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Chiang Mai time-lapse: How it was made

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Time-lapse photographer Saengthit Kamlangchai is back with a new and improved video taken in Chiang Mai. Watch the timelapse video and then read how it was produced. 

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The city of Chiang Mai comes alive in this timelapse video by Saengthit Kamlangchai.

Chiang Mai timelapse: How it was made

We first met Saengthit Kamlangchai back in March after he had just released his second time-lapse video of Bangkok called "The Beauty of Faith". In the story accompanying the video, he explained some of the techniques that went into making his film and you can read about them here:

Now he is back with his third video, this time from Chiang Mai. It is entitled Chiang Mai: "Light of Heaven".

Once again, he uses two basic techniques. First there is traditional time-lapse – taking a still picture of the same scene every few seconds for a period of time and then combining them into a film, usually 30 pictures into one second of film. Second is hyper-lapse where the camera also shifts position slightly for every photo taken.

"For this time lapse," Saengthit explains, "you should notice that the hyper-lapse scenes are very stable compared to the Bangkok videos. Also, there is very little light flickering for this film. I think it's really the result of "practice makes perfect".

"For this Chiang Mai time-lapse, my objective, as always, was to portray the true essence of the city. I thus traveled to many popular destinations in and around Chiang Mai, most notably Doi Inthanon, Doi Suthep, Huay Tung Tao Lake, and nearly all the temples within the Chiang Mai city. Other notable locations that I did the filming but are not included in the final film are Wat Phra That Doi Kham, Mae Ya Waterfall and Chiang Mai Night Safari."

The locations Saengthit filmed in the Chiang Mai area.

Making a time-lapse video requires much more than photography skills, Saengthit stresses. "For a subject such as Chiang Mai, for example, you need physical stamina to journey up Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand, with your heavy equipment bag."

"Good communication skills," continues Saengthit, "help a lot when special filming permission is required for access to a site. My overnight stay at the Doi Inthanon summit was a last-minute approval – very lucky me."

"Also, it is very important for a time-lapse photographer to get over any fear of height, as getting a bird's-eye view of scenes is truly the essence of time-lapse. A very meaningful quote sticks with me: 'The closer you are to death, the more alive you'd feel'. Maintaining this mindset helps a lot," Saengthit says.

"Some other important things to consider for an upcountry trip are redundant batteries for your camera/equipment (I have 5 camera batteries), multivitamins (I traveled about 7-10 hours a day with no time for healthy food), and a GPS location app. Also, if you can't drive a car or motorcycle, learn. If you don't, the public transport can be slow and also more expensive."

"Lastly," says Saengthit, "I think you also need luck on your side. Weather conditions change and though the weather forecast does help, only God knows what is going to happen. Air pollution, light pollution or rain is a curse for any time-lapse project. Personally, I think I was very lucky during my trip, except for the smog problem in certain areas.

"Above all else, I think it is of utmost importance to have a positive mindset, and to improvise when the unexpected happens. When I first arrived at Chiang Mai, I was at Chom Thong District (near Doi Inthanon) where the smog was so bad that I had to wear a face mask. I could never have imagined on that first day how well the film would actually turn out. In fact, I thought for those first few moments my whole project was doomed."

"Fortunately though, luck was on my side," a relieved Saengthit says.

Note: Saengthit says his next time-lapse location is Phuket.

Learn from listening

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access: the ability to enter a building or place - การเข้าสู่

approval: official permission - การอนุมัต

basic: of the simplest kind or at the simplest level - พื้นฐาน, อันดับแรก, สำคัญ

condition: the physical state of a person, animal, thing or place - สภาพ

curse: something that causes harm or evil - ต้นเหตุของความหายนะ

destination: the place where someone or something is going - จุดหมายปลายทาง

doomed: certain to fail, die or be destroyed - ซึ่งถูกกำหนดไว้ว่าจะเกิดเรื่องไม่ดี

entitle: to give a title (name) to a book, play, etc - ตั้งชื่อ

essence: the most important part of something, usually the part that gives it its general character - แก่น

flicker: to keep going on and off as it shines or burns - วูบวาบ

forecast: a statement about what will happen in the future based on information available now - การพยากรณ์, การคาดการณ์

fortunately: used for emphasizing that something good has happened, especially because of good luck - อย่างโชคดี, อย่างเคราะห์ดี

imagine: to form a picture of something or someone in your mind - นึกคิด, จินตนาการ, นึกฝัน

improvise: to invent or make something, such as a speech or a device, at the time when it is needed without already having planned it - กระทำหรือประพันธ์อย่างไม่ได้มีการตระเตรียมมาก่อน หรืออย่างทันทีทันควัน

location: where someone or something is - ที่ตั้ง,ทำเล

maintain: to keep - รักษา

mask: something that you wear to cover part or all of your face in order to hide who you are, for protection or for decoration - หน้ากาก, เครื่องปิดหน้า

mindset: a way of thinking about things - ความเชื่อที่ผลต่อพฤติกรรม

notably: especially; that which is most noticeable; to a great degree - อย่างน่าสังเกต, อย่างน่าจดจำ

objective: what you plan to achieve; goal; aim; purpose - เป้าหมาย

permission: allowing someone to do something - การอนุญาต,การอนุมัติ,การยินยอม

position: the place where somebody/something is located - ตำแหน่ง, สถานที่

positive: in a good way - ในทางบวก

public transport: the system of buses, trains, etc. provided by the government or by companies, which people use to travel from one place to another - ขนส่งมวลชน

quote: the words that someone has spoken or written - คำอ้างอิง

redundant: more than is needed, with duplicates or things repeated that need not be repeated - เกินความจำเป็น, มากเกินความต้องการ

release: to allow something to be shown or known to the public or to be available for use - เปิดเผย, ปล่อยข่าว

relieved: happy that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended - โล่งใจ, เบาใจ, หมดกังวล, ผ่อนคลาย

shift: to move to another place; to change - ย้าย, เปลี่ยน

site: a place where something is located - สถานที่

slightly: small in size or amount - เล็กน้อย

smog: clouds of dirty and smokey air - หมอกควัน, ควัน, ควันพิษ,

stable: firmly fixed; not likely to move, change or fail - มั่นคง

stamina: the physical or mental strength that enables you to do something difficult for long periods of time - ความทรหด,ความแข็งแรง,ความแข็งแกร่ง

still: not moving - นิ่ง

stress: to emphasise something such as an idea, fact or detail; to explain why something is important - เน้น

summit: the highest point of a mountain - ยอดสุดของภูเขา

technique: a method of doing something using a special skill that you have developed - เทคนิค, กลวิธี (เฉพาะด้าน)

time-lapse: (of photography) using a method in which a series of individual pictures of a process are shown together so that something that really happens very slowly is shown as happening very quickly -

traditional: things (buildings, clothes, music, customs, etc.) that have been part of a country or society for a long time - แบบดั้งเดิม, เป็นประเพณี

utmost: as much as possible: used for emphasizing a quality or feeling - สุดขีด, อย่างมาก

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