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  1. Pongpat, Kowit get 6 years in first scandal ruling

    Police scandal

    Pongpat, Kowit get 6 years in first scandal ruling

    31 Jan 2015 : The cases involved in the biggest police scandal in many years have reached the Criminal Court and we are finally finding out exactly what they involve. The first verdict was handed down yesterday.

  2. Begging paid school bills for her 4 children

    About poverty

    Begging paid school bills for her 4 children

    30 Jan 2015 : After business failure, debt & disabled arm drove her into begging, for 10 years their children back home in Surin never knew mom & dad supported them by begging.

All stories

  1. Avoiding a “hands-on” manager (1)

    About careers

    Avoiding a “hands-on” manager (1)

    30 Jul 2011 : Unwanted attention for a company executive can be a very unpleasant experience for a secretary or any other woman worker. Here’s an example. We'll read some advice tomorrow.

  2. Perfect storm ahead?

    About economics

    Perfect storm ahead?

    28 Jul 2011 : Government-enforced wage increases could wipe out export industries, reduce national income and stoke the flames of inflation.

  3. Expensive Thai rice: Who will buy it?

    About agriculture

    Expensive Thai rice: Who will buy it?

    28 Jul 2011 : Thai rice exporters may opt to buy from Vietnam and Cambodia if above-market farmer payments force prices up.

  4. Charges filed in Mor Muk case

    General news

    Charges filed in Mor Muk case

    28 Jul 2011 : Police now agree that Col Saksit Phuklam was the driver of the car that severely injured Mor Muk (Maj Hathaiporn Imwitthaya) and have charged him with attempted murder.

  5. Kicked out of the forest

    About forests

    Kicked out of the forest

    27 Jul 2011 : Farms, resorts, property of influential people, built in protected forests, revealed by aerial photos, all to be demolished.

  6. World Hepatitis Day

    About health

    World Hepatitis Day

    27 Jul 2011 : One-third of the world has been infected with this life-threatening illness at some point in life. In Thailand, one in twenty.

  7. ASEAN adjustment pains

    About business

    ASEAN adjustment pains

    26 Jul 2011 : Cheap imported ceramics and glass flooded the market in 2010 with ASEAN free trade. End of LPG subsidies rocks industry once again.

  8. UN seal of approval

    About economics

    UN seal of approval

    26 Jul 2011 : Foreign direct investment may improve with higher minimum wages, a natural part of moving from industries with unskilled labour to skilled labour.

  9. Charges filed

    General news

    Charges filed

    26 Jul 2011 : Agents of the National Anti-Corruption Commission haul in a truckfull of evidence to the Supreme Court, supporting charges against five people including former Bangkok governor Apirak Kosayodhin in the 2004 Bangkok City Hall purchase of firetrucks and boats.

  10. The rarest bird in Thailand

    About birdwatching

    The rarest bird in Thailand

    25 Jul 2011 : Once thought extinct, forests cleared for palm and rubber with mass tourism are now pushing this bird to final extinction.

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