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Ayutthaya (and now Nakorn Sawan) defences fail

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Efforts to protect Ayutthaya's inner town and parts of its key industrial estate have failed and widespread evacuations have begun. This morning Nakorn Sawan's embankment failed as well. 

Above: A slideshow of photos by Bangkok Post photographers shows the extent of the flood disaster in Ayutthaya and the residents' efforts to cope.

Breaking news: Embankments holding the Chao Phraya river out of the city of Nakorn Sawan have broken, allowing water to surge into the business and market areas. Here is the story.

A concrete embankment along the Ping River in Nakhon Sawan has collapsed, allowing floodwaters to surge into the province, reports said on Monday.

Officials sounded a siren throughout the province, telling people to immediately evacuate to five temporary shelters prepared by the provincial municipality.

Reports said the water level in many areas was above one metre. The water level rose by about 50 centimetres in less than five minutes.

The atmosphere in the city area of Nakhon Sawan was chaotic, with people fleeing in fear for their lives and taking their belongings to higher ground.

Traffic was very congested and transport was difficult with roads cut off by advancing floodwaters, reports said.

About 300 to 400 military officers were transporting patients and medical equipment from flood-stricken Sawanpracharak Hospital to Chiraprawat Hospital.

Reports said more than 100 metres of embankment were damaged. Officials, soldiers and villagers were urgently piling up sandbags to plug holes in the embankment.

However, the sandbags were unable to fight off the swollen river as its water level was more than two metres.

collapse – to fall down suddenly พังลงมา  ล้ม, พังครืน
surge – to increase very quickly เพิ่มขึ้นอย่างรวดเร็ว
siren – a piece of equipment that makes a loud sound, used for warning people เสียงหวอ
municipality – a town, city or district with its own local government เทศบาล
– the mood or feeling that exists in a place บรรยากาศ
– happening in a confused way and without any order or organisation ยุ่งเหยิง วุ่นวาย
flee – to leave a place or person quickly because you are afraid of possible danger หนี อพยพ
– the things you own ข้าวของเครื่องใช้
congested – too blocked or crowded and causing difficulties แน่นขนัด
patient – someone who is receiving medical treatment คนป่วย, คนไข้
-stricken – affected by serious problems ได้รับผลกระทบจากปัญหาหนักหน่วง
urgently – needing to be dealt with immediately อย่างเร่งด่วน
plug – to fill a hole with a piece of suitable material อุดรู, ปิดรู
swollen – larger or fuller than normal  ขยายใหญ่,พองตัว,บวม

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Ayutthaya left in chaos

Govt pulls out all stops to help flood victims

Post reporters

Frantic efforts to protect Ayutthaya's inner town and parts of its key industrial estate have failed, forcing the government to order state officials to prepare for emergency evacuations in 10 provinces.

Under orders from Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, officials in the 10 Central Plains provinces are authorised to decide when and if evacuations will be carried out.

Resources will be allocated to protect areas still unaffected by flooding or which have already been hit by the deluge but still can be saved from further damage.

Evacuations will be carried out immediately in areas where flooding cannot be prevented.

Ms Yingluck chaired the National Flood Relief Centre's meeting yesterday to assess the situation after Ayutthaya's inner city island, where many ancient historical sites are located, was hit hard by flooding yesterday.

Frantic evacuation of residents added to the chaos after the water broke through the town's flood walls in many areas.

Patients are evacuated on a rubber boat by navy officers from the flooded Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Hospital in Ayutthaya’s Muang district yesterday. PATTANAPONG HIRUNARD

The rising water also forced the evacuation of the provincial hospital. Some 300 of the hospital's 600 patients were moved to the town hall while those in need of intensive care were flown by helicopter to hospitals in Bangkok.

A mother carrying her newborn baby leaves the flooded Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Hospital when it was evacuated yesterday. PATTANAPONG HIRUNARD

One part of Rojana Industrial Park, the province's key industrial zone, also became inundated after failed efforts by workers to repair a damaged levee around the manufacturing enclave following a breach on Saturday.

Ms Yingluck said she had instructed the Industry Ministry to mobilise all resources to salvage the flooded parts of Rojana Industrial Park and other industrial areas in Ayutthaya.

She said the floods had affected only the Phase 1 area of Rojana Industrial Park while the two other sections under Phase 2 and Phase 3 were still dry.

Science and Technology Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi admitted yesterday the National Flood Relief Centre had missed the mark on the severity of the flooding.

"There could be a miscalculation in terms of the amount of water. There could be more floodwater than estimated," he said.

Prime Minister Yingluck said she had ordered the army to open its barracks in Saraburi to provide temporary shelter for evacuees from Ayutthaya.

She urged private firms with facilities that could be used as overnight shelters to contact the government because all flood victims in Ayutthaya will soon need to be evacuated. She made the announcement as floodwater on the roads around the town hall, currently being used as a shelter, continued to rise yesterday.

You can read the full, much longer story here: http://bit.ly/qysuck

chaos – a situation in which everything is confused and in a mess ความยุ่งเหยิง, ความสับสน
pull out all the stops – to try everything possible to solve a problem
victims – people who are killed injured or harmed in some way from an accident, natural disaster, crime, etc. เหยื่อผู้เคราะห์ร้าย
frantic – done in a very urgent way; so worried or upset that you are not able to control your feelings กระวนกระวาย, ซึ่งไม่สามารถความคุมอารมณ์ได้,
key – most important  ที่สำคัญ
industrial estate – an area of land where industrial companies have their buildings นิคมอุตสาหกรรม
state – government รัฐบาล
emergency – an unexpected situation involving danger in which immediate action is necessary เหตุฉุกเฉิน
evacuation – moving people from a place of danger to a safer place การอพยพ
authorised – given official permission to do something or for something to happen ได้รับอนุญาต
resources – things such as money, workers and equipment that can be used to help achieve something ทรัพยากร
allocate – to officially give out an amount of or share of something แบ่งส่วน
deluge – a sudden, very heavy rainfall or a sudden flow of a large amount of water ฝนตกหนัก น้ำปริมาณมาก
immediately – happening right after something else with no delay; right away ทันที
assess – to carefully consider a situation, person, or problem in order to make a judgment ประเมิณสถานการณ์
situation – all the circumstances and things that are happening at a particular time and in a particular place  สถานการณ์
ancient – very old ที่เก่าแก่ ที่โบราณ
site – a place where something is located  สถานที่
located – where something is ตั้งอยู่
residents – people who live in a particular area ประชาชนที่อาศัยในท้องที่
patient – someone who is receiving medical treatment คนป่วย, คนไข้
intensive care – special medical care for people who are very ill or badly injured and who need to be watched very closely การดูแลผู้ป่วยหนักในโรงพยาบาล
zone – an area that has an important or typical feature; an area where a particular activity is allowed or not allowed พื้นที่, บริเวณ, เขต
inundated – flooded ถูกน้ำท่วม, จมลงใต้น้ำ
repair – to fix something that is broken or damaged ซ่อมบำรุง
levee – a low wall built at the side of a river to prevent it from flooding   เขื่อนป้องกันน้ำท่วม
manufacture – to make and produce a product ผลิต
enclave – an area of a country or city where a particular group of people live or a particular activity is carried out, in this case, manufacturing
breach – to break through or over something ข้าม, ทำให้แตก
mobilise – to bring together for a particular purpose ระดมพล
salvage – to save something from being lost completely กอบกู้
phase – a particular period of time during the development of something ช่วง, ระยะ
section – any of the parts into which something is divided ส่วน, ส่วนที่ตัดออก, ส่วนย่อย
admit – to agree that something is true, especially when you are unhappy, sorry or surprised about it  ยอมรับ
miss the mark – to make a mistake, especially in a calculation or estimate – an amount that you guess or calculate using the information available ประมาณการ
severity – seriousness ความรุนแรง
miscalculation – an incorrect estimate, amount, figure, measurement, etc.  การคำนวณผิด
barracks – a group of buildings where members of the armed forces live and work โรงหรืออาคารใหญ่เป็นที่พักทหาร
temporary – existing, done or used for only a limited period of time ชั่วคราว
shelter – a temporary place to stay ที่พักชั่วคราว
evacuee – a person who leaves a place of danger ผู้อพยพ
private – intended for or involving a particular person or group of people, not for people in general ส่วนตัว
firm – a business or company owned by a person, group of persons or an organisation rather than the government บริษัทเอกชน
facilities - the buildings, equipment and services provided for a particular purpose สิ่งอำนวยความสะดวก
currently – at this time; now ในปัจจุบัน

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