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Flooding risk: Lower Chao Phraya river

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River overflows in Ayutthaya. Roads underwater so boats used to travel. Heavy rains Friday will raise Chao Phraya one meter. 

A pump in operation during the Great Floods of 2011 removing flood water.


Flood risk in lower Chao Phraya region


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The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has warned residents along the lower Chao Phraya River to move their belongings to higher ground as persistent rain has increased the risk of flooding.

The river has already overflowed in parts of Ayutthaya province, damaging more than 1,000 homes.

Regional Irrigation Office 12 director Darongkorn Somton issued the warning Tuesday for residents living downstream from the Chao Phraya dam in Chai Nat province.

He said a strong monsoon is causing torrential rain in the lower North and the upper part of the Central Plains.

As a result, water flow through the Chao Phraya dam will increase from 897 to 1,300-1,500 cubic metres per second this Friday.

This will cause water levels downstream to rise by one metre, he said.

On Monday, the river rose about 50 centimetres in Ayutthaya. That caused the Phong Pheng canal and the Noi River to overflow into 41 villages in Sena district.

About 1,454 homes have been inundated. Local roads are mostly submerged and residents are using boats to commute.

Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation director-general Chatchai Phromlert also warned of possible heavy rains, flash floods, run-off and landslides in 14 provinces from today until Sunday.

He issued the warning to residents in Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chon Buri, Rayong, Chanthaburi, Trat, Ranong, Phangnga, Phuket, Krabi, Trang and Satun.

He said a strong southwest monsoon is threatening those provinces, as is the possibility of a low pressure area developing into a tropical storm in the South China Sea.

He advised people with small boats to remain ashore in the Andaman Sea and the upper Gulf.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration deputy clerk Sanya Shinimit said yesterday that water from the North posed no danger to Bangkok as the Chao Phraya was flowing through the capital at a rate of only 1,000 cubic metres per second.

He was, however, concerned by the prospect of heavy rain in the capital, saying Bangkok was a basin and its drainage capacity could handle rainfall of no more than 60 millimetres per hour.

Heavy rain is forecast throughout the capital from tomorrow until Friday.

In the southern province of Trang, several landslides have been reported on Khuan Sung mountain, on Palian district's Sukorn island, following heavy downpours.

Damage was reported in Ban Siem Mai and Ban Thung villages, both of which have been cut off.

Landslides also covered most of a five-kilometre-long road which leads to the island's highest viewpoint.



Dam water release floods 800 homes


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AYUTTHAYA: Around 800 homes in Ayutthaya's Sena district were flooded on Monday following a huge release of water from the upper Chao Phraya dam in Chai Nat province.

Sena district chief Rewat Prasong said the upstream dam had recently accelerated its release of water into the lower Chao Phraya and Noi rivers, inundating riverbank communities in eight tambons in the province.

Mr Rewat said flood waters in those eight tambons were 30-50cm deep and his staff were preparing to assist affected residents.

Mr Rewat accused the Royal Irrigation Department (RID) of releasing the massive volume of water without providing adequate warning.

He said the RID waited several days after releasing the water before it issued a flood alert. Most residents did not have enough time to prepare, he added. 

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advise: to tell somebody what you think they should do in a particular situation - แนะนำ, แจ้ง

ashore: on land; towards, onto or on land, having come from an area of water such as the sea or a river - บนบก, เทียบฝั่ง, เกยฝั่ง

basin: a large area of land whose surface water all flows into a particular river or lake - ลุ่มน้ำ

belongings: the things you own - ข้าวของเครื่องใช้

canal: a waterway, a long hole in the ground made to send water from one place to another - คลอง

capacity: the total amount or number that can be handled or contained - ปริมาณสูงสุดที่จะรับได้

capital: the most important town or city of a country, usually where the central government operates from - เมืองหลวง

commute: to regularly travel between work and home - เดินทางระหว่างบ้านและที่ทำงาน

concerned: worried about something   - มีความกังวล

cubic metre: the volume of a cube with edges one metre in length - ลูกบาศก์เมตร

cut off: to not communicate with someone any more; to refuse to communicate with someone - เลิกการติดต่อ

dam: a wall built across a river to stop the water from flowing, especially in order to create a lake or to help to produce electric power - เขื่อน

damage: to harm or spoil something/somebody - ทำความเสียหาย

disaster: an unexpected event, such as a very bad accident, a flood or a fire, that kills a lot of people or causes a lot of damage - ภัยพิบัติ ความหายนะ

downpour: a lot of rain in a short time - ฝนตกหนักมาก, พายุฝน

downstream: in the direction that a river or stream is flowing - ตามกระแสน้ำ

drainage: the system of water or waste liquids flowing away from somewhere into the ground or down pipes - การระบายน้ำ

flash flood: a flood that happens suddenly without warning - น้ำที่เกิดท่วมในที่ต่ำโดยฉับพลันทันทีและไหลลดลงอย่างรวดเร็ว

flow: (of a liquid) to move continuously in one direction - ไหล

flowing: moving steadily and continuously in one direction - ที่ต่อเนื่อง, ที่ราบรื่น, ที่คล่อง

forecast: a statement about what will happen in the future based on information available now - การพยากรณ์, การคาดการณ์

ground: the surface of the earth - ผิวดิน, ผิวโลก, พื้นดิน, พื้น

handle: to be able deal with a situation - ควบคุมได้, เอาอยู่, จัดการได้

in operation: currently operating or working to do some job - ปฏิบัติ, ปฏิบัติงาน, ปฏิบัติการ, ทำงาน

inundated: flooded - ถูกน้ำท่วม, จมลงใต้น้ำ

irrigation: the process of bringing water to land through a system of pipes, ditches, etc. in order to make crops grow - ระบบชลประทาน

issue: to announce something officially - ออกประกาศ

issue: to give or provide something official - แจกจ่าย

landslide: a mass of rock and earth moving suddenly and quickly down a steep slope - แผ่นดินถล่ม

low pressure area: "a low pressure system...is an area where the atmospheric pressure is lower than that of the area surrounding it. Lows are usually associated with high winds, warm air, and atmospheric lifting. Because of this, lows normally produce clouds, precipitation, and other bad weather such as tropical storms and cyclones" (Source: About.com) -

mitigation: a reduction in the harmful effects of something - การบรรเทา  การผ่อนคลาย

monsoon: the season of heavy rain during the summer in hot Asian countries - มรสุม

overflow: (of a river or body of water) to flood the land next to it - เอ่อล้น, ไหลล้น

persistent: continuing - อย่างต่อเนื่อง, เรื่อยไป, ติดต่อกัน, ตลอดเวลา

pose: cause something, especially a problem or difficulty - เป็นเหตุให้

pose a risk: to be a possible danger - กระทำการซึ่งอาจก่อให้เกิดอันตรายต่อ

pose a threat: to be a possible danger - กระทำการซึ่งอาจก่อให้เกิดอันตรายต่อ

possibility: the fact that something might exist or happen, but is not certain to - สิ่งที่เป็นไปได้

prevention: preventing something bad from happening - การป้องกันภ้ย

prospect: the possibility that something will happen - โอกาส

province: on of many divisions of the government of a country into smaller parts - จังหวัด

pump: a piece of equipment for making a liquid or gas move into or out of something - เครื่องสูบ(น้ำ etc.)

rate: the level or speed at which something happens or changes, or the amount or number of times it happens or changes in a particular period - อัตรา

region: a large area of land, usually without exact limits or borders - ภูมิภาค, ขอบเขต, แถบ, บริเวณ

remain: to stay in the same place; to not leave - ยังอยู่, พักอยู่, รออยู่

resident: a person who lives in a particular area - ผู้ที่อาศัยในท้องที่

risk: the possibility that something dangerous or unpleasant might happen - ความเสี่ยง

run-off: rain, water or other liquid that runs off land into streams and rivers - น้ำหลาก

submerged: under water - จมน้ำ อยู่ใต้น้ำ

threaten: to be likely to harm or destroy something - เป็นลางร้าย

torrential rain: extremely heavy rain - ฝนไหลเชี่ยว

tropical storm: the first level of dangerous storm: "A tropical storm is an organized system of strong thunderstorms with a defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds between 34 knots (39 mph) and 64 knots (74 mph). At this point, the distinctive cyclonic shape starts to develop, although an eye is not usually present. Government weather services first assign names to systems that reach this intensity (thus the term named storm)" (Source: Wikipedia) - พายุโซนร้อน, พายุดีเปรสชันที่มีกำลังแรงขึ้น เกิดขึ้นในเขตร้อน ความเร็วลมบริเวณใกล้ศูนย์กลางประมาณ 70-120 กิโลเมตรต่อชั่วโมง [พจนานุกรมศัพท์ สสวท.]

viewpoint: the way someone sees or understands an issue or problem; an opinion, point of view, perspective, attitude - ทัศนคติ, ความคิดเห็น, มุมมอง

warn: to make someone aware of a possible problem or danger - เตือน

warning: an action or statement telling someone of a possible problem or danger - การเตือน

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