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Revenge: Dutch humiliate Spain 5-1

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It was a replay of the 2010 World Cup final, but the Netherlands made it a very different outcome by routing champions Spain 5 - 1. Find out how you describe such a "mauling" in English. 

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This is an example of a "rout" , a victory by a wide margin. The story has many words typically used to describe such a victory (or defeat if you are a fan of Spain) and my book "World Cup English" has many more.

Netherlands' forward Robin van Persie scores a stunning header during the Group B football match against Spain at the Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador. AFP PHOTO / LLUIS GENE

You can see the match highlights here:

Dutch hand Spain record mauling

Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben both scored twice as the Netherlands avenged their 2010 World Cup final defeat by routing holders Spain 5-1 on Friday in a record-breaking humiliation.

As well as it being the worst ever-mauling inflicted at a World Cup on the reigning champions, it was the worst defeat suffered by Spain in more than half a century, coming 51 years after a 6-2 defeat to Scotland in 1963.

Manchester United striker Van Persie produced a stunning first-half header and slotted home the Netherlands' fourth.

"We never stopped going and in my opinion it could have been six, seven or eight goals," said man-of-the-match Van Persie.

"But I've been here before, this is my fifth tournament and it's just one win and three points, now we have to focus on our next game, against Australia."

Not to be outdone, Bayern Munich star Robben scored two second-half goals with Stefan De Vrij  compounding the misery for Vicente del Bosque's world and European champions.

Spain's midfielder Xabi Alonso (L) shoots a penalty kick. AFP PHOTO / LLUIS GENE

Veteran midfielder Xabi Alonso gave the Spanish a first-half lead when he drilled home a highly contentious penalty after Brazilian-born striker Diego Costa, who was jeered constantly by local fans, went down in the box despite not appearing to have been touched.

But Van Persie's diving header 90 seconds from the break put the Dutch level before the Oranje ran wild in the second half.

The Dutch triumvirate of Robben, Van Persie and Wesley Sneijder caused the Spanish defence all manner of problems, but it was Daley Blind's superb long passes which created their two opening goals.

Spain's coach Vicente Del Bosque reacts to his team's heavy defeat. AFP PHOTO / DIMITAR DILKOFF

"I feel really bad, very upset and very disappointed, but I have enough courage to understand this defeat," said Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque.

Spain conceded two goals at the last World Cup and three in their qualifying campaign for Brazil 2014, leaving Del Bosque at a loss to explain the five-goal mauling.

"I can't find the words to explain that, we are normally solid in defence, but today we were very weak," said Del Bosque.

"You have to acknowledge the performances of Van Persie and Robben."

Spain went ahead when Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli judged Costa had been fouled by De Vrij and Alonso drilled the 27th-minute penalty past Netherlands goalkeeper Jasper  Cillessen.

Soon after, David Silva squandered a great chance to put the world champions 2-0 up when Cillessen managed to get a glove to the Manchester City star's chipped shot.

Van Persie levelled on 44 minutes when Daley Blind's pin-point pass from the left wing found the Manchester United star in space to loop his header over the stranded Iker Casillas.

Netherlands' forward Robin van Persie (L) celebrates with Netherlands' coach Louis van Gaal (R) after scoring. AFP PHOTO / DIMITAR DILKOFF

Holland took control soon after the break when Van Persie turned provider with a superb pass to Robben in the area.

The winger got the better of both Spain centre-backs Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos to fire the Oranje into a 2-1 lead on 53 minutes.

Van Persie then rattled the crossbar with an hour gone before De Vrij grabbed Holland's third on 64 minutes when he bundled home at the back post.

Netherlands' forward Arjen Robben (C) beats Spain's goalkeeper Iker Casillas (L) to score his team's fifth goal as Netherlands' forward Jeremain Lens (R) looks on. AFP PHOTO / JAVIER SORIANO

Spain looked to have pulled a goal back when Silva stabbed home a Cillessen spill with 67 minutes gone, but he was shown to be offside.

Van Persie claimed his second and the Netherlands' fourth when he beat Casillas to a loose ball and, aided by a helpful bounce, he tapped home on 72 minutes.

The Dutch delight was clear as Van Persie handed the captain's armband to Robben in the dying stages when the striker was replaced.

Robben, who could have finished with a hat-trick, netted his second on 80 minutes by again dancing around Spanish defenders to claim his team's fifth goal of a stunning night.

Dutch coach Louis van Gaal said his side can improve further still under his new 4-3-3 system.

"Without a shadow of a doubt we can (improve)," said the future Manchester United manager.

"You could see in the last 20 minutes when we started to play the ball around with confidence.

"A result like that gives players confidence and I expect us to play better." AFP

For everything you need to know to prepare yourself to follow the action in Brazil, use my book "World Cup English".

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acknowledge: to accept or admit that something exists, is true or is real - ยอมรับ

at a loss: not knowing what to do or say, especially because you are very surprised or shocked - อับจน ตะลึง

avenge: to win a sports event against a team that has recently defeated you - แก้แค้น, แก้เผ็ด

bounce: the movement of a ball or other object when it hits a surface and moves away again - การเด้งกลับ

bundle: to make someone go to a particular place by pushing them in a quick, rough way - ส่งไปอย่างเร่งรีบ,รีบไล่ไป

campaign: a series of matches in a tournament or season -

century: a period of one hundred years - ศตวรรษ

chip: to hit or kick a ball so that it goes high into the air for a short distance -

claim: to get or win something - ได้มา, มีชัยชนะ

compound: to make a problem or difficult situation worse - เพิ่ม

concede a goal: to allow a goal to be scored against you - เสียประตู

confidence: being certain of your abilities or of having trust in people, plans, or the future - ความมั่นใจ

constantly: continuously; all the time - อย่างต่อเนื่อง

contentious: causing or likely to cause disagreement - ซึ่งโต้เถียงกัน, ซึ่งเป็นที่ถกเถียงกัน

courage: the ability to do something that you know is right or good, even though it is dangerous, frightening, or very difficult - ความกล้าหาญ

crossbar: a horizontal bar that forms the top of a goal - คานประตู

defeat: a loss in a competition - ความพ่ายแพ้

defence: the players who must prevent the other team from scoring; the position of these players on the sports field - ผู้ป้องกัน

delight: a feeling of great happiness and pleasure - ความปลื้มปิติ

disappointed: unhappy because someone or something was not as good as you hoped or expected, or because something did not happen - ผิดหวัง

drill: to kick or hit a ball hard - ยิงทะลุ

dying stage: near the end of an event, a match, etc. - ตอนจบ

forward: an attacking player whose position is near the front of a team in some sports - ตำแหน่งกองหน้า

glove: a piece of clothing that covers your fingers and hands - ถุงมือ

grab: to take or hold somebody/something with your hand suddenly, firmly or roughly - จับ,ฉวย,คว้า,แย่ง

hat-trick: three points, goals, etc. scored by the same player in a particular match or game; three successes achieved by one person - การที่ผู้เล่นกีฬาคนหนึ่งๆ สามารถทำความสำเร็จในกีฬานั้นๆ ได้สามครั้ง ในการเล่นครั้งหนึ่งๆ เช่น นักฟุตบอลทำประตูได้ 3 ประตูในเกมเดียว ใช้ในกีฬาเช่น ฟุตบอล, คริกเก็ต, ฮ๊อกกี้

humiliation: an unhappy and ashamed feeling - ความอัปยศ ความน่าอับอาย

improve: to get better - ดีขึ้น

in space: having a large area to move freely in -

inflict: to cause something bad to happen to someone or something - ทำให้เสียหาย

jeer: to shout or laugh at someone in an unkind way - ตะโกนด่า เสียดสี

lead: the position ahead of everyone else in a race or competition - ตำแหน่งนำ

level: (in sports) to score a goal causing the teams to have the same score - ทำให้เสมอ

level: (in sports) with both teams having the same score - เสมอ

local: in or related to the area that you live, or to the particular area that you are talking about - ท้องถิ่น

loop: to form or bend something into a circular shape or loop - ทำให้เคลื่อนที่เป็นรูปวงแหวน

margin: the amount by which a competition is won - จำนวนที่เกิน

mauling: (normally of a animal with sharp teeth and claws) causing serious injury to someone - การกัดฉีก, การทำให้บาดเจ็บ, การทำลาย

midfielder: a football player whose position is mainly in the central part of a sports field - ผู้เล่นกองกลาง

misery: something that causes people to suffer or be unhappy - ความทุกข์ยาก, ความยากแค้น, ความเดือดร้อน

offside: in the wrong position according to the rules in a game such as football or hockey - ที่อยู่ในตำแหน่งล้ำหน้า

outdo: to be better than someone else at doing something ("not to be outdone" is used for saying that someone is trying to prove that they can do something as well as or better than someone else) - ทำดีกว่า, เอาชนะ, พิชิต

performance: the standard to which someone/something does something - การกระทำ, การแสดง, การทำให้บรรลุผลสำเร็จ

pin-point: done exactly and in exactly the right position - แม่นยำ, แน่นอน

provider: a person who gives, in this case, who gives another player an opportunity to score, e.g., by passing the ball - ผู้ให้

rattle: to cause something to shake so that it makes short knocking sounds - ทำให้สั่น, ทำให้สั่นสะเทือน, ทำให้ส่งเสียงรัว

record: the best or most ever achieved - สถิติ

referee: a person who is in charge of a sports game and who makes certain that the rules are followed - ผู้ตัดสิน, กรรมการตัดสิน

reigning champions: the current champions - แชมป์ปัจจุบัน

rout: a complete defeat of an opponent in a battle, competition, or election - การทำให้พ่ายแพ้ราบคาบ, การทำให้พ่ายแพ้กระเซอะกระเซิง

slot: to put something into a space that is available, in this case, to shoot the ball into the goal - ใส่ลงในช่อง

solid: completely good, with no mistakes or bad parts - ซึ่งไว้ใจได้, มีเหตุผล

spill: (in sports) to drop a ball or to fail to stop or kick it; fumble - เงอะงะ, งุ่มง่าม

squander: to waste something in a stupid or careless way - ถลุง, ผลาญ, เปลือง

stab: to push or kick forcefully with the tip of your foot - แทง

stranded: left somewhere with no way of going anywhere else - ปล่อยเกาะ ถูกทิ้งไว้

striker: a football player whose job is to stay near the opponent’s goal and to score goals - การบุกในกีฬาฟุตบอล

stunning: very shocking or impressive - ที่ตระการตา ทำให้ตกใจ

suffer: to experience something very unpleasant or painful - ประสบ

superb: of the highest quality - ยอดเยีี่ยม

tap: to hit something gently, and often repeatedly, especially making short sharp noises - ตีเบาๆ, เคาะ, แตะเบาๆ,

triumvirate: a group of three powerful people, especially people in charge of something - กลุ่มสามคน, พวกสาม,การปกครองโดยคนสามคน

upset: to cause to be very worried, angry or sad about something   - ทำให้วิตกกังวล ทำให้หงุดหงิด

veteran: having a lot of experience doing something - อาวุโส

victory: winning a competition or a battle - ชัยชนะ

winger: one of the players in a game such as football, rugby, or hockey who play mainly down the right or left side of the field - นักฟุตบอลหรือนักรักบี้ที่เล่นในตำแหน่งปีก

without a shadow of a doubt: completely certain of something; without any doubt - แน่นอน

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