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Two-voiced magic

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Beautiful transgender Nuntita 'Bell' Khampiranon fooled the judges and delighted the audience by beginning her song with a woman’s voice and ending it with a man’s. 

By now, probably more than a million people have the seen the episode of Thailand’s Got Talent where beautiful transgender Nuntita 'Bell' Khampiranon fooled the judges and delighted the audience by beginning her song with a woman’s voice and ending it with a man’s.

Here is a section of Nuntita’s recent interview with the Bangkok Post’s Yanapon Musiket. You can read the full interview here:

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Born this way

Talented Thai: Nuntita ‘Bell’ Khampiranon.

"As far as I could recall, I knew I was a woman trapped in a male body," said the native of Nakhon Ratchasima.

Being the only son of a father who served in the army, expressing her femininity while being a boy caused her troubles.

"Boys made fun of me at school. They picked on me a lot. At home, my dad used to beat me [almost] to death," she said. "He wanted me to be 'normal'," she said.

Asking how she survived the bullying, Nuntita said that her growing passion for singing was somehow her saviour.

"I've loved singing since I was young. My dad loves karaoke. My grandmother used to be a singer. So it's in our blood," Nuntita said.

"During my teenage years, I tried to get involved in a singing club, as it is one of the activities I could do to fulfill my dream and to stay away from other boys.

"More importantly, it is much better to be acknowledged as a school's representative in singing contests, than being referred to only as a gay boy in school."

After completing her education at a vocational school, Nuntita planned to further her studies in Bangkok, but had to give up the plan due to her family's financial problems.

"After I finished school, I got a job offer as a DJ for a local radio station and I also began singing in a pub," said Nuntita.

Judge Benz Pomchita Na Songkla reacts to Nuntita’s sudden change of voice.

One night a playful thought popped into her mind – Nuntita decided to please her peers with her two-voiced magic.

"Some of the guests realised that I am a transsexual when I did a male voice," she said, laughing. "They loved it. And I have been playing this trick with my audiences since then."

Not only was her talent discovered while singing with the band, she also found a boyfriend.

"My boyfriend is also my band mate. We have been together for eight years. But things are getting rough since I decided to join the show in Bangkok."

When the door of opportunity opened, Nuntita quickly leapt in and followed her heart. There is one thing in particular she appreciates about Thailand's Got Talent and that is the fact that the show offers an equal chance to anybody of any gender.

"The reason I decided to join the show was because it is open to people of all genders," she explained. "That is the main reason why I think this is the perfect stage for me to show what I have got and who I am."

After the three judges gave her their unanimous votes, the last part of the video was when Nuntita talked to the camera and left a short message to her father that she loves him so much and she has finally made it. I asked her whether she got to talk to her father afterwards. Nuntita replied "yes" and shared his words.

"I am glad to hear that he is now proud of me. And, no matter who I am, he said, just be a good person."
episode – one of the single parts into which a story is divided, especially when it is broadcast on the television or radio ตอน
transgender – relating to transsexuals and transvestites (a person, especially a man, who enjoys dressing as a member of the opposite sex) คนข้ามเพศ, คนที่แสดงออก หรือแต่งกาย หรือผ่านการผ่าตัดเพื่อเปลี่ยนเป็นเพศตรงข้าม
delight – to give somebody a lot of pleasure and enjoyment ทำให้ดีใจ, ทำให้ปลื้มปิติ
audience – the group of people gathered in one place to watch or listen to a play, film, someone speaking, etc. ผู้ชม
recall – to remember นึกทบทวน จำได้
trapped – to be in a dangerous or unpleasant situation from which it is difficult or impossible to escape ถูกกับดัก
native – someone who was born in a particular place ชาวพื้นเมือง
femininity – the qualities that are considered to be typical of women; the fact of being a woman  ความเป็นผู้หญิง
make fun of – to laugh at somebody/something or make other people laugh at them, usually in an unkind way น่าหัวเราะเยาะ, หยอกล้อ   
pick on – to treat somebody unfairly, by blaming, criticizing or punishing them   หาเรื่อง,  เลือกตำหนิ, เลือกลงโทษ
beat – to hit someone violently several times ตี, เคาะ, ตบ
normal – typical, usual or ordinary; what you would expect ปกติ
survive – to manage to deal with something difficult or unpleasant รอดไปได้
bullying – using your influence or status to threaten or frighten someone รังแก
passion – a strong enthusiasm or interest ความชื่นชม หลงใหล
saviour – a person (or thing) who saves someone or something from trouble or danger ผู้ช่วยให้รอด, ผู้ช่วยเหลือ, ผู้ช่วยชีวิต
involved – taking part or having a role in something เกี่ยวข้อง
fulfill – to achieve something that you wanted to do, or to get something that you hoped for  สำเร็จ
acknowledge – to accept or admit that something exists, is true or is real ยอมรับ
representative – someone who has been chosen or elected by a person or group to act for for them ผู้แทน
vocational school – a school that focuses on providing the skills necessary for particular jobs สถานศึกษาวิชาชีพ โรงเรียนอาชีวศึกษา
financial – involving money เกี่ยวกับเงิน, ทางการเงิน
offer – an act of saying that you are willing to do something for somebody or give something to somebody เสนอเพื่อให้พิจารณา   
local – in or related to the area that you live, or to the particular area that you are talking about  ท้องถิ่น
pop into – to suddenly appear, especially when not expected
peers – people who are the same age or have the same social position or the same abilities as other people in a group เพื่อน
transsexual – a person who feels emotionally that they want to live, dress, etc. as a member of the opposite sex ผู้มีจิตใจเหมือนเพศตรงข้าม
trick – something that you do to make somebody believe something which is not true, or to annoy somebody as a joke การเล่นตลก
talent  – a natural ability to be good at something, especially without being taught ความสามารถพิเศษ
mate – a person you share an activity or accommodation with; a friend ,เพื่อนร่วม, เพื่อน
rough – difficult and unpleasant  ยากลำบาก, ไม่เป็นระเบียบ
opportunity – a chance to do something, or a situation in which it is easy for you to do something  โอกาส
appreciate – to be grateful for something, i.e., feeling you want to thank someone for something they have done for you สำนึกในบุญคุณ
gender – the fact of being either male or female เพศ
stage – an area of activity where important things happen เวที
unanimous – agreed by everyone เป็นเอกฉันท์
proud – feeling pleased and satisfied about something that you own or have done, or are connected with ภูมิใจ

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