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  1. A dress divides the world: What colours are they, anyway? (UPDATED)

    Social media news

    A dress divides the world: What colours are they, anyway? (UPDATED)

    28 Feb 2015 : The world is at war today in the social media and the issue is the colours in this dress. What colours are they, anyway? (Update) We now know the actual colours in the real dress, but scientists are also explaining why we see the colours in the photo so differently.

  2. Taxi driver's fight with passenger caught on video

    Easy English news

    Taxi driver's fight with passenger caught on video

    26 Feb 2015 : What do you think? Does this Bangkok taxi driver deserve some kind of punishment? If yes, what kind of punishment? A fine? A temporary suspension from driving? A permanent suspension?

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  1. Happy day turns sad

    Easy English news

    Happy day turns sad

    13 Jun 2011 : The joy over the opening of the new Buriram football stadium was diminished by news that a bus carrying fans of the opposing team had crashed, killing seven and injuring more than 40.

  2. (Sunday update) Navy to the rescue

    Easy English news

    (Sunday update) Navy to the rescue

    12 Jun 2011 : To the cheers of crowds on both sides of the Chao Phraya, a navy lead team first raised, then salvaged the sunken barge that had caused so much damage.

  3. (Updated) E. coli worries

    Easy English news

    (Updated) E. coli worries

    10 Jun 2011 : The anxiety over E. coli infections has spread to Thailand with the discovery of the bacteria on avocados imported from Spain. Tests now show the strain is harmless

  4. Unhappy “buffaloes”

    Easy English news

    Unhappy “buffaloes”

    07 Jun 2011 : Many candidates running for election are unhappy about posters depicting them as buffaloes, monitor lizards and dogs, but it is not clear what they can do about it

  5. The controversy over “tattoo tourism”

    Easy English news

    The controversy over “tattoo tourism”

    06 Jun 2011 : Thailand’s tourist industry has added a new and lucrative segment but not everyone is happy.

  6. Sweet river (updated)

    Easy English news

    Sweet river (updated)

    05 Jun 2011 : The situation surrounding the sunken barge in the Chao Phraya was far worse than first reported, but finally some progress is being made to get things back to normal.

  7. The PAD announces end of rally

    Easy English news

    The PAD announces end of rally

    02 Jun 2011 : The PAD's rally is ending soon, likely hastened by Tuesday night's bomb attack, but its leaders vow to continue their "no-vote" campaign.

  8. Childless woman returns stolen baby

    Easy English news

    Childless woman returns stolen baby

    01 Jun 2011 : Sureeporn Ratchawong, 33, is married but still childless. Her solution to her problem has, unfortunately, got her in big trouble.

  9. Thailand’s top talent is only 13

    Easy English news

    Thailand’s top talent is only 13

    31 May 2011 : The first season of Thailand's Got Talent ended on Sunday with 13-year-old Maneepatsorn Myra Molloy singing her way the grand prize. Remember that name. You are going to hear it a lot in the future.

  10. Humble Messi credits team

    Easy English news

    Humble Messi credits team

    30 May 2011 : Barcelona's man-of-the-match superstar gave his team full credit for their 3-1 triumph over Manchester United in the Champions Cup final.

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