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Uni students give U-Net thumbs down (updated)

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Thai university students say do not need another examination, especially the one being launched by the National Institute of Education Testings Service (Niets) known as U-Net. Now they have some prominent support in their opposition to the test. 

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As of Monday morning, this anti-U-Net Facebook page had over 90,000 likes.

Tuesday morning update

Opposition to the proposed U-Net exam continued to grow yesterday, including criticism from a high-ranking education official.

Ohec chief takes aim at new uni test

Students sit enough exams, academics say

The Office of the Higher Education Commission (Ohec) has criticised the controversial graduate examination, the University National Educational Test (U-Net).

Tossaporn Sirisampan, secretary-general of Ohec, said U-Net's purpose should be reviewed.

"We are concerned the U-Net exam could become a problem as graduates' skills and competencies vary widely depending on their study programme," he said.

Student networks from 27 state universities have declared their opposition to the U-Net exam, saying it will place more burdens on already-overloaded students. Professors have also questioned the exam's necessity.

Monday's story

Uni students give U-Net thumbs down

Thai university students appear to have one thing they agree on.

They do not need another examination, especially the one being launched by the National Institute of Education Testings Service (Niets).

Known as the University National Educational Test (U-Net), it is designed to assess university graduates' basic competence in Thai and English communication skills, media literacy, critical thinking, moral reasoning and specific professional skills.

Niets announced that the U-net exam is designed to evaluate all graduates at bachelor, master and doctorate levels.

The plan prompted an immediate outcry and soon unhappy students were organising social media campaigns against it.

A Facebook page called NO!! U-NET launched last Thursday already has 90,000 "likes" and the page says that 50,000 names will be collected and sent to Niets to show their disagreement. (https://www.facebook.com/WeareAntiunet)

A campaign on the website Change.org to "halt the U-NET examination" has also attracted more than 40,000 supporters.(http://chn.ge/1ikqXtI)

Wittawat Loadae, a fourth-year student of Rajamangala University of Technology Krugthep’s Faculty of Liberal Arts, disagreed with U-Net as many tough examinations to evaluate students’ academic performance were already in place.

“There are a lot of exams that we have to face,” he said.

Mr Wittawat insisted that each major already has its own tests to ensure all students meet academic requirements.

Siripitch Siranyathawat, a fourth-year student at Mae Fah Luang University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts, also said the U-Net exams would place an unnecessary burden on students.

“I disagree with this idea," Ms Siripitch said.

"My university has already has exams like U-Net, called an exit exam.

"All students of all majors must undertake this exit exam to assess their academic performance before graduating.”

Niets board chairman Somwang Pitiyanuwat insisted on moving forward with the U-Net amid disagreement.

“Niets is duty-bound to develop the tool to assess quality of education at all levels including basic schools, vocational education and non-formal education," he said.

"But we do not yet evaluate graduates’ standards at university level.”

Adapted from a story by Lamphai Intathep and Wirin Chookaew. You can read the full story here: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/local/406820/new-graduate-exam-a-pain

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academic: relating to education - เชิงวิชาการ

academic: someone who teaches at a college, or who studies as part of their job - นักวิชาการ

amid: at the same time as - ท่ามกลาง

appear: to seem - ดูเหมือนจะ, ดูเหมือนว่า

assess: to carefully consider a situation, person, or problem in order to make a judgment - ประเมิณ, ประเมิณสถานการณ์

attract: to cause someone to be interested in something - ดึงดูดความสนใจ

bachelors degree: bachelors degree – the first degree that you get when you study at a university. Bachelor’s degrees include Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) - ระดับปริญญาตรี

burden: a serious or difficult responsibility that you have to deal with - ภาระ

campaign: a series of actions intended to produce political or social change - การรณรงค์

competence: the ability to do something well - ความสามารถ

concerned: worried about something   - มีความกังวล

controversial: causing disagreement or disapproval - ซึ่งก่อให้เกิดการโต้แย้ง

critical thinking: the ability to think clearly in a reasoned way คิดแบบมีวิจารณญาณ - คิดแบบมีวิจารณญาณ

criticism: comments that show that you think something is wrong or bad - การวิจารณ์

design: to think of and plan a system, a way of doing something, etc - ออกแบบ, วางแผน, กำหนด

doctorate degree: the highest degree or qualification from a university - ปริญญาเอก

duty-bound: required by your job or assignment - ขอบข่ายหน้าที่หรืองานที่ได้รับมอบหมาย

ensure: to make certain that something happens or is done - ให้การยืนยัน, รับรอง, ให้ความมั่นใจ

evaluate: to form an opinion of the amount, value or quality of something after thinking about it carefully - ประเมินผล, ประเมินค่า

exit: leaving - การออก

face: to (likely or possibly) have to deal with a problem - เผชิญ, พบ, เจอ

faculty: a group of departments in a college or university which specialise in a particular subject or group of subjects - คณะ

high-ranking: senior; important - ที่มียศสูง, ที่อยู่ชั้นสูง

immediate: happening or done now, without any delay - ทันทีทันใด

in place: prepared and ready to use - เข้าที่, อยู่ในที่

insist: to keep saying very firmly that something is true - ยืนกราน ยืนยัน

launch: to start a new public service - เริ่มโครงการ, เริ่มต้น

level: a position or rank in a scale of size or importance - ระดับ

liberal arts: subjects of study that develop students' general knowledge and ability to think, rather than their technical skills - ศิลปศาสตร์

literacy: ability or knowledge in a specific area - การรู้ขั้นพื้นฐาน

major: the "major" subject of a student studying in university, the subject a student studies mostly at university and gets a degree in - วิชาเอก, วิชาที่ผู้เรียนเลือกเรียนได้เอง เพื่อให้ครบตามหลักสูตรที่กำหนด

master's degree: a further university degree that you study for after a first degree - ระดับปริญญาโท

media: radio, television, newspaper, the Internet, considered as a group - สื่อ

moral: relating to right and wrong and the way that people should behave - ทางศีลธรรม, เกี่ยวกับความรู้สึกผิดชอบชั่วดี

necessity: a thing that you must have and cannot manage without, e.g., good, clothing - สิ่งจำเป็น

network: a large system of connected parts, organisations, people, etc. - เครือข่าย

opposition: strong disagreement with a plan or policy - ความขัดแย้ง

outcry: a strong expression of anger and disapproval about something, made by a group of people or by the public - การคัดค้านอย่างรุนแรง

overload: having too much of something to be able to handle or process it - ใช้งานมากไป

performance: the standard to which someone/something does something - การกระทำ, การแสดง, การทำให้บรรลุผลสำเร็จ

professional: doing something as a paid job rather than as a hobby - ที่ทำเป็นอาชีพ

professor: a university teacher of the highest rank - ศาสตราจารย์

prompted: caused - ก่อให้เกิด

reasoning: the process of thinking about things in a logical way; opinions and ideas that are based on logical thinking - เหตุผล, การใช้เหตุผล, การอ้างเหตุผล

requirement: something that you must have or do in order to do or get something else - ข้อกำหนด, ข้อบังคับ

social media: the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc. - เครือข่ายสังคมออนไลน์

specific: detailed and exact - โดยเฉพาะ, เฉพาะเจาะจง

standards: a level of quality that is normal or acceptable for a particular person or in a particular situation - มาตรฐาน, บรรทัดฐาน

take aim at: to focus on - ให้ความสนใจไปที่

thumbs down: disapproval, not liking or supporting something - ความไม่เห็นด้วย

tough: difficult to do or to deal with - ยาก ยากลำบาก

undertake: to do - เข้าทำ, ดำเนินการ

vocational: teaching the skills necessary for particular jobs - การสอนวิชาชีพ

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