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  1. Pongpat, Kowit get 6 years in first scandal ruling

    Police scandal

    Pongpat, Kowit get 6 years in first scandal ruling

    31 Jan 2015 : The cases involved in the biggest police scandal in many years have reached the Criminal Court and we are finally finding out exactly what they involve. The first verdict was handed down yesterday.

  2. Begging paid school bills for her 4 children

    About poverty

    Begging paid school bills for her 4 children

    30 Jan 2015 : After business failure, debt & disabled arm drove her into begging, for 10 years their children back home in Surin never knew mom & dad supported them by begging.

All stories

  1. The youtube flood update guy

    About nature

    The youtube flood update guy

    21 Oct 2011 : For years no one listened to him teach about nature but now everyone listens, on Facebook and on TV.

  2. Flood solution: Plans & coordination

    About urban planning

    Flood solution: Plans & coordination

    21 Oct 2011 : People acting alone without long-term plans, building houses & factories on floodplains & then floodwalls to protect them, leads to disaster.

  3. Focus on drainage (updated)

    General new

    Focus on drainage (updated)

    21 Oct 2011 : The government in now focusing on draining rather blocking the flood waters and has asked for cooperation from Bangkok City Hall to use is canals.

  4. Floods block roads out of Bangkok

    About transportation

    Floods block roads out of Bangkok

    20 Oct 2011 : Floodwaters make it impossible to move goods to stores quickly. The Navy and Thai Airways being asked to help.

  5. Longdo: Thailand's all-knowing website

    About web technology

    Longdo: Thailand's all-knowing website

    20 Oct 2011 : Dictionaries, law, maps, traffic and now floods, all parts of an online knowledge empire created by two Thai computer programmers with web mashups.

  6. Latest plan to save Bangkok

    General news

    Latest plan to save Bangkok

    20 Oct 2011 : Time is running short as the ICT minister details the latest plan to save the most populated part of the city, but the Bangkok governor has doubts.

  7. Truth & the floods

    About government

    Truth & the floods

    19 Oct 2011 : The mighty river & its floodwaters makes it difficult for politicians to maintain a good image with lies.

  8. Post-flood export recovery plans

    About business

    Post-flood export recovery plans

    19 Oct 2011 : 40% fall in exports forecast. Hard drive, auto, shoe producers & govt BoI act quickly to resume production. Factories move to non-flood areas.

  9. Bangkok fights on (updated)

    General news (updated)

    Bangkok fights on (updated)

    19 Oct 2011 : Thousands of volunteers have joined the effort to prevent flooding in Bangkok's most vulnerable districts as defences continue to crumble above the city.

  10. Hormones for health

    About health

    Hormones for health

    18 Oct 2011 : To stay healthy, get to know your your hormones better with this guided tour by a doctor at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok.

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