the sex slave industry in thailand

the sex slave industry in thailand

Postby benp on Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:27 am

recently i saw a documentary filmed in 2011 regarding the importing of women from different parts of the world, uzbekistan in particular. women were brought into thailand on the pretext of working as dancers, nannies etc but on arrival they were put to work as prostitutes in bangkok and pattaya! they were pimped out to clients. apparently arabs only wanted white muslim women and did not like the thais! (i often wonder why these arabs came to thailand if that was the case, why not go to russia, turkey etc etc where there are plenty of white muslim women!)
the russian and arab connection was mentioned, they being the masters who were responsible for all these women. on arrival the women's passports, papers and mobile phones were taken from them.
photographic and film evidence was taken, undercover, of these people in action, names mentioned and a few brave girls interviewed. a big police operation was mounted by a special squad of officers and arrests were made, two people were arrested....... both THAI! true a 'mamasan' (russian) was also arrested but the prosecution service said there wasnt enough evidence to prosecute her (even though filmed evidence was taken). no foreigners were arrested even though they had evidence and names!!! when the question was asked why this is so, the answer was 'you should know the answer to that one!".
how are these people allowed to set foot in thailand? how do these women obtain visas to work as prostitutes in thailand?
a top police officer informed us recently that he had targeted mafia types from different countries earning a living through crime, no mention of russia or any middle east countries!
in a recent report it was stated that thailand is in the top ten countries for the sale of drugs and prostitution. it amazes me that this business is done in the open, in hotels, guest houses and streets but nothing is done about it! how are these people allowed to ply their evil trade in full view of the authorities? when will there be a crackdown on these thugs? i want thailand to be as happy and smiling and beautiful a place it once was.
what do other readers feel about this?
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Re: the sex slave industry in thailand

Postby Sci-nerd on Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:18 am

You ask a lot of questions, and your message is a bit hard to read without any breaks (maybe just me).

But I will try to answer a little - though I sense you already do know the answers.

It is no longer any secret that especially the Russian mafia has a big investment in Thailand. They control already a lot of property, drugs and prostitution - especially in Pattaya. However they could not be doing all this without consent from some Thai authorities. The real thugs behind this are the Thai police who neglects to enforce the laws, because they get paid to look away. Local politicians are either too weak or a part of the business themselves.

It is a very big industry, and most Thai are afraid to talk freely about it. If there is a problem in Thailand, the average thai will look the other way and keep smiling. But if you look closely, only a few select cases are being brought to justice - and this usually only with random poor clients or scapegoats. The police and some media are being very good at picking out select targets to look good, while the big industry and the big players continue to profit.

It is called corruption, and it is a problem in Thailand. It has been for a long time, so maybe you just remember the smiling surface from your first visits? I would suggest you support your local anti-corruption group if you wish to make a difference. Some of those people are very brave and you might find the strong proud Thailand again.
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Re: the sex slave industry in thailand

Postby bkk-farang on Tue Mar 26, 2013 2:35 pm

Only someone who is not living in Thailand can ask a question like that. I will also try to add some information.

Let’s start with the police and law enforcement:
As far as I can see the police (like 90% or more of all Thai police officers) are totally corrupt. And if they are not corrupt then they won’t survive in the police force.
Laws in Thailand seem to have only one purpose and that is to give police “officers” reasons to extort money.
Everybody in Thailand can see any hour of the day or night policemen near law breakers and the police does nothing. And police officers openly buy pirated goods, break traffic laws, visit casinos wearing uniform like this is completely normal – and for them it is normal.
It seems the worst that can happen to them is that they are transferred to an inactive post.
I don’t have a link but it should be easy to find the story of the policemen who are convicted (not just suspects) of murdering someone and they are out on bail. Unbelievable - except in Thailand.

Now about prostitution:
I am not an expert insider in that business but I know a couple of bar owners in the farang bar business with Thai girls in Bangkok for more than 10 years and I visit gogo bars regularly and talk with the girls (in Thai). My experience is that all girls I ever talked to do voluntary do what they do. If they want to they can leave anytime and there would be no problem for them. Some girls work in bars as waitress for years and they never go with customers. Other girls do it every day a couple of times; it is totally up to them.
Sure they all have to make a living but so have factory workers and rice farmers. Most girls make more money with working in a bar and drinking lady drinks (they get about half of what the customer pays) than they would ever make in a normal job. And this is without going out with any customers.
And if they go out they make in three nights what factory workers get for one month. So the argument “they do it to survive” is often plain wrong.
I am sure there is also forced prostitution with Thais and with foreigners (including girls form Burma, Cambodia or the Ukraine). But I am sure this in not the majority of the business. That is no excuse and I don’t want to make it better than it is. But I write this to clarify that many many girls in Thailand work voluntary in the sex industry.
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Re: the sex slave industry in thailand

Postby isurrender on Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:27 pm

There appears to be a complete indifference to the idea of prostitution in Thailand. Thousands of rural girls come to the big cities and towns just to hire their bodies out to anybody who will pay. Most of the families of these girls know what they are doing, but when the money comes home they are perfectly happy to spend it.
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