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  1. Major canal cleanup to begin

    General news

    Major canal cleanup to begin

    27 Feb 2015 : City Hall is to begin cleaning up nine major Bangkok canals, relocating thousands of households in the process. The first will be Khlong Lat Phrao where a new boat service is planned

  2. 'Jihadi John' identified

    International news

    'Jihadi John' identified

    27 Feb 2015 : "Jihadi John", the masked Islamic State group militant apparently responsible for beheading a series of Western hostages, was named on Thursday as Kuwaiti-born London computer programmer Mohammed Emwazi.

All stories

  1. Latest plan to save Bangkok

    General news

    Latest plan to save Bangkok

    20 Oct 2011 : Time is running short as the ICT minister details the latest plan to save the most populated part of the city, but the Bangkok governor has doubts.

  2. Truth & the floods

    About government

    Truth & the floods

    19 Oct 2011 : The mighty river & its floodwaters makes it difficult for politicians to maintain a good image with lies.

  3. Post-flood export recovery plans

    About business

    Post-flood export recovery plans

    19 Oct 2011 : 40% fall in exports forecast. Hard drive, auto, shoe producers & govt BoI act quickly to resume production. Factories move to non-flood areas.

  4. Bangkok fights on (updated)

    General news (updated)

    Bangkok fights on (updated)

    19 Oct 2011 : Thousands of volunteers have joined the effort to prevent flooding in Bangkok's most vulnerable districts as defences continue to crumble above the city.

  5. Hormones for health

    About health

    Hormones for health

    18 Oct 2011 : To stay healthy, get to know your your hormones better with this guided tour by a doctor at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok.

  6. Economic cost of flooding

    About economics

    Economic cost of flooding

    18 Oct 2011 : 1.7% fall in growth, flood prevention investments financed with overseas borrowing, longer debt repayment periods for flood hit companies.

  7. Who said Bangkok was safe? (updated)

    General news

    Who said Bangkok was safe? (updated)

    18 Oct 2011 : Those who were making confident predictions that Bangkok was safe must not have had access to satellite maps like this one, showing massive amounts of water to the North of the city.

  8. Hard-disk drive industry hit

    About business

    Hard-disk drive industry hit

    17 Oct 2011 : After floods inundate hard-disk drive factories, producers may move to other countries to avoid a global supply shortage.

  9. Floods reduce rice supply

    About agriculture

    Floods reduce rice supply

    17 Oct 2011 : Rice production likely to fall 7 million tonnes. No export impact, but higher prices for Thai consumers possible.

  10. Bangkok survives -- we hope (updated)

    General news

    Bangkok survives -- we hope (updated)

    17 Oct 2011 : As a fleet of tugboats tries to speed up the flow of river water into the sea, Bangkok has been declared largely safe. Officials are now worried, however, after the flooding of a nearby industrial estate.

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