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Senior citizen housing projects

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In the photo above, a room in a residence for senior citizens named Sawangkanives launched by the Thai Red Cross. 

senior citizen housing

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Housing programme supports Bangkok's elderly by Kanana Katharangsiporn

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is moving ahead with a senior citizens' housing programme to support the capital's elderly, as the current number of homes for the elderly will be insufficient to accommodate the growing numbers of senior citizens.

Early this year, the Board of Investment agreed that more housing units for the elderly were needed in Bangkok but said more study was required.

"Baan Bang Kae 1 and 2, the current elderly shelters, are already full, and there's a long waiting list. These won't be enough to support the larger numbers expected in the future," said Thaiwat Triyapirom, director of the BMA's Housing Development Office.

He expects the new programme of building residential units for the elderly will be successful because the BoI will grant tax privileges to participating developers.

Eligible developers must have experience constructing elderly housing. Unit designs must incorporate medical equipment and special features such as reclining floors or elevators.

Bangkok has 6 million registered residents, 12-13% of whom are aged 65 and above.

However, most estimates put the capital's actual population at more than 10 million, including those who have relocated here for work or other purposes.

The BMA estimates the proportion of elderly will reach 20% of the city's population in the next decade.

Mr Thaiwat said Bangkok was entering an "elderly era" because birth and death rates were both declining.

Aliwassa Pathnadabutr, the managing director of the property agency CB Richard Ellis Thailand, said the country had yet to design very many property projects specifically targeting elderly Thais.

Broadly, two property types cater to this market - nursing homes and serviced residences attached to hospitals - but both have limited capacity.

Some small low-rise residential projects have been converted to nursing homes in the past, but these tend to fill up quickly.

Projects of this nature must take into account affordability, facilities required by the aged and on-site medical support.

The Thai Red Cross recently launched its second such project. Sawangkanives Phase 2 will comprise eight six-storey buildings with a total of 300 units worth a combined 270 million baht

Phase 1, with 168 units priced from 850,000 baht, sold out.

Facilities include prayer, meeting and treatment rooms. Residents must be Thai and at least 55 years old.

As for serviced residences, Ms Aliwassa said those attached to hospitals target long-stay patients requiring extended recovery time and ongoing professional medical support.

These are aimed more at foreigners due to cost considerations.

Properties that target the elderly are specially designed, said Ms Aliwassa.

First, they should be located in the outer areas of the city, where traffic is less congested and the air quality is better, but still accessible from the central business district, she said.

On-site medical support is essential, along with direct hotlines to hospitals and police stations for emergencies.

In-room and common facilities should be designed with the needs of older residents in mind such as non-slip flooring materials in bathrooms, an in-room emergency line and wheelchair access.

Wheelchair ramps should also be installed throughout the project with clear signage, ample gardens and recreational space and extensive common areas. Also important is creating a sense of community among residents such as by scheduling regular activities.

(Source: Bangkok Post, Housing programme supports Bangkok's elderly, 31/05/2011, Kanana Katharangsiporn, link

elderly - older people, over 60 or 65 สูงวัย, อาวุโส, อายุมาก
senior citizen - same as "elderly" but more polite because it does not draw attention to their age

residence - a place where people live (home, apartment, condo, etc)
residents - people who live in an area or building ผู้อาศัย

launched - started เริ่มต้นดำเนินการ

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) - the official name of the city of Bangkok's 
moving ahead with - continuing work with a project (which may have been delayed for a time)

support - help, by giving money, for example สนับสนุน
current - of the present time ปัจจุบัน
insufficient - not sufficient, not enough ไม่พอ
accommodate - to provide a place for someone ให้ที่พักพิง

shelter - a temporary place to live for people who do not have their own homes
elderly shelters - a special place for older people to live who do not have their own homes
waiting list - a list of people waiting to receive service (for example: to get a table in a restaurant) รายชื่อของคนที่รอคิวอยู่ (เช่น รอโต๊ะในร้านอาหาร)
expected - believe will happen คาดว่า (จะเกิดขึ้น)

residential units - houses or apartments for families, couples or individuals to live in (not businesses) บริเวณที่พักอาศัย
grant - to officially give something ให้
tax privileges - an arrangement to pay special low taxes
eligible -
unit designs -
residential unit designs, the design of the apartment building 
incorporate - to add or include something as part of something else
reclining floors - see "ramp"

registered - officially recorded as a business with the government (and usually given permission to do something)
estimates - guesses of what the size, value, amount, cost, etc. of something might be การประมาณค่า
actual - real; existing in fact จริง
population - all the people living in an area
relocated - moved to a new place

decade - a period of ten years ทศวรรษ, ระยะเวลา 10 ปี
era - a long period of time
birth and death rates - the percentage of people being born and dieing over a period of time 
property agency - real estate agency, a company in the business of helping people sell real estate
specifically - exactly this and nothing more
targeting - directing advertising, criticism or a product at someone เล็งไปที่
cater to - provide people or customers with what they want and need (especially when the needs are special and unusual)

nursing homes - a special place for older people to live where they receive special care (See Wikipedia)
serviced residences
- serviced apartments, a special more expensive apartment with furniture and special services like maid service, restaurants, room service, etc, often used by business executives living overseas for extended periods (See Wikipedia)

capacity - the total amount that can be contained ปริมาณสูงสุดที่จะรับได้
limited capacity - can a small number of people can live there (few rooms and apartments)
low-rise residential projects - apartments that are not high (not many floors) 
converted - changed form one form to another เปลี่ยนระบบ โอนจากที่หนึ่งไปยังอีกที่หนึ่ง
tend - to be likely to behave in a particular way or have a particular characteristic มักจะ

nature - the basic quality or feature of something ลักษณะที่แท้จริงของสิ่งต่างๆ, ธรรมชาติ
must take into account - must consider as important in the final decision they make
affordability - able to buy because not too expensive
facilities - the buildings, equipment and services provided for a particular purpose สิ่งอำนวยความสะดวก

site - a place where something happened สถานที่
on-site - located at the same place (as some main activity)
on-site medical support - healthcare facilities (hospital, clinic) located at living place (for easy access)

Red Cross - "an international humanitarian movement with approximately 97 million volunteers, members and staff worldwide which was founded to protect human life and health, to ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering, without any discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, religious beliefs, class or political opinions" (See Wikipedia)

comprise - to consist or be made up of two or more things ประกอบด้วย
sold out - all of the item sold, no more to buy

meeting - when a group of people come together to discuss issues and make decisions การประชุม
treatment - the process of providing medical care การรักษา
target long-stay patients - the customers they are trying to get are people who need medical treatment over long periods of time
recovery - becoming strong and healthy again after an illness or a problem ฟื้นฟู
extended recovery time - it will take a long time for health to improve after illness
ongoing - currently happening; continuing อย่างต่อเนื่อง
ongoing professional medical support - need nurses and doctors and medical equipment near them all the time
cost considerations - the ways that high costs could affect a project (delaying it, or selling only to certain rich customers)

traffic - the number traveling to a place during a period of time (people, aircraft, ships, trains, cars, trucks, etc.) ความหนาแน่นของจำนวนคน หรือยานพาหนะในช่วงเวลาใดช่วงเวลาหนึ่ง
congested - crowded
quality - low levels of air pollution (smog from cars, exhaust from factories)
accessible - can get to a place
essential - necessary and important ที่จำเป็น ที่สำคัญ
direct - going straight to a place (not stopping at many points, without delays and extra steps)
hotline - a special fast phone connection or line between two points (from elderly people to the hospital, for example)
emergency - an unexpected situation involving danger in which immediate action is necessary ภาวะฉุกเฉิน

common - shared, used by many people ที่ร่วมกัน
common facilities - areas for a special purpose shared by many people (for example: athletic facilities, recreation facilities, cooking facilities)
flooring - the material used to make the floor of a room การปูพื้น

slip - when your feet move quickly and unexpectedly along the ground making you fall to the ground ลื่นไถล
non-slip flooring materials - special materials so that people do not slip on a wet floor (when taking a shower, for example)

emergency - an unexpected situation involving danger in which immediate action is necessary เหตุฉุกเฉิน
emergency line - a telephone they can use in an emergency to call the doctor or hospital

wheelchair -
chair with large wheels that someone who cannot walk uses for moving aroundเก้าอี้รถเข็นสำหรับคนป่ วยหรือคนพิการ
access - the ability to enter a building or place การเข้าสู่
wheelchair access - when the doors and walkways of a building are large enough for wheelchairs

ramp - instead of stairs, a gradual rise or slope connecting two levels of a building, road, etc  ทางลาด
wheelchair ramps - a small slope or rise that allows wheelchairs to enter a building (without being lifted up stairs)

clear - easy to understand
clear signage - signs that are easy to read and understand

ample - have enough (many enough, large enough)
ample gardens - enough gardens to make a place nice to live in
recreational space
- an area for exercise and playing sports and games such as badminton, basketball, volleyball and aerobics
extensive - includes a lot with wide variety ที่มีมากมาย
common areas - areas that people can share, areas that everyone can use for activities

community - the people living in one particular area ชุมชน
sense of community - when all the people who live in a place and know each other (and have something in common and are friends)
scheduling regular activities
- when activities (such as aerobics) happen at the same time very day or every week

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