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Abhisit fights removal from teaching post

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Abhisit vows to fight the defence minister’s order retroactively cancelling his appointment as a military academy lecturer, calling it a form of malpractice carried out with ulterior motives. 

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Defence Minister Sukumpol Suwanatat (left) and opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva. KOSOL NAKACHOL APICHIT JINAKUL

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Abhisit fights removal from teaching post

Sukumpol accused of 'ulterior motives'


Opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva is petitioning the Administrative Court and the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to intervene against a fresh order aimed at retroactively removing him as an instructor at an army cadet school.

Defence Minister Sukumpol Suwanatat signed an order retroactively nullifying Mr Abhisit's appointment as a lecturer at the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy (CRMA) 25 years ago.

The backdated order effectively eliminated his status as a Defence Ministry official.

The move followed last month's order by the ministry to strip Mr Abhisit of his acting sub-lieutenant rank for draft dodging.

Mr Abhisit contested the rank stripping order in the Administrative Court which has accepted the case for hearing.

On Wednesday, ACM Sukumpol signed the instructor appointment revocation order against Mr Abhisit, who vowed to take ACM Sukumpol's latest order to the court as well.

The Democrat Party leader also said he will take the defence minister's order to the NACC.

He said the minister was acting with ulterior motives and that the order represented a form of malpractice.

Niphit Intharasombat, the Democrat Party MP for Phatthalung, said Wednesday's move was an "extension" of the rank stripping order.

He said if the court throws out the rank stripping order, it would mean Mr Abhisit could keep his Defence Ministry status, which would automatically invalidate Wednesday's order.

Sirichoke Sopha, the Democrat MP for Songkhla and a close aide to Mr Abhisit, said the most recent order was an attempt to bully Mr Abhisit politically.

ACM Sukumpol yesterday said he would leave it up to the CRMA to proceed with the instructor post removal against Mr Abhisit.

He said a military rank is royally bestowed and that the official stripping of it will require royal endorsement.

ACM Sukumpol stressed that Mr Abhisit has been "dismissed" from the military for committing a serious breach of discipline by using falsified documents to apply for the teaching job at the CRMA.

The Administrative Court did not have the jurisdiction to accept for consideration a case concerning military law, he said.

removal – taking something away การเอาออก
post – a job/position in a company or organisation ตำแหน่งการงาน
ulterior – that somebody keeps hidden and does not admit ซึ่งลี้ลับ,  ซึ่งซ่อนเร้น, ซึ่งแอบแฝง
motive – a reason for doing something  แรงจูงใจ
opposition – of a political party that is not part of the government ฝ่ายค้าน  
petition – to ask someone in authority to do something ยื่นคำร้อง
Administrative Court – the court which deals with disputes between the private sector and government agencies ศาลปกครอง
National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) – An independent government organisation to investigate corruption carried out by government officials ปปช. (สำนักคณะกรรมการป้องกันและปราบปรามการทุจริตแห่งชาติ)
intervene – to become involved in a situation in order to try to stop or change it  แทรกแซง
retroactive – affecting things that have happened after a particular date in the past, especially before a law was passed or a decision made ซึ่งมีผลย้อนหลัง
cadet – a young person who is training to be a police officer or military officer นักเรียนนายร้อย, นักเรียนทหาร
nullify – to make a legal agreement or decision have no legal force ทำให้โมฆะ, ทำให้ไร้ผล
appointment – when someone is officially chosen for a job การแต่งตั้ง
academy – an organisation intended to protect and develop an art, science, language, etc., or a school which teaches a particular subject or trains people for a particular job สถานศึกษา, สถาบันการศึกษา, วิทยาลัย(เฉพาะด้าน)
backdate – to write a date on a cheque or other document that is earlier than the actual date ลงวันที่หลังเช็คหรือเอกสารอื่น (ระบุวันก่อนวันจริง)
effectively – in reality ตามความเป็นจริง
eliminate – to get rid of completely กำจัดหรือขจัดให้หมดไป
status – official or legal position สถานภาพ
strip – to take something away from someone ถอน, ยึด
sub-lieutenant – an officer just below that of lieutenant ร้อยตรี
rank – someone’s official position in the armed forces, police, fire services, etc. ยศ, ตำแหน่ง
draft – of conscription, the practice of ordering people by law to serve in the armed forces การเกณฑ์ทหาร
dodge – to avoid someone or something หลบหลีก
contest – to disagree with something and often to take action to stop it from happening ถกเถียง  โต้แย้ง
revocation – officially saying that something is no longer legal การยกเลิก การเพิกถอน
vow – to make a formal and serious promise to do something สาบาน, ปฏิญาณ
malpractice – careless or criminal behaviour by someone with a professional or official job การประพฤติผิดต่อหน้าที่
extension – something that is added to make something longer, bigger, etc. การยืดออก, การยืดขยาย, การเพิ่ม
invalidate – to make something such as a document, contract, or process no longer legally effective ทำให้เป็นโมฆะ
aide – someone whose job is to help another person in their work ผู้ช่วย
bully – to use your influence or status to threaten or frighten someone in order to get what you want  รังแก
proceed – to carry out an activity ดำเนินการ
bestow – (of something valuable or important) to give  มอบให้
endorsement – official approval การรับรอง การลงนามในเอกสาร
stress – to emphasise something such as an idea, fact or detail; to explain why something is important เน้น
dismiss – to decide that a discussion or consideration should not continue  เลิก
commit – to do something wrong or illegal ทำความผิด
breach – a failure to follow a law or rule การละเมิดกฎหมาย
discipline – the practice of training people to obey rules and orders and punishing them if they do not; the controlled behaviour or situation that results from this training ระเบียบวินัย  
falsify – to change something, such as a document, in order to deceive people ปลอมแปลง
document – a paper or set of papers with written or printed information, especially of an official type  เอกสาร
jurisdiction – the authority that an official organisation has to make legal decisions about somebody/something เขตอำนาจตามกฎหมาย

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