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Unsportsmanlike behaviour (updated)

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Thai university footballers are coming under criticism after a video showing improper conduct by two players during a recent Thailand-Laos match was posted to YouTube. (Update: Thai captain responds) 

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16:00 The Thai captain has now responded to the criticism. You can read what he had to say following the main story.

Unsportsmanlike behaviour

Thai footballer Kriangkrai Pimrat is coming under some heavy criticism for his behaviour during the final round match of the 16th Asean University Games' football tournament  between Thailand and Laos in Vientiane last Wednesday.

A packed stadium saw him go down after a challenge by a Lao player in the 32nd minute of the game. The Thai player then angrily pushed away one of the staff who tried to assist him onto a stretcher.

In the 59th minute of the game, won by Thailand 2 - 0, Kriangkrai was substituted after he went down again from another challenge. Kriangkrai taunted the booing home crowd and the medical staff who rushed to help him.

"Kriangkrai has no manners. He should not be an athlete and should not be a university student. His misbehaviour is ruining his country's reputation and he should not be allowed to represent his country," said a Lao commentator.

Police had to step in and take control of the crowd. The match was stopped for more than five minutes.

To make matters worse another Thai football player reacted inappropriately after he went down from a foul in the last minutes of the match.

A video of clip of the incidents has been posted to YouTube and now Kriangkrai and the second player are under criticism from Thai football fans as well.

Netizens on Facebook said, "it's players like this who give the Thai football community a bad name", and "shameful athletes like these deserve to be hit by a car".

"As a Thai, I would like to apologise for these footballers' disgusting behaviour," said a netizen on Sanook. Another netizen on the same website said, "what a disgraceful victory."

Adapted from a story by our online reporters.

unsportsmanlike – not behaving in a fair, generous and polite way, especially when playing a sport or game ไม่มีน้ำใจนักกีฬา
behaviour – the way that someone acts or behaves พฤติกรรม, การกระทำตัว
criticism – comments that show that you think something is wrong or bad การวิจารณ์
tournament – a competition for teams or single players in which a series of games is played, and the winners of each game play against each other until only one winner is left การแข่งขัน
packed – crowded; full of people or things แน่น
stadium – a large closed area of land with rows of seats around the sides and often with no roof which is used for sports events and musical performances สนามกีฬาที่มีอัฒจันทร์โดยรอบ
challenge – in football, an attempt to take the ball away from your opponent or to stop them from progressing คัดค้าน
staff – workers of an organisation considered as a group คณะผู้ทำงาน, คนงาน
assist – to help ช่วย
stretcher – a type of bed used for carrying someone who is injured, ill, or dead เปลพยาบาล
substitute – to replace someone/something แทน,สับเปลี่ยน
taunt – to shout cruel things at someone (or perform inappropriate actions) in order to make them angry or upset  พูดส่อเสียดเสียดสี
boo – to make expressions of strong disapproval or disagreement  โห่ฮิ้ว
medical – connected with illness and injury and their treatment ทางการแพทย์, ด้านการแพทย์, เกี่ยวกับการแพทย์
manners – behaviour that is considered to be polite in a particular society or culture มารยาทสังคม, ขนบธรรมเนียมประเพณี
athlete – someone who is good at sports and takes part in sports competitions นักกีฬา
misbehavior – to do something in an improper or bad way การประพฤติตนไม่สมควร
ruin – to damage something so badly that it loses all its value, pleasure, etc; to spoil something ทำลาย
reputation – the opinion people have about how good or bad someone or something is ชื่อเสียง
represent – to act, speak or be present officially for another person or group เป็นตัวแทน
commentator – someone whose job is to write/speak about a particular subject or discuss it on television or radio ผู้วิจารณ์,ผู้ออกความเห็น, ผู้บรรยายข่าว
react – to respond as a result of something that happens มีปฏิกิริยาตอบโต้
inappropriate – unsuitable ซึ่งไม่เหมาะสม
incident – something that happens, usually something bad เหตุการณ์
netizen – a person who uses the Internet a lot พลเมืองเครือข่ายคอมพิวเตอร์
community – a group of people who share the same  job, interests, religion, etc สังคม
shameful – that should make you feel ashamed น่าขายหน้า,น่าละอายใจ,น่าอับอาย
deserve – of something that you earn or are given because of your behavior or qualities สมควรได้รับ
apologise – to say you are sorry for doing something wrong or for causing a problem ขอโทษ
disgusting – unacceptable and shocking; extremely unpleasant  น่ารังเกียจ, น่าเกลียด
disgraceful – extremely bad or shocking น่าสยดสยอง
victory – winning a competition or a battle ชัยชนะ

Afternoon update

Thai captain responds

The captain of the Thai Asean University football team has defended one of his players accused of unsportsmanlike conduct during a game in Vientiane last week, and apologised for the incident.

Korawit Namiset, 26, posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday that his teammate was hurt and that they were provoked by the Lao staff during the match.

Korawit said his team were not trying to waste time, as some had suggested. Kriangkrai had injured his hamstring when challenged for the ball by a Lao player.

His team tried to inform both the referee and medical staff that Kriangkrai was hurt and that he was unable to move. However, Lao officials accused them of stalling the game.

The Thai team captain said Kriangkrai shoved one of the officials away because the medical team was trying to force him on to a stretcher while he was still in pain and unable to move.

One of the people who carried Kriangkrai off then then said in Lao, "Just toss him down,  toss him away".  Kriangkrai grew up in the northeastern region of Thailand and replied, "I can understand what you're saying", Korwait said.

After Kriangkrai's comment the crowd began to throw bottles and other objects onto the field and the Lao coach also repeatedly and impolitely scolded the Thai team.

The incident led to the aggressive behaviour shown in the highlight video, which was spread throughout the internet.

"Many Thai and Lao people did not know the real story and judged us what they saw on the highlight video. We admit and apologise that we reacted inappropriately," he said on his Facebook posting.

Korawit asked the public to at least talk to the Thai people involves in the match before saying negative things about the team.

He ended his post saying, "We apologise that we let everyone down with our behaviour, portraying a negative image of the country."

defend – to say things to support someone or something ปกป้อง
provoke – to cause a reaction  ก่อให้เกิด
hamstring – one of the five tendons behind the knee that connect the muscles of the upper leg to the bones of the lower leg เอ็นร้อยหวาย
stall – to delay ทำให้ล่าช้า
aggressive - behaving in an angry and violent way towards another person ก้าวร้าว
negative – bad ที่เป็นด้านลบ
image – an opinion that people have about someone or something ภาพลักษณ์

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