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  1. Llama drama in US

    About social media

    Llama drama in US

    27 Feb 2015 : Exotic Llamas escape from trailer & run around Arizona streets for one hour, as locals and police try to catch them. As story goes viral on social media, Americans catch Llama fever.

  2. Photo caption English

    Learning English from photo captions

    Photo caption English

    25 Feb 2015 : You can learn a lot of English from looking at news photos and reading their captions. Here is an example.

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  1. A Visit to Parliament

    From our student reporters

    A Visit to Parliament

    14 Jun 2013 : Leeann and Jayna, our learning channel interns, made their way to parliament yesterday, where they learned about Thailand’s political history and the basics of reporting politics.

  2. A Day in the Life of a Photographer

    From our student reporters

    A Day in the Life of a Photographer

    12 Jun 2013 : Our interns had an early morning as they toured the ProPak convention under the guidance of professional photographer, Somchai Poomlard.

  3. Sneak Peek


    Sneak Peek

    11 Jun 2013 : The two new interns, Leeann and Jayna, have begun working on their next article, which should take all week. It has picked up the attention of the staff, as it is quite a controversial topic. Here’s a short sneak peek.

  4. Meet Leeann and Jayna

    From our student reporters

    Meet Leeann and Jayna

    10 Jun 2013 : Leeann and Jayna will be joining the Bangkok Post Learning staff as their new summer interns for the next 9 days. They will be updating their experiences daily. Let's meet them.

  5. Bookbox: Easy stories with subtitles

    Easy reading website

    Bookbox: Easy stories with subtitles

    05 May 2013 : Bookbox is a high quality website featuring animated and rather easy stories. Each story has English subtitles to make them super-easy to follow and you often have a choice of British or American English.

  6. Chompoo has her say

    Easy English news

    Chompoo has her say

    15 Apr 2013 : Chompoo Araya A. Hargate gives an English language interview about her new musical Reya, her life, taxes and her career.

  7. What did he/she say?

    Learning English verb forms

    What did he/she say?

    17 Mar 2013 : Direct to indirect speech activity with some people you might know. These days there is no reason for a language activity to boring.

  8. No, it didn’t’ happen, but what if…

    Understanding English verb forms

    No, it didn’t’ happen, but what if…

    10 Mar 2013 : The language of the past conditional seems difficult, but the concept is easy. Here are some video examples that you WILL understand.

  9. Would you marry again?

    Learning English verb forms

    Would you marry again?

    09 Mar 2013 : A 3-minute video clip from a famous 1980’s US comedy provides one of the best examples of the use of conditionals for imagined situations that you can find anywhere – easy and very funny.

  10. What would the Earth be like without people?

    Learning English verb forms

    What would the Earth be like without people?

    03 Mar 2013 : A Scientific American animation considers the question of what would happen if suddenly all humans disappeared from the Earth. There are many examples of the unreal (we hope) conditional.

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