are so greedy, if the sun is to warm, if the native population looks down on farangs, if the society is so corrupt; why do you stay in TL? Why do you complain so much because you can`t buy land? Why do farang come back to TL again, and again, and again?

My personal experience is this; In Thailand I have never met anything but respect, politeness and good will. From men, ladies and Thai officials. I have received hospitality and I have been a guest in several thai houses. If you look at people in the streets you will see that everybody is working day in and day out.

So I am qurious: if everything is so bad, Why do you stay?
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Hans Marheim

RE: Thank`s for nothing....

Postby andy on Thu Mar 01, 2007 2:56 am

Hans..i take it you have never been to pattaya then, after reading your comments i think not. Yes there are a lot of hard working decent people there, but there are to many low life bums in thailand and they all make a bee line for the easy pickings in pattaya
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RE: RE: Thank`s for nothing....

Postby Hans Marheim on Thu Mar 01, 2007 7:49 pm

I have been in Pattaya only once. I could not take it any more after two days. I see your point Andy. But let me ask you this; what was Pattaya like before we, the farang, came? Who and what turned Pattaya into what it is now.
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Hans Marheim

RE: RE: Thank`s for nothing....

Postby Peter on Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:36 pm

Andy, I have a Thai wife. I love Thailand but, after the first time, I never go near Pattaya. It's not really Thailand is it?
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RE: Thank`s for nothing....

Postby harry on Sun Mar 04, 2007 12:31 am

you must make an distinction between Thai governments and the Thai people. Most f the harsh comments in the topics in BKK post forum are pointing in the direction of the government. And indeed Pattaya, Pat-pong road and even Pukhet and Chiang Mai is not the real Thailand. By the way I never visit Pattaya anymore. I knew Pattaya before it became the brothel of the world, when it was still a small fishing village, before the US Navy and GI's an R&R spoils it. And now it became
the favourite play ground for paedophiles and other scum. And also this the Thai government could stop it to happens. But they prefer to close their eyes and collect the money from this scums.
In my many travels, I only have good experiences whit Thai people. Most of Thai people with some exceptions from some contributors in this forum don't dislike foreigners. We just blame the government who deny some common rights to foreigners. Common rights that are not denied to Thai people in European countries.
Altough I must say that the common Thai have a total misconception about the wealth and lifestyle in the US, Japan and Europe.
My wife and I always planned to retire in Thailand after a life of hard work. But more and more we start to hesitate. Their are just too much legal limitations and difficulty's for a foreigner to overcome. Maybe we will retire in Italy(the most beautiful country in the world) a warm friendly country with an very appealing lifestyle.
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RE: Thank`s for nothing....

Postby Ah seng on Sun Mar 04, 2007 3:05 pm

Ahh! Pattayaaaa...I have been there before just for few hours...terrible & horrible place worst than that of rotten payaya fruit. But worst than that of rotten payaya are the people. Always looking for opportunities to cheat tourist.
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Ah seng

RE: RE: Thank`s for nothing....

Postby colin howard on Mon Mar 05, 2007 1:48 pm

hi peter ,although i like to go to pattaya for a couple of days to see my friends who come over from time to time ,i realy find the place a little sad for want of a better word ,i may be wrong of course but it seems to me that 90%of the girls who work there just want to meet a farang and get the hell out of the place ,they nearly all come from my neck of the woods too, and you are bang on cos that is not thailand at all is it , getting hotter by the day up here now in buriram ,but i would not swop it for the world ,regards ,colin .
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colin howard

RE: RE: Thank`s for nothing....

Postby Hans Marheim on Wed Mar 07, 2007 2:07 am

Hi Harry!

Good woords indeed!

About Thai government and about thai people!

By the way; i lived my first years in Italy and my "little" brother is half norwegian/half italian. Ischia, Napoli, Capri! Yes! I have only good memories about Italy, and italians! Good place to retire!
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Hans Marheim

RE: RE: Thank`s for nothing....

Postby Aussie John on Fri Mar 09, 2007 11:52 am

All over the Western world Thais are living under free democracies. They fully take advantage of this freedom, working in any field they wish, buying land and homes outright as well as giving birth to children who are acknowledged as citizens at birth in their new land of 'bread and honey.'
Are western democracies 'stupid' in the eyes of Thai people to allow such freedoms and advantages.????
I wish an intelligent Thai national could explain this obvious flaw in immigration laws in the West and why they would want to let so many different cultures to co -exist freely together.. Is it possible????
Why is it ok for the West to be multi-cultural and fairer in it's immigration policies and Asian countries like Thailand to be the opposite who trully benfits. ????
Thailand though is a multi-cultural country but it is mainly Asian.
Their is no Asian nation in the world that has a broad mix of races like we have in the West.
I've always wondered why this is and will it always be this way.????
It's often citied that if westerners were allowed to trully and freely migrate to Thailand they would take over the land.
How this would be possible I would dearly like to know.
Thai culture is very strong, it has the capacity to be taught and understood by many who trully wish to adopt its genuine benefits.
Why do Thais assume only Thais wish to be Thai, when them themselves have left their own country in their thousands to adopt residencies and citizenship in the free west. Is it just the lure of money!!!!!! I'm afraid so..
Why can't I as a westerner aspire to be Thai...Is it such a bad thing, will I be diluting the culture.?? If I was cashed up I know there would'nt be a problem entering the 'land of the free' but as an average wage earning westerner I'm hit with huge obstacles WHY????
Why does Thailand retrict the not so wealthy westerner who only wishes to immigrate to the kingdom and provide for his family.WHY???
I'd like a rational answer. Not some xenophobic propaganda that the westerner will wash out and take over the culture.
This is a lie, as Thais, Chinese and many other Asian cultures living in the West still maintain the beauty of their culture, it's encouraged and flourishes as it's builds character to a growing nation..
There are many Thai wats all over Australia with Thai monks living and teaching not only Thai people, but many Aussies in the ways of the Buddha and the many true benefits of Thai culture.I ask again WHY???
Why do many Thais assume Western countries have no culture, when they themselves devalue what they have especially in the traditions of the indigenous Thais in the north and north east. This is hypocrisy surely!!
Many Australians benefit greatly when they participate in the beauty of multi-cultural festivals and activities that exist here.
The Thai government only wants wealthy westernerners and corporations in Thailand. With their wealth they can buy into the country with no problems. Yet these are the very people and corporations that alongside the wealthy Thai elite who are rorting the kingdom and yes in many respects they are washing out the culture, not the not so wealthy westerner married to a Thai national struggling to keep his family together..!!!!
It makes no sense and is trully bizarre as most intelligent Thais know it happens but turn a blind eye to this form of discrimination because of the power of WEALTH and the prpoganda that pushes it into a form of overt protectionism that is pure discrimination.
This elite class along with their foreign national corporate counterparts monopolise most industries, retricting the growth of many small Thai businesses that could be built by inter racial families as we have here in Australia.
This is a truer democratic free market not the facade that is practiced in the kingdom.
This free market environment practiced in the west makes for broader opportunities at different levels of society not just the top 10% who at present control the Thai economy.
Thai people know this too well and as a result many Thai students here in Australia apply for residency after their studies are complete, they know this system is fairer and they also know they are unrestricted in terms of living and working in a true open market economy.
This is plain fact.,thousands of Asian people apply for residency here in Australia.
Why are'nt thousands of normal westerners applying for residency in Thailand. ????
I thought it was the "land of the free."
Free for who????
In Australia there are very wealthy people these include a massive middle class of mixed races who are 'freely 'doing business and educating their 'free' Australian children to grow up and know what it's like to be part of a 'free' market economy; not one that leaves an man or women married to a Thai national in a state of continual anxiety because they are made to continually feel like aliens in their chosen place of resendence.
One day Thailands' laws will change as they can't close their doors forever and live in a vaccum.
Hopefully one day Thai people will understand that at present they are feed propaganda buy a small elite class of Thais who continually promote exenophobic attitudes towrds not only westerners but many other not so wealth individuals who have mistakenly married Thais but unfortunately are restricted from being accepted as potential good citizens within the kingdom for no other reason outside of the staus of their WEALTH. Such is the truth in one of the world's largest BUDDHIST countries...
'Long live the Poor'
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