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  1. A dress divides the world: What colours are they, anyway? (UPDATED)

    Social media news

    A dress divides the world: What colours are they, anyway? (UPDATED)

    28 Feb 2015 : The world is at war today in the social media and the issue is the colours in this dress. What colours are they, anyway? (Update) We now know the actual colours in the real dress, but scientists are also explaining why we see the colours in the photo so differently.

  2. Taxi driver's fight with passenger caught on video

    Easy English news

    Taxi driver's fight with passenger caught on video

    26 Feb 2015 : What do you think? Does this Bangkok taxi driver deserve some kind of punishment? If yes, what kind of punishment? A fine? A temporary suspension from driving? A permanent suspension?

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  1. Chatting with the

    Easy English news

    Chatting with the "Hammer Man"

    09 Aug 2011 : Nicknamed "The Hammer Man" for his strict approach when he chaired previous House sessions, newly-appointed House Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont tells how he will enforce parliamentary rules.

  2. Nathan wants forgiveness

    Easy English news

    Nathan wants forgiveness

    07 Aug 2011 : Former pop star Nathan Oman is not having much success from jail in getting his victims to forgive him for taking their money and not paying it back.

  3. House speaker orders Chuvit out

    Easy English news

    House speaker orders Chuvit out

    05 Aug 2011 : Chuvit Kamolvisit efforts to get attention in parliament this morning earned him a a police escort out of the meeting room at the orders of the House Speaker.

  4. No jail time for Nong Fluke’s killers

    Easy English news

    No jail time for Nong Fluke’s killers

    29 Jul 2011 : Three policemen receive suspended sentences in the killing of a nine-year-old boy during the war on drugs, a ruling unlikely to satisfy his uncle pictured below.

  5. Announcement day (updated)

    Easy English news

    Announcement day (updated)

    27 Jul 2011 : The Election Commission has now met its goal of certifying at least 95 percent of the MPs, today endorsing 94 more MPs. Nattawut Saikua was one them. Jatuporn Promphan was not.

  6. Minnesota update: Govt comes back to life

    Easy English news

    Minnesota update: Govt comes back to life

    23 Jul 2011 : On our Minnesota holiday, my family and I have had to endure the hottest days of the year – hotter than Bangkok – and a state government shutdown. That ended on Thursday.

  7. Letter from Minnesota

    Easy English news

    Letter from Minnesota

    17 Jul 2011 : As I write, the Minnesota government is still shut down, but the governor and legislative leaders have reached a tentative agreement to open its doors next week.

  8. Out with the old

    Easy English news

    Out with the old

    13 Jul 2011 : On Tuesday, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjiva chaired his 133rd and last cabinet meeting.

  9. Sign language

    Easy English news

    Sign language

    12 Jul 2011 : Not everyone is unhappy with the name of a road sign in Phitsanulok – only English speakers with a good (or bad) imagination.

  10. Thaksin, the technophile

    Easy English news

    Thaksin, the technophile

    11 Jul 2011 : If you get annoyed with people who constantly interrupt conversations with mobile phone calls, you’d probably have a very difficult time talking to former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

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