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A star is born

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An awkward-looking teenager from Phuket sings from his heart and takes the nation by storm to become the first The Voice Thailand champion. 

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The Voice Thailand winner Tanon Jumroen, left, and his coach Saharat Sangkapricha.

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A star is born

Onsiri Pravattiyagul

A teenage upstart from Phuket sings from his heart and takes the nation by storm.

Besides his singing versatility, Tanon Jumroen has this instant likeability and those amicably gawky teenage charms to thank. After all, they helped land him the title in the first The Voice Thailand competition.

Admittedly, the 16 year-old Phuket native had been aware that his technique and vocal prowess were slightly short of some of the contestants on the show. But the nation was gripped with endearment every time Tanon hit the stage, and the SMS votes kept coming in. The coaches swooned over his unpretentious performances and down-to-earth personality as well as his sincere delivery of each song, fast or slow.

Growing up next to a karaoke joint with music-loving parents, Tanon began singing when he was four years old. For now the 10th grader plans to finish high school in Phuket before considering moving to Bangkok. He's most likely to pursue university education in arts and design as he doesn't plan to study music.

During the blind audition round, Coach Saharat "Kong" Sangkapricha was the only one to turn around at the last second. But from the moment Thailand laid eyes on this cheeky youth, we were in love with his boyish sincerity, hard work and homey inclination. Tanon went from strength to strength after each round, garnering admiration from voters and the coaches.

Having won the coveted title, Tanon received 1 million baht in cash, a Toyota Prius, a condo unit and a three-year contract with a music label, but our newest national darling has yet to decide what colour his Prius will be.

For the full story which includes an interview with the young singer, click here: http://www.bangkokpost.com/feature/people/327904/a-star-is-born

You can get a brief look at Tanon on The Voice here:

upstart – a person who has just started in a new position or job but who behaves as if they are more important than other people, in a way that is annoying (in this case, the word is used in fun)  คนกระโดดขึ้นอย่างรวดเร็ว, คนมีอำนาจขึ้นโดยฉับพลัน,คนเห่อ
take by storm – to be extremely successful very quickly in a particular place or among particular people สำเร็จอย่างรวดเร็ว
versatility – being able to do many different things ความสามารถหลายด้าน
instant – immediate ทันที
likeability – being pleasant and easy to like ความน่ารัก,ความน่าชื่นชอบ
amicably – in a polite or friendly way and without arguing เป็นกันเอง, อย่างมีมารยาท
gawky – (of a tall or young person) awkward in the way they move or behave ซุ่มซ่าม, งุ่มง่าม
charm – a feature or quality that is pleasing or attractive ความดึงดูดใจ,ความจับใจ
land – to achieve something
title – the position of a winner in a competition  ตำแหน่งแชมป์
admittedly – it is true that
native – someone who was born in a particular place ชาวพื้นเมือง
aware – to know that something exists, or to have knowledge or experience of a particular thing ทราบ
technique – a method of doing something using a special skill that you have developed เทคนิค,  กลวิธี (เฉพาะด้าน)
vocal – connected with the voice, especially singing เกี่ยวกับเสียงร้องในเพลง
prowess – great skill at doing something ความสามารถยอดเยี่ยม
contestant – someone who competes in a contest ผู้แข่งขัน
grip – to have a powerful effect on somebody/something  ดึงดูดใจ, จับแน่น,  ทำให้ตื่นเต้น
endearment – a word or an expression that is used to show love or affection การแสดงความรัก
swoon – to feel very excited, emotional, etc. about somebody, so that you almost become unconscious หมดสติชั่วคราว, เป็นลม
unpretentious – not trying to appear more special, intelligent, important, etc. than you really are ไม่เสแสร้ง, ไม่โอ้อวด, ไม่หรูหรา
down-to-earth – sensible and practical, in a way that is helpful and friendly เป็นจริง, ไม่เพ้อฝัน, อยู่ในโลกแห่งความจริง, ไม่ถือตัว, ไม่โอ้อวด
personality – the part of a person that makes them behave in a particular way in social situations, e.g., in friendly or unfriendly way, or in a confident or shy way บุคลิกลักษณะ  ลักษณะเฉพาะตน
sincere – (of a person, feelings or behaviour) not pretending or lying; honest จริงใจ, ตรงไปตรงมา
delivery – the way in which somebody speaks, sings a song, etc. in public ,การกล่าวสุนทรพจน์หรือร้องเพลง
joint – (informal) a place where people meet to eat, drink, dance, etc, especially one that is cheap สถานที่ดื่มกินและเต้นรำราคาถูก (คำไม่เป็นทางการ)
pursue - to work at something or carry it out ทำให้ลุล่วง
audition – to give a short performance so that somebody can decide whether they are suitable to act in a play, sing in a concert, etc ทดสอบการแสดง, ทดลองแสดง
blind audition – an audition in which the person/people deciding to not see the person giving the performance
cheeky – rude in an amusing or an annoying way ทะลึ่ง,ไร้ยางอาย,หน้าด้าน
homey – pleasant and comfortable, like home อบอุ่น,เหมือนยบ้าน,สนิทสนม
inclination – a feeling that makes you want to do something การเอียง, การเฉียง, การตะแคง
garner – to obtain; to get ได้รับ, รวบรวมได้
admiration – a feeling of respect and liking for somebody/something  การชื่นชม, การยกย่องชมเชย
coveted – wanted very much; that everyone would like to win ที่ใครอยากได้
label – a company which produces goods for sale, the goods themselves, or the company's name or symbol ชื่อ, ตรา, เครื่องหมายการค้า
darling – a person who is especially liked and very popular คนโปรด, ขวัญใจ

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