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  1. What's new in business news: January 29, 2015

    About business

    What's new in business news: January 29, 2015

    29 Jan 2015 : Thai stock market value passes Malaysia & Indonesia as oil drops, Russian & European economic problems drag down tourist arrivals & Bangkok bus operator 90 billion in debt taken over by govt with efficiency improvement.

  2. Pole dancing on Bangkok subway: Don't try it

    About transportation safety

    Pole dancing on Bangkok subway: Don't try it

    29 Jan 2015 : 'Why the hell is she dancing?' other passengers asked, as she swung from the subway hand straps & slid down the subway pole, upside down. Mass transit authorities are considering legal action.

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  1. Words in the news


    23 Feb 2012 : a formal ceremony พิธีการ

  2. Packaged rice: Over 250 brands

    About retail

    Packaged rice: Over 250 brands

    22 Feb 2012 : Selling rice in bags marked with a brandname to stores or delivering direct to homes remains a profitable business.

  3. Four Seasons controversy continues

    General news

    Four Seasons controversy continues

    22 Feb 2012 : The PM’s Four Seasons Hotel meeting continues to make news as the ombudsman wants an explanation and a Phue Thai MP is denied entry to the floor where the meeting took place.

  4. Huh? Welcome to upside down art

    Easy English news

    Huh? Welcome to upside down art

    22 Feb 2012 : The world that French artist Philippe Ramette portrays looks like our world but there is always something strange or impossible to it. You can see for yourself at the exhibition ''The Upside Down World of Philippe Ramette'' which runs until April 29.

  5. Words in the news


    22 Feb 2012 : to make an unconscious person start to breathe again ช่วยชีวิต ช่วยให้่ฟื้นชีพ

  6. Pit Bull dangers?

    About pets

    Pit Bull dangers?

    21 Feb 2012 : Fatal attacks, their massive skulls & strong jaws, all make pit bulls in public without a muzzle (required by law) a frightening but common sight.

  7. Floods: Economy slowed to near-zero growth

    About business

    Floods: Economy slowed to near-zero growth

    21 Feb 2012 : 3.8% growth predicted before the floods fell to 0.1%. Growth was 7.8% in 2010. Forecast 5.5% to 6.5% this year.

  8. The PM’s not-so-secret visit

    Easy English news

    The PM’s not-so-secret visit

    21 Feb 2012 : The Prime Minister’s “secret’ visit to the Four Seasons Hotel earlier this month has become a little less secret. The latest person to admit he attended the meeting there is Deputy Prime Minister Kittiratt Na- Ranong.

  9. Bombing mystery deepens

    General news

    Bombing mystery deepens

    21 Feb 2012 : A 1.5km trail of stickers bearing the word "Sejeal" has been found along a route police believe Israeli diplomats might use regularly. Similar stickers have been linked to the bomb suspects.

  10. Words in the news


    21 Feb 2012 : a person who travels with you or spends a lot of time with you เพื่อน, เพื่อนเดินทาง

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