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  1. Pole dancing on Bangkok subway: Don't try it

    About transportation safety

    Pole dancing on Bangkok subway: Don't try it

    29 Jan 2015 : 'Why the hell is she dancing?' other passengers asked, as she swung from the subway hand straps & slid down the subway pole, upside down. Mass transit authorities are considering legal action.

  2. Children's Discovery Museum reopens

    General news

    Children's Discovery Museum reopens

    29 Jan 2015 : The newly-reopened Children's Discovery Museum in Chatuchak district, Bangkok is proving a hit with both children and grown-ups.

All stories

  1. On the way out?

    General news

    On the way out?

    31 Aug 2011 : From the look on National police chief Wichean Potephosree's face yesterday, he looked like he realised he had little chance of keeping his position.

  2. Lenovo Android tablets

    About technology

    Lenovo Android tablets

    30 Aug 2011 : Lenovo of China introduces two new tablet computers. With tablet usage skyrocketing in Asia and variety increasing, competition bound to heat up.

  3. Wages catching up, labour shortage

    About labour

    Wages catching up, labour shortage

    30 Aug 2011 : 7.8% earn less than 1,687 a month, wages behind inflation and productivity, labour shortage as wages catch up.

  4. An end to gambling? Don't bet on it

    General news

    An end to gambling? Don't bet on it

    30 Aug 2011 : Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung is demanding that police clear Bangkok of all gambling dens within three days. Our editor-in-chief is betting that won't happen.

  5. Modern business ideas, ancient materials

    About business

    Modern business ideas, ancient materials

    29 Aug 2011 : PhD Thitiporn Chanawangsa is breathing new life into an ancient handicrafts material, hemp fabric, by adding creativity, research and her own farming.

  6. Pattaya gets a facelift

    About tourism

    Pattaya gets a facelift

    29 Aug 2011 : Sex for sale paradise is the image Pattaya wants to shed. 10-year master plan focuses on islands nearby, green tourism routes, beaches and public utilities.

  7. Instant happiness

    General news

    Instant happiness

    29 Aug 2011 : Motorists are happy with the new government's policy to lower petrol and diesel prices, but there are potential long-term problems to consider.

  8. Facebook assistance

    General news

    Facebook assistance

    27 Aug 2011 : Young people in Nakhon Si Thammarat used the social networking site Facebook to organise a relief effort for victims of the devastating floods and landslides that hit the province.

  9. Rice policy: Big step backwards?

    About agriculture

    Rice policy: Big step backwards?

    26 Aug 2011 : Big campaign promises in the rice sector may bring back old problems. The WTO and angry trade partners might even get involved too.

  10. Culture minister: Surprisingly versatile

    About politics

    Culture minister: Surprisingly versatile

    26 Aug 2011 : Daughter-in-law of Chonburi strongman Kamnan Poh, youngest female minister at 35, jumped from full-time housewife to promising politician overnight.

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