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  1. Snow for sale (video)

    Listening exercise

    Snow for sale (video)

    01 Mar 2015 : At first it was a joke, but now it's a business. A Boston man has found a way to convert free snow into cash.

  2. Llama drama in US (with videos)

    About social media

    Llama drama in US (with videos)

    27 Feb 2015 : Exotic Llamas escape from trailer & run around Arizona streets for one hour, as locals and police try to catch them. As story goes viral on social media, Americans catch Llama fever.

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  1. What's your favourite colour?

    Learning English at school

    What's your favourite colour?

    29 Feb 2012 : The kids and teachers of Sriwittayapaknam school are back for one more "speak English day" topic, this time on their favourite colours. What's your favourite colour?

  2. How do you go to school?

    Learning English at school

    How do you go to school?

    20 Feb 2012 : It’s Monday and that means the students at Sriwittayapaknam school are speaking English. Once again the video anchors are Nong Grace and Nong Tip and today’s topic of conversation is transportation.

  3. Speak English on Monday

    Learning English at school

    Speak English on Monday

    14 Feb 2012 : Nong Grace, Nong Tip and the students and teachers at Sriwittayapaknam School are proof that a "speak English day" is not only possible, but it's fun, especially when you have a global audience on the web.

  4. K-pop


    K-pop "groupie" has his ticket

    07 Feb 2012 : The hugely popular Girls Generation performs here on Sunday and "Sone" fan Sithikorn has a ticket -- not an easy accomplishment since they were sold out in 20 minutes.

  5. “Get one free.” Sale fever in Bangkok

    Vanessa goes shopping

    “Get one free.” Sale fever in Bangkok

    31 Dec 2011 : Venessa Meng, a student at International School Beijing and a Bangkok Post intern, finds out she has a lot to learn about shopping here in Bangkok.

  6. Blue boat blues

    First-hand flood story

    Blue boat blues

    18 Nov 2011 : A long-time Thailand resident tells her story of trying to hold out against the floods in the Lat Prao area. In the end, the floods won. (The audio is is done by the writer. It's British English, a nice change from my American accent.)

  7. Learning English the Pisit way

    Learning English without a teacher

    Learning English the Pisit way

    05 Oct 2011 : English is important to Khun Pisit in the import-export business andhe shares his learning methods with us. They include traditional methods and heavy use of online resources, including websites and Facebook.

  8. “Mr President, what do you think about....?” (repeat)

    Video interview

    “Mr President, what do you think about....?” (repeat)

    24 Aug 2011 : What’s it like to interview President Obama? My former neighbour Steve Grove knows and I had a chance to ask him about his experience during my recent visit to Minnesota. (video)

  9. Finally, a Facebook page


    Finally, a Facebook page

    26 Jun 2011 : It's better late than never. We have finally put up a Facebook page for our website. Come and take a look and feel free to ask a question or two or make some suggestions.

  10. Sam and Jessy say goodbye

    From our global reporters

    Sam and Jessy say goodbye

    25 Jun 2011 : A short chat with my student reporters on their final day at the Bangkok Post. There are also links to all their feature stories.

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