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  1. Snow for sale (video)

    Listening exercise

    Snow for sale (video)

    01 Mar 2015 : At first it was a joke, but now it's a business. A Boston man has found a way to convert free snow into cash.

  2. A dress divides the world: What colours are they, anyway? (UPDATED)

    Social media news

    A dress divides the world: What colours are they, anyway? (UPDATED)

    28 Feb 2015 : The world is at war today in the social media and the issue is the colours in this dress. What colours are they, anyway? (Update) We now know the actual colours in the real dress, but scientists are also explaining why we see the colours in the photo so differently.

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  1. Electricity shocks coming?

    General news

    Electricity shocks coming?

    28 Jun 2011 : Electricity bills here in Thailand are likely to increase unless a major pipeline leak can be repaired soon.

  2. Not giving up

    Easy English news

    Not giving up

    28 Jun 2011 : The Democrats have not completely given up on the Northeast although Phue Thai will clearly win the most seats there.

  3. Words in the enws


    28 Jun 2011 : to become much more serious or much worse ทำให้เพิ่มขึ้น, ทำให้มากขึ้น

  4. One dead tiger, one million baht

    About crime

    One dead tiger, one million baht

    27 Jun 2011 : High profits, low penalties (plus low public awareness) make wildlife trafficking a lucrative crime.

  5. Dog mating services

    About entrepreneurs

    Dog mating services

    27 Jun 2011 : Female dog not in the mood to mate? Male dog not skilled at mating? Time for Uncle Maew and his professional services.

  6. Dolls are not just for girls.

    Easy English news

    Dolls are not just for girls.

    27 Jun 2011 : Chaiyan Thotead has made a good business out of dolls many believe superior to Barbie and Blythe. They’re expensive though.

  7. Bumpy advance vote

    General news

    Bumpy advance vote

    27 Jun 2011 : There were no reports of violence at yesterday's advance vote, but the process wasn't as smooth as it should have been either.

  8. Words in the news


    27 Jun 2011 : having or showing hatred and a desire to harm somebody or hurt their feelings มุ่งร้าย, ปองร้าย, ประสงค์ร้าย

  9. Finally, a Facebook page


    Finally, a Facebook page

    26 Jun 2011 : It's better late than never. We have finally put up a Facebook page for our website. Come and take a look and feel free to ask a question or two or make some suggestions.

  10. Sam and Jessy say goodbye

    From our global reporters

    Sam and Jessy say goodbye

    25 Jun 2011 : A short chat with my student reporters on their final day at the Bangkok Post. There are also links to all their feature stories.

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