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  1. Robot hand almost as good as the old real hand (with video)

    About technology

    Robot hand almost as good as the old real hand (with video)

    26 Feb 2015 : Mind-controlled bionic hand can do everyday tasks such as pick up a ball, pouring water from jug, use key, cut food with knife or use two hands to undo buttons.

  2. What's new in business news: February 26, 2015

    About business

    What's new in business news: February 26, 2015

    26 Feb 2015 : Exports fall 3.46%, biggest fall in five months, debts of farmers to be written off especially those hit by drought & Philippines ends Chinese technical involvement in country's electricity distribution system.

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  1. Eggs: Balancing supply & demand

    About agriculture

    Eggs: Balancing supply & demand

    11 Apr 2012 : In 2010 egg prices shot up to 8 baht, now price falling to farmer production cost at 2.6 baht. Powdered eggs to help farmers avoid losses.

  2. Words in the news


    11 Apr 2012 : a group of people who belong to a particular religion but who have some beliefs or practices which separate them from the rest of the group นิกาย (ทางศาสนา),กลุ่ม, พรรค

  3. Will SMEs avoid new minimum wages?

    About business

    Will SMEs avoid new minimum wages?

    10 Apr 2012 : Small businesses not inspected by government (informal sector) may simply not pay the new 40% higher minimum wages. Official SME employment may drop from 81% to 70%.

  4. Ban on high-pressure water guns

    Easy English news

    Ban on high-pressure water guns

    10 Apr 2012 : High-pressure water guns are illegal, but that has not stopped their sale and use, especially during Songkran. This year authorities say a crackdown is coming.

  5. Farewell to a princess

    General news

    Farewell to a princess

    10 Apr 2012 : Their Majesties the King and Queen yesterday joined thousands of mourners from all over the country and a worldwide television audience in bidding farewell to Her Royal Highness Princess Bejaratana Rajasuda.

  6. Words in the news


    10 Apr 2012 : money given as a reward, often for helping catch or kill a criminal เงินรางวัล

  7. Country says goodbye to princess

    General news

    Country says goodbye to princess

    09 Apr 2012 : The funeral proceedings to bid farewell to HRH Princess Bejaratana Rajasuda have begun with thousands taking part.

  8. Words in the news


    09 Apr 2012 : a journey that a person makes to a holy place เดินทางแสวงบุญ

  9. Photos in the news

    News photos

    Photos in the news

    07 Apr 2012 : More than 95 percent of the photos our news photographers take are not published in the newspaper. There is not enough space. Here are some of them.

  10. Words in the news


    06 Apr 2012 : behaving calmly and with control; the limit or control of something, such as the expression of strong emotion or opinion การอดกลั้น, การยับยั้ง,การหยุดยั้ง

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