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drop (ทิ้ง, ปล่อย, หล่น)


Meaning 1:

drop - to fall or cause something to fall by accident or intentionally - ทิ้ง, ปล่อย, หล่น


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Meaning 2:

drop - to stop so that somebody can get out of a car, etc - นำส่ง


Meaning 3:

drop (verb) - to stop doing something; to end an activity or programme - เลิก, ยกเลิก, หยุด


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Meaning 4:

drop - one small amount of water -


drops of medicine put in the eye, the last few drops of fruit juice in the carton

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Meaning 5:

drop (verb) - to become less - น้อยลง, ลดลง


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