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  1. Major canal cleanup to begin

    General news

    Major canal cleanup to begin

    27 Feb 2015 : City Hall is to begin cleaning up nine major Bangkok canals, relocating thousands of households in the process. The first will be Khlong Lat Phrao where a new boat service is planned

  2. 'Jihadi John' identified

    International news

    'Jihadi John' identified

    27 Feb 2015 : "Jihadi John", the masked Islamic State group militant apparently responsible for beheading a series of Western hostages, was named on Thursday as Kuwaiti-born London computer programmer Mohammed Emwazi.

All stories

  1. Escrow accounts to protect homebuyers

    About real estate

    Escrow accounts to protect homebuyers

    28 Sep 2011 : Escrow for real estate purchases now available. Escrow law to protect homebuyers took effect in 2008 but banks still don't offer service.

  2. Anger over Nazi show

    General news

    Anger over Nazi show

    28 Sep 2011 : Students dressed as Nazis at a Chiang Mai school's sports day festival has drawn an angry reaction both here and abroad.

  3. Vegetarian means healthy food

    About health

    Vegetarian means healthy food

    27 Sep 2011 : This week is the best time of year to switch to an all vegetable diet. Learn some basic vegetarian nutrition.

  4. Human eggs for one million baht each?

    About the law

    Human eggs for one million baht each?

    27 Sep 2011 : Man from China seeking eggs to make family sparks ethics debate over for-profit babymaking (commercial surrogacy).

  5. Long-term, short-term

    General news

    Long-term, short-term

    27 Sep 2011 : PM Yingluck announces a 40 billion baht long-term flood control plan as a new short-term problem arises in tropical storm Haitang.

  6. Too much rice in Thailand

    About agriculture

    Too much rice in Thailand

    26 Sep 2011 : Real problem is overproduction & excess of rice pushing prices down. Labour wasted, used only sporadically in peak months. Poor farmers produce only 15 tonnes of rice per harvest, but are 82% of all rice-farming households.

  7. A bittersweet relationship

    About central banking

    A bittersweet relationship

    26 Sep 2011 : The Bangkok of Thailand and Finance Ministry, a husband & wife who should keep their arguments private, Dr Puey Ungphakorn once reflected.

  8. Talking with Louis and Joni

    About entertainment

    Talking with Louis and Joni

    25 Sep 2011 : The Sunday Brunch magazine editor had a long chat with Louis and Joni of the 90's group Raptor. Find out why they are back in the news and also what they said about their early days.

  9. Any minute now (updated)

    General news

    Any minute now (updated)

    24 Sep 2011 : NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite has fallen to Earth and no one seems to know precisely where. As expected, the world is safe and the news media has moved on to other stories. NASA image

  10. Why so much corruption?

    About government

    Why so much corruption?

    23 Sep 2011 : 64% of adults think corruption acceptable if they or their country benefit. 70% under 20 would cheat or bribe to pass exams or win games.

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