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  1. A dress divides the world: What colours are they, anyway? (UPDATED)

    Social media news

    A dress divides the world: What colours are they, anyway? (UPDATED)

    28 Feb 2015 : The world is at war today in the social media and the issue is the colours in this dress. What colours are they, anyway? (Update) We now know the actual colours in the real dress, but scientists are also explaining why we see the colours in the photo so differently.

  2. Taxi driver's fight with passenger caught on video

    Easy English news

    Taxi driver's fight with passenger caught on video

    26 Feb 2015 : What do you think? Does this Bangkok taxi driver deserve some kind of punishment? If yes, what kind of punishment? A fine? A temporary suspension from driving? A permanent suspension?

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  1. Dream comes true twice

    News shorts

    Dream comes true twice

    13 Dec 2010 : Most golfers dream of getting a hole-in-one once in a lifetime. What do they think of this young boy?

  2. F1 comes to Bangkok

    Easy English news

    F1 comes to Bangkok

    13 Dec 2010 : It's not going to be as exciting as Singapore or Malaysia, but Mark Webber's drive on Ratchadamnoen avenue is sure to create some thrills.

  3. Sunday battlegrounds

    Easy English news

    Sunday battlegrounds

    11 Dec 2010 : Former ministers face tough battles in Sunday's by-elections.

  4. The hardest worker

    Mainly for kids

    The hardest worker

    10 Dec 2010 : The last in a series of short, easy stories on His Majesty the King aimed at children.

  5. Fond memories

    Easy English news

    Fond memories

    09 Dec 2010 : Yesterday a number of ageing former dancers and musicians had a chance to relive the excitement of performing for Their Majesties the King and Queen.

  6. Too good

    News shorts

    Too good

    09 Dec 2010 : Here's a product that seems to be a little too good for the factory manufacturing it.

  7. Try, try and try again

    Easy English news

    Try, try and try again

    08 Dec 2010 : Department of Special Investigation chief Tharit Pengdit seems determined to see core red-shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan behind bars.

  8. New leaders, new weapons

    Easy English news

    New leaders, new weapons

    07 Dec 2010 : Democracy education, not ping pong bombs or giant firecrackers, is the weapon of choice of the new red-shirt leaders.

  9. Stay out

    News shorts

    Stay out

    06 Dec 2010 : If you're a man, stay out of the women's-only carriages on the New Dehli metro system.

  10. A very talented man

    Mainly for kids

    A very talented man

    06 Dec 2010 : One reason that Thai people are so proud of their King is that he is able to do so many things.

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